Ragnarok M Eternal Love Lag Fix


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Oct 14, 2018
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STEP 1: Tap the MORE button at the upper right corner near the mini-map.

STEP 2: Tap the SETTINGS button

STEP 3: Lower down the SFX (Special Effects) volume and or the Music Volume to disable it.

STEP 4: Tap the next tab for the graphics settings. Please put a check on Screen Saver so that when you go auto-grinding you will save a lot of battery when the device goes power saver mode.

STEP 5: Please select Low settings and uncheck both display name and display character. Please take note that this will hide all other players and all you will see are circular shadows at the ground but this will tremendously lower your lag/latency and save a lot of battery. Very useful during auto-grind sessions.

STEP 6: Drag down to view more options. Here you can disable showing the fashion/cloths of your character to save both in processing power, memory and battery. Please uncheck Peak Effects for self and others but leave Special Effects on to see your own char skill effects. You can also disable it while auto-farming.

STEP 7: Drag down to view more options. Here you can uncheck both toon lighting and figure change. This will save a lot of resources. Please do not forget to tap SAVE SETTINGS.

STEP 8: Doing the steps above will save a lot of device resources. You can always enable the other features anytime you wish.

Well, now that we get the optimization out of the way, let us do a full dive into the game!!!

Your adventure will start at the upper left part of the South Prontera Map.

TIP: Do you see that NPC? that is Ariel the music lover. If you enter her casting range, she will continually cast Heal on you until you recover in full HP. Some players will even lure the mini-bosses near this NPC and tank them while getting free heals!