Ragnarok M Eternal Love June 29 Jun 2021 Patch Notes

29 Jun 2021 Patch Notes Maintenance Time: 29 June 2021, 1000 HRS - 1700 HRS (GMT+7)​

Team Competition​

July 10th, Season 7 of the Team Competition begins

1. Competition to be held every Saturday, 1800 HRS to 0000 HRS, for 4 weeks.

2. Updated store redeemables and season conclusion rewards.

3. Mechanism adjustment:

  • Before the Preparation Stage ends, players can reset and relearn Team Competition skill points.
  • The Preparation Stage countdown timer is adjusted from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.
4. Skills and Magic Orb combination adjustment:

  • King of Chaos' effect "All status effect resistance +10%/20%/30%/40%" adjusted to "All status effect resistance +12.5%/25%/37.5%/50%".
  • Battle Instincts' effect "M. Pen. +4%/8%/12%/16%" adjusted to "M. Pen. +5%/10%/15%/20%".
  • Thwarted Arrow's effect "Lower enemy speed for 12%/24%/36%/48% and lose 1% Max HP every second within a 4m radius" adjusted to "When attacked by a ranged physical attack, the target's range is lowered by 5%/10%/15%/20%".
  • Elemental Barrier's effect "Reduces the enemy's attack and spell casting range by 40%. Orb bearing players' attack and spell casting range are reduced by 60%" adjusted to "Reduces the enemy's attack and spell casting range by 30%. Orb bearing players' attack and spell casting range are reduced by 40%

Job Skill Adjustment​

  1. Shadow Leap's immunity toward ground skill adjusted from 2 seconds to 3 seconds.
  2. Izayoi's duration adjusted from 25 seconds to 35 seconds.
  3. Ninjutsu - Thousand Shadows will now trigger Flowing Shadow Heart.
  4. Wind Shuriken - Swift Shadow can now clear Archers' traps and also Rogues' graffiti traps.
  5. Holy Light Barrier and Twilight's casting requirement adjusted from 2 characters under Divine Protection to 1 character under Divine Protection.
  6. Divine Protection's cooldown adjusted from 30/27/24/21/18 seconds to 30/25/20/15/10 seconds
  7. Counter Attack Halo's default cooldown adjusted from 1 second to 0.5 seconds.
  8. Improved Acid Demonstration's VIT factor damage increased.
  9. Crazy Throwing's cast range increased from 8m to 10m.
  10. Tetra Vortex's cooldown adjusted from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.
  11. Element Balance's duration adjusted from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.
  12. Antidote can now neutralize New Poison status and Poison status.
  13. Antidote's effect adjusted from "Target is immunized against poison for 3/5/7/9 seconds" to "Target is immunized against poison for 5/7/9/11 seconds."
  14. White Noise's cooldown adjusted from 15 seconds to 12 seconds.
  15. Circle's cooldown adjusted from 120/110/100/90/80 seconds to 100/90/80/70/60 seconds.
  16. Bragi’s Faith's new effect - Add the recovery effect of Shield Resonance to teammates within range every 0.5 seconds.
  17. The Death Awakens - Hatred new effect - Increase 3%/6%/9%/12%/15% of damage reduction from demi-humans.

Content Update​

1. Novice Supply Station opening

  • Novice Supply Station opening time: June 30th 0500 HRS - August 26th 0500 HRS
  • Novice Supply Station will sell monster materials, the materials sold are unrelated to the adventurer's job class.
  • Daily manual refresh limit: 9
  • Merchandise refreshes daily at 0500 HRS and 1700 HRS. The daily manual refresh limit will reset daily at 0500 HRS.
  • Refresh fee as follows:

    1st and 2nd time: 100 Zeny
    3rd to 5th time: 10,000 Zeny
    6th to 8th time: 50,000 Zeny
    9th time: 100,000 Zeny
2. Eclage Illusionary Weapon Shop added

  • Pixies collected gemstones refined from the Star Bridge fragment, Rainbow Rubble and crafted them into eye-catching Sacred Relics of Rainbow series weapons.
  • Completing Eclage main storyline Oath of Light and Stars' final chapter will award the adventurer with Rainbow Rubble, which then can be exchanged with Leah Emiliar at Eclage.
  • Adventurers without Rainbow Rubble, don't worry, as Leah Emiliar will be selling extra Rainbow Rubble within her hands, so line up, behave, and don't make a fuss! ;)
3. Adjusted the effects of Guild Structure Legendary Anvil

  • LV1: Guild Artifact limit 1 -> 2, and each artifact acquirement limit 1 -> 2
  • LV2: Guild Artifact limit 2 -> 4, and each artifact acquirement limit 1 -> 2
  • LV3: Guild Artifact limit 3 -> 6, and each artifact acquirement limit 1 -> 2
  • LV4: Guild Artifact limit 4 -> 8, and each artifact acquirement limit 1 -> 2
  • LV5: Guild Artifact limit 5 -> 10, and each artifact acquirement limit 1 -> 2
  • LV6: Guild Artifact limit 6 -> 12, and each artifact acquirement limit 1 -> 2
  • LV7: Guild Artifact limit 7 -> 14, and each artifact acquirement limit 1 -> 2
  • LV8: Guild Artifact limit 8 -> 16, and each artifact acquirement limit 1 -> 2
  • LV9: Guild Artifact limit 9 -> 18, and each artifact acquirement limit 1 -> 2
  • LV10: Guild Artifact limit 10 -> 20, and each artifact acquirement limit 2 -> 4
  • LV11: Guild Artifact limit 11 -> 22, and each artifact acquirement limit 2 -> 4
  • LV12: Guild Artifact limit 12 -> 24, and each artifact acquirement limit 2 -> 4
  • LV13: Guild Artifact limit 13 -> 26, and each artifact acquirement limit 2 -> 4
  • LV14: Guild Artifact limit 14 -> 28, and each artifact acquirement limit 2 -> 4
  • LV15: Guild Artifact limit 15 -> 30, and each artifact acquirement limit 3 -> 6
4. Quest Optimization

  • Optimized appearance on world map after exiting the dungeon from Flower Sea Reunion and Farewell Star quests. Characters will now appear at Time Garden.
  • Optimized Luoyang's Lotus Lantern Riddle answers. Lady Verdant will now find the slightly heavier gold piece with the minimum times needed correctly
  • Optimized the description of Brandeis and Vivita Campo in the Adventure Handbook
  • Optimized some of Eclage Master Box's behavior.
5. Wallet Rule Optimization

  • Added Freshman Medal, Eden Coin, Mora Coin, Furniture Gift Voucher, Crystal of Chaos, Friendship Proof, and Silver Medal to the wallet.
  • Red notification dot will appear at the wallet the first time an item was acquired. Newly obtained items will be put at the top.
6. Adjusted Ancient Relics Horn of the Watcher's effect

  • Before adjustment: Permanently obtain 8 meters’ True Sight Effect (cannot share with teammates).
  • After adjustment: Gain a permanent full-screen True Sight Effect for yourself (can't be shared with teammates).
7. Cancel the requirement of Adventure Skill Point

  • Players will no longer require to have adventure skill points to learn adventure skills
  • Forgetfulness Potion to be taken off of Event Store.
8. Optimized New Map Unlock Content

  • - Removed Ariel quest, the default handbook content will automatically be added as soon as a new map is accessed. If the map allows teleportation, its teleportaation point will be automatically unlocked.
  • Aside from Eclage, all other main cities' maps are automatically unlocked.
  • Removed Adventure: From Beginners to the Proficient's first-day target "New Adventure: Unlock Luoyang's Teleportation Point", and its reward Adventure Meatball x200 is moved to first-day target "Welcome to Midgard - Sign In One Time".
  • Adjustment made to Quest Manual - Version Goal, Pointy Ears Ariel quest where the quest completion goal is now set to be arriving at Eclage map.
9. Optimized the Closing of [Auto Combat] Logic

  • When character is under Auto Combat status and the Auto Combat interface is not closed, tapping [Auto Combat] button will close the interface instead of canceling the Auto Combat function.
10. Optimized Assistant Recommended Equipment's browsing experience to provide a more detailed and accurate recommendation.

11. Optimized acquiry guide for Brooke Crest.

12. Fixed the issue where some adventurers' Assistant don't show the Pet Adventure Daily Quest.

13. Red Fish Flower Bell - Wind Monster Wheel added to the Red Fish Flower Bell weapon transmogrification series.

14. Adjusted Crusader Skill's Divine Protection. It can no longer be put into Prepare for Elite.

15. Optimized display after de-equipping runes - After runes were de-equipped, the extra skills enabled by runes will be shown gray in the skill bar.

16. Some of the Camera-related adventure skills are revised to be obtained automatically when unlocking the Camera function.

  • Skills include: Free View, Advanced Composition, Wide Angle, Close-up Shot, Poring Selfie Stick
  • For adventurers who have learned these adventure skills, the corresponding amount of Zeny will be returned to each character.
17. Mailbox interface is renewed. All the system interface and buttons will be renewed in time, hopefully to the adventurers' contentment.

18. Temporary Bag max limit optimized

  • - Temporary Bag will show the maximum box count, and items above the limit will be sent to the adventurer via Bag Mail.
  • Rewards will be sent according to their respective dungeons, e.g. Oracle Dungeon drops, Thanatos Tower drops
  • Bag Mails are required to be received with 12 hours, otherwise they would be defaulted.
  • Item drops within 6 hours of the first dungeon instance will be sent in the same Bag Mail, while item drops beyond that duration will be sent in a second Bag Mail.
  • Items in Bag Mail cannot be collected with a full bag. Adventurers will be required to clear the items in their bag.
19. Recharge Store Gift Box Optimization

  • Mysterious Box 7.0 in Daily Special Offer Adventure Gift Box and Combined Fate Supply Box adjusted to become Mysterious Box v2.0.
  • When receiving the final monthly mail for Daily Special Offer Adventure Gift Box (Monthly) and Combined Fate Supply Box (Monthly), tap the Collect button to continue subscription.

Bug Fixes​

1. Fixed the issue with Blue Wheel and Red Wheel blueprints' effects don't match the description.

2. Fixed the issue where Stormy Knight Card's skill effect can still trigger even though the attack misses.

3. Fixed the issue where using Ninjutsu - Thousand Shadows doesn't attack hidden units even while having Horn of the Watcher equipped

4. Fixed the issue where Ninja's Ninjutsu - Thousand Shadows will attack summoned monsters.

5. Fixed the issue where the costume City of Phantoms cannot be gender-changed.

6. Fixed the issue with Mage-type skill Fire Pillar where it will continuously be under the effect of Lex Aeterna.

7. Fixed the issue where the End of Sun and Moon will still go into cooldown even if the skill failed to release.

8. Fixed the issue where the targetting circle doesn't appear when clicking on NPCs in Prontera and Cryptura Academy.

9. Fixed the issue where adventurers defeated by summons (e.g. Homunculus, The Pioneer) in the Arena doesn't count into the score.

10. Fixed the issue where the Sixth Sense Potion doesn't work.

11. Fixed the issue of Adventure Handbook doesn't calculate progress correctly.

12. Fixed the issue where the progress bar only showed 95% completion after completing all of Eclage Version Goals.

13. Fixed the issue where some Assistant Vouchers' unlock conditions cannot be achieved.

14. Fixed the issue where the target of Heavy Slash were able to move before it finished casting.

15. Fixed the issue where putting the transformation skill into Auto-skill bar will cause transformed Little Savior to transform once more.

16. Fixed the issue where using Ninjutsu - Icicle Drop in Moonlight Grotto will not hit the target.

17. Fixed the issue where Four Souls cannot be automatically used during Auto Combat.

18. Fixed the issue where Skin A Flint does not take effect.

19. Fixed the issue where the pet Flame Reincarnation's skills Wild and Intractable and No one is noble but me were different from their description.

20. Fixed the issue where the pet Flame Reincarnation's dialogues during gifting Adventure Meatball and receiving gifts were incorrect.

21. Fixed the issue where the Emperium symbol was missing in WoE.

22. Fixed the issue where Version Goal chapter 3 Topple the Stone Knight doesn't have a red dot notification when awaiting activation.

23. Fixed abnormal EXP with Dark Merchant Deje in MVP Battle.

24. Fixed the issue with Adventure Handbook now showing red dot when getting married.

25. Fixed the issue of casting Shadow Wave doesn't trigger the VFX.

26. Fixed the issue where there's a probability that Lightbringers using Ymir's Notebook will be unable to save the Pioneer's skills.

27. Fixed the issue with Brooke's Statue attribute bonuses displayed on the map is incomplete.

28. Fixed the issue where Little Savior is not able to use Evernight Weapon Voucher.

29. Fixed the problem where the The Holy Mother of the Papal State quest is missing on the quest manual and Go button is unresponsive.

30. Fixed the issue where Instant Refine doesn't show rebates.

31. Fixed the issue when entering Home, there is a probability to keep the artifact status.

32. Fixed the issue where the assistant acquirement guide is incorrect.

33. Fixed the issue where some female characters showed a different set of eyes during preview and when actually wearing male costumes.

34. Fixed the wrong categorization of Dead Time Holder Card in Exchange.

35. Fixed the issue that the setting options of multiplayer mount permissions could not be saved

36. Fixed the issue that the name of the partner cannot be viewed on the equipment display interface

37. Fixed the issue that the Zeny icon on the item sale interface is missing.

38. Fixed abnormal mentor-student relationship. After the fix:

  • Adventurers who are already mentors are not allowed to become student again.
  • Adventurers who had completed the Mentor Quest will be treated as mentors.
  • If an adventurer is currently both a mentor and a student, the student status will be revoked.
39. Fixed the issue where attacks by wearer of Golden Spirit Boat may be dodged due to effects of Fog Wall, Hiss, and Rapid Shoes Rune.

40. Fixed the issue where Horn of the Unyielding's HP protection effect doesn't happen.

41. Fixed the issue of being stuck in the mission Pure Water.

42. Fixed abnormal behavior of Overthrust Max during Auro Combat when teaming up with other people.

43. Fixed the issue where the skill Board Leader cannot be used on the entire party.

44. Fixed the issue where some adventurers' Assistant don't show the Pet Adventure Daily Task.

45. Fixed the issue where there's a probability of no damage when using Horn of the Watcher to attack hidden enemies.

46. Fixed the issue where some adventurers' Adventure Handbook Friend List is blank.

47. Fixed the issue of where the ninja’s weapon has no special effects in Blazing Soul Weapons Voucher weapon store.

48. Fixed the issue that the event store still sells Forgetfulness Potion.

49. Fixed the issue where some adventurers could not cast the Ninjutsu - All-round Attack and Myriad Hyakume skills

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