Ragnarok M Eternal Love PVP Build


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Oct 23, 2018
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Before i officially quit in CN server i would like to share my latest build in the current pvp meta.

I always have been using my backstab build and never used mana trap on pvp coz its kinda OP and annoying so dont expect something about mana trap guide here

Ok lets start with the pros and cons.

  • Backstab is the highest damage output skill for rogue job
  • Stun locks enemies like a ranger, GX, WL and other glass cannon job
  • Combined with bloodthirst skill and close confine rune,physical type skills and normal attack will surely miss and you will be able to kill tanky jobs like RG and RK like they're nothing.

  • First, i want to emphasize on HIT rate if you want to copy this build, yes backstab has a high damage output but what is damage if you cant even land a single hit right? So you need to invest in hit
  • You need to be tanky coz your a melee class FLEE might compensate the lack of HP but some skills ignore flee so this is why i sacrificed my str for agi dex and vit yeah zero str can still kill.

For equipments and enchants as i have said invest on HIT thats why im using FIB and Synthesized Sandstorm and for the other equipments its self explanatory.

Okay here is why im using Sandstorm instead of HD. You might be thinking Sandstorm is just for boss monster bcoz of its damage to large monster.

YOUR WRONG sandstorm has a 15% damage to demi human in its +10 effect(10% basic and 5% from +10 upgrade) and you can use 1 mino card for the 50% ignore def from stored stat.So basically +10 synthesized SS gives you 15% damage to demi human and 60% ignore def and btw you still have 1 slot left so you can put hydra card for another 15% demi human damage (30% demi human damage 60% ignore def and 50 hit this is a no brainer) compared to HD which only give like 10% demi human and a bunch of raw patk.

So thats it for now i officially quit CN server enjoy guys.


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Mar 16, 2019
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This mofo stole my friend's guide. Even the whole I officially quit CN. No credits to the ORIGINAL owner? Just.. wow.