Ragnarok M Eternal Love Quest Basics


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Oct 14, 2018
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There are different types of quest in this game. Main Quest are marked with a Red exclamation mark [ ! ] and a yellow background while sub quest are marked as Green exclamation mark [ ! ] each type of quest have its own corresponding indicator.

TIP: DO NOT take or do any of the sub-quest unless you have completed your very first job change! You can easily reach Job level 10 Novice just by completing the newbie Main Quest.

You will receive equipment notifications everytime you receive an item which is better than your currently equipped items.

The first part of the Main Quest will teach you about the 3 TRIALS that you must learn and understand.

The FIRST TRIAL: consist of quest tracking and map/minimap navigation. Tap the Mini map at the upper right corner of the screen and you should gain access to the map navigator. This will enable you to see what part of the map your next target is located and you may click anywhere on the navigator and your character will automatically go to that spot.

TIP: The navigator will also show you the NPC locations, monster locations, scenery locations and many more, including Miniboss and Bosses!

The SECOND TRIAL: focuses on monster combat interaction.

The THIRD TRIAL: last trial, will teach you on how to gather materials and craft using blueprints.

To help you decide which headgear blueprint you want to receive as a reward, please check how each looks like after being crafted. On the left is the Poring Hat while on the right is the Egg Shell Hat.

After selecting the reward the quest will teach you how to allocate your Stats points.

TIP: Please do not hesitate to put all your stats on STR. Your stats will automatically reset for free after your very first change job quest. Having all stat points placed on STR will help you kill mobs easily especially during the Combat Trial portion of the Job Change Quest.