Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is having a Wondrous Night with new limited headwear gacha

Last May 28 Ragnarok M: Eternal Love updated its server with new limited gacha.


The new limited gacha that Ragnarok M: Eternal Love has on its server is called Wondrous Magical Night Jun Limited Headwear gacha. It already started to be available last June 1 and will last up to July 1. Here are the rundown of this limited headwear gacha:

Easter Bunny


“The curious little bunny also wants to participate in the Midsummer Night Carnival~ It is hidden in the colorful egg, waiting to be opened, so it can give everyone a big surprise!”

Type: Premium Headwear
Rarity: R
Equipped Attributes:
Phy. DEF +15
M.DEF +15
Stored Attributes:
Max HP+30

Shape of My Heart


“Choose a card and let me guess which one it is. It's this one, right? This little cat!”

Type: Mouth Headwear
Rarity: SSR
Equipped Attributes:
Auto Attack DMG +5%
Gear ASPD +5%
Note: An Auto Attack has a 5% chance of increasing the next Auto Attack's DMG by 100%
Stored Attributes:
Atk +1%
M.Atk +1%



Performing magic can be really tiring~ The witch turns her beloved cat Earl Plum into a sleep mask and naps in between performances.
"Meow, there are butterflies, I really want to catch it, meow~"

Type: Face Headwear
Rarity: SR
Equipped Attributes:
Note: For every level the face part is strengthened, Ignore M.DEF +0.1%
Stored Attributes:
Max HP+120

Earl Plum


"Don't you want to hold me-ow in your arms?"
"But you are very heavy, Earl Plum~~"
"Even so, don't hang me-ow on an umbrella, meow!"

Type: Tail Headwear
Rarity: SR
Equipped Attributes:
Job EXP from killing monsters +5%
Base EXP from killing monsters +5%
Note: DMG to regular monsters (excluding MVP and Mini monsters) +8%
Stored Attributes:
Atk +6
M.Atk +6

Mind Reading Key


This is a mind-reading key~ As long as you put it in your mouth, I can hear what you are thinking~ Huh? Why are you rejecting me~

Type: Mouth Headwear
Rarity: R
Equipped Attributes:
Phy. Pen. +1%
Phy. DEF ignoring +2%
Stored Attributes:
Max HP+60

Stardust Wand


In order to play the role of a magician, the witch disguised her broomstick as an exquisite wand.
"It's a magic trick, magic, trick! Not magic!"

Type: Back Headwear
Rarity: R
Equipped Attributes:
Move Spd +3%
Max MP +100
Stored Attributes:
Atk +4
M.Atk +4

Queen of Hearts [1]


Magic research is too expensive! The witch decided to find a way to earn some pocket money. Maybe performing magic tricks to theatergoers would be a good way? Well, then—"Welcome to the Queen of Hearts' Magical Lollapalooza!"

Type: Headwear
Rarity: R
Equipped Attributes:
VIT +2
Fire DMG received -3%
Stored Attributes:
Max HP+60

This has been a wondrous night. Dress up to be a prince or a princess and have fun with the magical cat. Live your dreams, Adventurers!

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