Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Live in SEA Event


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Jul 24, 2018
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Event 1: Ragnarok M: Eternal Love - Live in SEA “The music of Eternal Love”
“Ragnarok M: Eternal Love - Live in SEA”, the first ROM music concert is coming to South East Asia! We are so excited for all the adventurers’ support and welcome all of you to listen to this ROM music concert with Ariel, the music elf!
During the event, adventurers can go to Prontera Square to look for NPC “Concert Festmaster” to accept the “The Voice of Majesty” series missions.

- There are going to be 5 quests total, you can only finish 1 quest each day. After finish each quest, you will receive one “Concert Support Giftbox” as the reward.

- When finishing all 5 quests, you will receive an exclusive Blueprint “Concert Support Staff

1. This mission is limited to only one character per account, so please choose wisely!
2. The latest time you can accept the mission is April 8th, at 5:00AM; the latest time you can finish the mission is April 15th, at 5:00AM.
Mission accepting time: April 1st to April 8th
Mission finishing time: April 1st to April 15th

Event 2: In the name of love, Twin Star exclusive mount giftbox
During the event, “Spring Celebrate Giftbox” will be available on In-App-Purchase
The giftbox has a chance to receive “Windperch Wyvern - Kaguya”.
“Windperch Wyvern - Kaguya”: Movement Speed + 50%

Special effect: the mount is surrounded with magic power, whoever embraced by it they will hear the wonderful music. Surrounding players will recover battle time.

Event time: April 10th 17:00 to April 18th 17:00

Event 3: The Goblin Journey
1. Find the Goblin Messenger – Tolakai, and launch the Quest “The Goblin Journey”. Each account may only use one character to finish the Quest.

2. Those missions may be activated via Fidget, in Geffen.
- There are a total of 5 tasks associated with this. Each time you complete a task, you will receive [Spring Symphony] x20.
- During the fifth and final mission, you may additionally receive [Sprint Goblin Blueprints].

I. This event is limited to one character per account. Please choose your character carefully.
II. Players must accept the Quests before April 8th, and they must finish them before April 15th.
III. Spring Symphony] shop will only be available until May 15th.
IV. The [Spring Celebration Card] will be available to enter the card Gachapon on May 15th.
Event Registration: April 1st – April 8th
Event Completion: April 1st – April 15th

Event 4: Spring Festival Festivities - An Unwanted Guest
1. During this event, find the ‘Great Wizard’ Yula in Geffen, and join the quest “Goblin Rescue”.
- This is a single-player event.
- Protect the Goblin from incoming invaders. In the event of a defeat, the quest must be started over.
- You may not use ‘Fly Wings’ during this event.
- Monsters in this quest can detect hidden players.
- You may obtain daily rewards such as [Spring Symphony], [Valkyrie´s Gift], etc...
Event Dates: April 8th – April 15th

Event 5: Spring Celebration – Songkran Adventure
1. All the water element monsters (NOT including mission monster or Endless Tower monsters) will have a chance to loot “Songkran Goggles Blueprint”

A. Adventure Handbook has all the monsters’ detail information, try to find the monster that suits your level.
B. The monsters that are summoned by other monsters will not drop any loot.
Event Time: April 9th to April 18th

Event 6: Spring Festival Festivities - Carnival
During this event, Adventurers may deliver a certain amount of [Aquamarines], [Topaz], [Zircon], e [Amethyst] to the Goblin Ambassador Yowloo in Geffen, and may in exchange receive a given [Spring Symphony].
Note: This event is limited to one character per account, please choose your character carefully.
Event Dates: April 15th – April 20th

Event 7: Easter Eggs
The Easter Ambassador, "Mr. Robert", has traveled all across the world and is now finally arriving in Geffen. With him, he brings ‘Easter Egg-Lucky’ for all adventurers!

How to obtain [Easter Egg-Lucky]:
1. During the event, you can find "Mr. Robert" each day in Geffen. Listen to his unique tales about Easter, and receive a [Easter Egg-Lucky].
2. During the Easter event, all mobs have a small chance of dropping [Easter Egg-Lucky].

I. During the Easter Event, the [Easter Egg-Lucky] may be traded.
II. The item is only tradable until May 15th, and you may no longer place it in the Exchange after April 26th.
Event Dates: April 21st – April 26th

Event 8: "Fantasy Generator Feast" is open for a limited only, selling the “Lady Cat” series.
This season’s "Fantasy Generator Feast" features the “Lady Cat Costume”, with 10 times more chances for a limited time only.
Event Dates: April 18th – May 2nd

Event 9: Goblin Lucky Bag on sale for a limited time only.
During this event, the Goblin Lucky Bag will be on sale in the Big Cat Coin store at a value of theonly 12BCC. Limited to 60 purchases per account.

Goblin Lucky Bag: Has a chance to receive [Gold Medal], [Valkyrie´s Gift], etc...
Event Dates: April 23rd – April 30th

Event 10: Yula’s Treasure Chest on sale for a limited time only.
During this event, Yula’s Treasure Chest will be on sale in the Big Cat Coin store at a value of othenly 20BCC. Limited to 60 items per account.
Yula’s Treasure Chest: Open the chest to obtain [Gram Dust], and 1 of either [Journal Remains] x1, [Hardcover Card Album Remains], or [Gorgeous Card Album] x1

Event dates: April 15th – April 22nd

Event 11: Limited Exclusive mount “Windperch Wyvern – Glimmer” on Auction
The one, the only mount “Windperch Wyvern – Glimmer” will be on Auction at April 12th 20:00
Auction time: April 12th 20:00