Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Ep. 7.0: New Maps, New Features, and New Jobs

Guild of Guardians
Ragnarok M has already launched its episode 7 recently and it adds not just a whole new story for players to follow but another massive drop of contents that keeping the world of Midgard to continue to get huge with so many things to explore and to do for players to keep them on their toes.

Episode 7.0 brings the Dragon Town Luoyang which is highly inspired by Chinese aesthetic and comes with new areas to grind and unlocked like the Whitebait Lake and Sunset Beach (which is app with the current in-game events in Eternal Love featuring summer-themed items). Singra Master Box Luoyang is also now available plus a new questline called "Anecdote" will take players into another exciting and intriguing narrative within the game.

For those who still seek power, new job ascendency (4th Job and Origin Job Advance) is now live which goes hand-in-hand with the new base level cap of 160. A new game feature in the Wasteland area lets you take a quest to acquire Time Quicksand which is now the sole requirement for you to level up your 4th Job skill.

But before you start your journey in the Dragon Town which is infamous for being the nest of the ancient dragon race, let us first know how to get there:

  1. Go to Morroc and head towards the teleporter located on its south below.
  2. This will take you to Lester Lighthouse. Once you are there, head to the teleporter found in the left area of the map.
  3. It will take you to Umbala Village which is your last stop to Luoyang. Just walk to the village's centermost area where the teleporter to Luoyang awaits you. Now find Kafra and save it in your location list.
Here is the breakdown of new 4th-job ascendency that players can get in the new episode of Eternal Love:

Runemaster (Knight branch) - "dubbed as the job that can change its race", Runemaster is powered by Sword of Thanatos and dark-based skills. Players will change its raced to Demon once they become Runemaster and enjoy the wide reach auto-attack of this job.

Divine Avenger
(Crusader branch) - offers long-range skills, and a damage reduction barrier for teammates which makes you an in-demand member of your member.

Lightbringer (Mechanic) - summon mecha armor as a pet and new "light beam" skills.

Dragon Fist (Monk) - comes with new water-based elemental skill, Immortal Dragon skill that makes you re-born after killing monsters and a taunt skill to make you a formidable tank.

Stella Hunter (Ranger) - more trap AOE, more penetration damage, and multiple-hits in one auto-attack is what makes Stellar Hunter the perfect job for farming and even in PVP.

Luna Danseuse and Solar Trouvere (Dancer and Bard) - grants reflect shield, powerful ensemble skills, and a new illusion puppet summon to join your performance.

Phantom Dancer (Rouge) - summon a shadow clone that can take damage and attack the enemy at the same time and you even switch place with it.

Soul Blade (Assassin) - collect soul points from dead enemies to unleash powerful killing skills. More poison options and "soul phase" form that can make a hard target.

Novice Guardian - gain all the signature classes of all jobs with these job enchanted with stronger attacks and defense.

Chronomancer - time and space bender with instant portal creating skills for teleportation and blackhole skill to destroy the enemies.

Spirit Whisperer - turn your enemies into vegetables or revive allies and give them a burst of SP.

Arcane Master - cast skill without a cooldown or delay for an ultimate spell fury plus new water and earth skills for an AOE damage that lasts for a whopping 20 seconds!

Begetter - provides more high burst damage with Improve Acid Demonstration and skill to combine Homonculus to add more option in creating powerful skills.

Saint (Archbishop) - can switch from light (healer and resurrect) to dark (debuffer and dark element skills) stance.

If this is not enough, there is also an ongoing Summer Rhapsody event that runs all throughout the month of July with various events from Puzzle Event, Mission Board Double Rewards, and Fantasy Generator Feast. You can check more details in this link for the schedule where you can participate in the said events.

But for starters, here are the dates and events that you should mark your calendar to enjoy the RO M July event:
  • July 1- August 1: Event Puzzle (Go To "New Event" Panel)
  • July 1 - August 1: Sign In Event ( Go to NPC Wood at Prontera Square to access Missions for Summer Rhapsody that you must finish until July 15)
  • July 10 - 15: Defeat Rocker ( Kill 800 Rockers at Prontera West Gate everyday from 18:00 to 12:00 for awesome loots)
  • July 20 - 27: Cool Summer (Defeat Monsters at Rekenber Research Institue and finished all its quest to acquire cool Tail Accessory.
  • July 26 - 31: Gem Exchange (Go to NPC Mo at Payon)
  • July 9 - 23: Summer Sale Discount (Event Merchant at Prontera)
  • July 23 - 30: Summer Sale Lucky Pack (Big Cat Store)
  • July 1 - September 1: Furniture Giftbox (Available at Furniture Merchant at Prontera)
  • July 2 - 10: Summer Sale (Go to Summer Sale Ambassador Shamu at Prontera to finish 7-day mission to increase summer sale's progress)
  • July 10 - 16: Summer Quiz
  • July 2- 9: Big Cat's Blessing
  • July 9 - 16: Summer Sales Gift Box (Available at Big Cat Store)
  • July 9 - 23: Double Rewards for Mission Board
  • July 16 - 23: Double Rewards for Guild Donate
  • July 16 - 30: Fantasy Generator Feast (Eagle Team Costume)

EP7.0 Patch Note

Scheduled server maintenance on 29th June 09:00 (GMT+7) for both Eternal Love and Midnight Party Server to update the EP7.0 client and fix the recently reported issues. During the maintenance, players will not be able to log into the game. After the maintenance, we will send abundant items as compensation rewards. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Client Update

1. The old client will not be available after this maintenance, iOS and Android users need to update to the latest client from the store.
2. New Version EP7.0 "Luoyang" will be available. First Recharge Double Bonus will be reset.

New Content

New Map —— Dragon City “Luoyang”
1. New major town “Luoyang”. New area “Whitebait Lake”. “Sunset Beach”
2. New Quest Line “Anecdote”
3. Singra Master Box “Luoyang” region is available​

New Job Ascendancy —— the 4th-job, Origin job advance
1. Max Base level is increased to 160
2. Origin Job change quests are available
3. The new consumable item for Begetter class: Yimir Stone​
New gameplay —— Wasteland
New Feature —— Yggdrasil Spirit
New Dungeon ——Echoing Corridor

New In-App Purchase item and Big Cat Store
1. New Kafra Adventure log for EP7.0
2. New items in Big Cat Store​

1. Music Elf —— Ariel
2. New Assistant —— Aluna​
Aluna Assistant Voucher will be available at Prontera Mitt Store.

Bugs Fixed
1. Optimized certain hairstyles not fully showing the equipped headwear
2. Optimized the AoE skills sometimes not cast properly during combat
3. Fixed the issue with Thanatos Tower boss Valkyrie Rathgricy skill not showing properly
4. Optimized the area of Thanatos Tower 2nd Floor and 3rd Floor
5. Fixed the issue with Fooling Laser Gun item can be used in Thanatos Tower
6. Fixed the issue with certain characters’ attack speed are slower
7. Fixed the issue with "Bloody Knight Card". "Dark Lord Card" not triggering level 10 Meteor Storm
8. Fixed the issue with "Falcon -Clearance" can get rid of the debuff
9. Fixed the issue with "Sniper Deeven Card" cannot life leech with Book type weapon
10. Fixed the issue with "White Imprison" Aeisr Monument Note has no effect
11. Fixed the issue with "Angelus" buff causing an error on attribute panel
12. Fixed the issue with certain Rogue Branch characters not having skill "Practice While Learning"
13. Fixed the issue with a missed auto attack able to apply debuffs.
14. Fixed the issue with "Peak Shards" cannot be purchased without reaching the maximum limits
15. Fixed the issue with not being able to matchmaking instances under certain circumstances.
16. Fixed the issue with certain monsters in Holy Ground Underground cannot be attacked
17. Optimized the red-dot issue on Mentor Panel
18. Fixed the issue with Message Board in Homeland
19. Fixed the issue with some old accounts missing certain mission NPCs
20. Fixed the issue with the quest "Evil Ceremony" cannot teleport players to the quest instance
21. Fixed the issue with the “Pet Adventure” cannot be finished in Quest Manual
22. Fixed the issue with "Night Butterfly" series mission
23. Fixed the issue with "Sandel's Legacy" Avatar Display
24. Fixed the issue with no system message for using Random Collection items
25. Fixed the issue with cannot follow teammate traveling to other areas from Rachel
26. Fixed the issue with “Morpheus’s Ring” being listed in the wrong section of the Exchange
27. Fixed the issue with +8 Pipe giving an incorrect transmog
28. Fixed the issue with certain adventurers cannot finish the mission “Song and Dance”, “Final Mission”
29. Fixed the issue with Doram Race cannot complete the assistant mission "Multiple Identities"
30. Fixed the issue with certain NPCs artwork causing black screen
31. Fixed the issue with "Hedwig" animation
32. Fixed the issue with "Lex Aeterna" having no effect with targets within "White Imprison"
33. Fixed the issue with Revenant Time Holder’s AI
34. Fixed the issue with skill "Life Psychic" not able to auto-cast during auto skill
35. Fixed the issue with "Survival Ring" cannot be properly stacked
36. Fixed the issue with Oracle Dungeon preparation panel
37. Fixed the issue with NPC "Carrie Bree" cannot be unlocked in Adventure Handbook
38. Fixed the issue with the Wind Spirit summoned by Sage cannot be Invisible
39. Fixed the issue with "Jump" can cleanse the "Close Confine" effect
40. Fixed the issue with "Nightmare Leave Rune" not having the proper effects.
41. Ranked 6v6 token "Through-war Coin" maximum limit reset time has been adjusted to the time before the next season started.
42. Fixed the lag issue with "Aeisr Monument" after clicking too many times
43. Fixed the issue with not able to Auto Combat after using the skill "Play Dead"
44. Fixed the issue with Dancer 3rd-job change mission having a wrong indicator
45. Fixed the issue with GG Final Battle Rank Leaderboard​

* Optimizations for certain devices are still in progress, sorry for the inconvenience. The current known issue: certain devices with 2G RAM will have FPS issues with running the game for a long time.
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