Ragnarok M Eternal Love is Pay 2 Win

Discussion in 'Ragnarok' started by Halbay, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Halbay

    Halbay Regular Gamer

    I just cant bear it anymore but Ragnarok M is very pay to win before you put the argument all games are pay to win maybe check the top games in Philippines called Dota 2, League of Legends, Rules of Survival, or Mobile Legends.

    This games have in game shop but not to the extent Ragnarok M is doing. Why? in ROM you can literally buy weapons that gives extra stats! Just wow then there are VIP cards the gives extra exp and even enhancement materials. You could argue that you will be able to farm this materials but then again you can pay "to win".

    Again Ragnarok M's pay to win mechanics is very blatant it would be nice if they just made them cosmetics
  2. Kilgrave

    Kilgrave Newbie Gamer

    Yeah I think it would be better if they had cosmetics instead of these newbie spending all their money but keeps failing on getting strong, that shows they don't appreciate and they haven't played the old ragnarok game. But frankly, idgaf if they are spenders or not, I'm genuinely enjoying the game and that for me is a good to keep playing.
  3. Budget

    Budget Newbie Gamer

    It is clearly "Super Pay to Win", you can even buy "Gold Medal" in the Shop for your Runes (you can learn +% more damage for example using Gold Medal). This is 10x more Pay to Win than Tree of Savior which is regarded by many as a pay to win game.
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