Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Download and Installation Guide


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Oct 14, 2018
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Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is the Full 3D Mobile version game of the 2.5D PC Ragnarok Online (2002). The game is now on its Closed Beta Test phase which started today, October 20th at 12:20 AM GMT+7 and will last until October 24th 10:00AM GMT+7.

Players who can play on CBT will be limited to the first 50,000 players who will be able to download, install and register via in-game registration.

Before we start, do you know that you can get a rare gift box just by pre-registering? If you haven't pre-registered yet, please CLICK HERE for the Pre-Registration Guide.

Here's how you can download the game client...

METHOD A: via Website QR 2D Barcode. Please CLICK HERE to go directly to the website download link.

Did you click the download link and nothing happen? Haha yep, that's how it suppose to work... welcome to the Closed Beta Test!

To download the client, please scan any of the 2D QR Barcodes at the bottom...

For Android Devices please scan the 2D QR barcode below:

For iOS Devices please scan the 2D QR Barcode below:

METHOD B: If the one on top doesn't work, the please download the game via direct Google Play link.

Please CLICK HERE to go directly to the link. If your device asks you to choose an app to open the link, please select Google Play App.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gravity.romg.cbt&hl=en

METHOD C: If both methods above doesn't work due to location restrictions of google play then let us hope that APKPURE will be able to grab the game file so that we can download from their website directly... or you can ask a good friend to send you a copy of the game apk file.

INSTALLATION is pretty autonomous and straight forward. Just download the game using any of the methods above then it should install on its own.

After installation please click the OPEN button to open the game.

The game will automatically unpack all data and patch on its own...

If you see the image above then congratulation! You have successfully installed the game.


So far, my quad core 2GB RAM phone can manage to play the game and also a 1core/thread 1GB RAM emulator setup works. I tried increasing the allotted core and memory but the lag is still there, thus this is a server side issue. Also everyone else reports it. The game file size is around 5GB on my phone and 1.3 on my emulator.

To my fellow CBT players...

Welcome and Congratulation to the first 50,000 Players who are able to join the Ragnarok M: Eternal Love CBT!!! Please do not hesitate to report any bugs, glitches and suggestions for game improvements. This will surely help the game to be better for the coming OBT.

Being a game tester is not just to have fun. The main purpose of a Beta Test is to learn the game mechanics, find bugs, glitches, typo/grammar errors etc. Let us all work together to improve the game.

For all CBT players please set your expectations.

1: You are TESTING an unstable game. Some things might work, some may not work as intended and some may not work at all.

2: LAG and Disconnections - the main purpose of the CBT is to test the game functionality and to hunt down bugs, glitches etc. The game will be laggy for sure. Server Capacity will be increased dramatically in preparation for stress test and OBT.

3: Errors - Expect all the unexpected errors.

4: Clueless - don't worry, guides are being made right now to guide you from download, to installation, to registration, character creation, gameplay etc etc etc I promise that I will make the best out of this 4 days CBT to create guides (luckily to cover all job change guides)

5: DATA WIPE at the end of the CBT all data will be wiped. So please don't get too attached to your character and do not hesitate to make all mistakes since everyone will go back to Zero upon OBT.

I humbly ask for everyone's understanding and support to the game developers and everyone who manages the game. It is not an easy task, pressure is found not only on the servers but in everyone's mind. Let us keep this a friendly community and game full of fun memories.