Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Release Date

Love and faith are alive and running wild in Rune Midgard! Those battlefields from 15 years ago are still alive! The adventures in Rune Midgard continues! We'll be waiting for you in Prontera! A new tale of love, courage and friendship starts soon! Are you ready?

The official mobile version of Ragnarok will be soon released for Southeast Asia! All the things you loved about RO are back! After 15 long years, Ragnarok is back! Let`s go explore Rune Midgard together, and fight for the Eternal Love!

Update: Ragnarok Eternal Love SEA Closed Beta
Expectations regarding the CBT rumors for Ragnarok Eternal Love SEA which is said to start on October 20, 2018.

Regarding the latest news from the Gravity press conference that was held in Indonesia and as stated in the article, the game will have a closed beta sometime on October but it did not specify if it's for Ragnarok Eternal love SEA or Ragnarok Love at First Sight(Tencent).

An article from Kotakgame was published 3 days ago to confirm the upcoming Focused Group Testing(CBT) for Tencent's ragnarok mobile so this indicates that the CBT is actually for Tencent's version not ROM SEA.

We'll keep you posted as we get closer to the targeted release date of October 31, 2018.

Update: Close Beta Confirmed
CBT will start at: 2018 October 20th 10:00 A.M. (GMT+7). (Note: The positions for CBT are limited, approximately 50,000 players, recharge won’t be available. We are appreciated for all the tester and welcome everyone to give advices or report issues on our Facebook groups)

Full Details https://pinoygamer.ph/threads/ragnarok-m-eternal-love-close-beta-starts-tomorrow.5763/

Update: ROM Open Beta Schedule announced
CBT players are maxed out currently. Please wait for the OBT on October 31st. Click the Pre-Register button above.

Full Details here: https://pinoygamer.ph/threads/ragnarok-m-eternal-love-open-beta-schedule.5767/

Bonus: Ragnarok M Classes


Reserve and Pre Registration are back here
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gravity.romg
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1404051022

Mage characters have a cute face with an elegant temperament. When wearing the magnificent cloak and wizzard hat, mages will most likely dominate every combat. Such powerful character will definitely be the key character on your team.

Oftentimes Wizard is always been the name of wisdom and mystery. If you adventurers are chosen to be a Mage, then you are probably well known in this Magic world. But to go even further beyond, to understand the true theory life and magic, you need to progress even harder. Hope all you mage adventurers reach your peak of the mountains.

In the magic capital, Geffen, the mythical atmosphere is covering the whole city. All the mages come here to become a Wizard. There was a saying, that Geffen was build on top of an ancient Ruins, it's carrying a "Mana power". Today, let's embrace ourselves to uncover this mysterious city, Geffen.

There is an island at Southeast of Prontera, called Izlude Island. As the satellite city of Prontera, this beautiful island contains abundant treasures but there are also more mysterious stories behind the Sunken Ship. Adventurers around the world come to explore this Sunken Ship, but no one ever came back. What draws so many people to this place? We shall see that together!

Adventurers, in your journey you'll find pets to accompany you along the way. They are like little angels, giving us strength and the boosting our morale. Each pet has its own attributes, and adventurers can click on the pet details to view their ratings, attributes, skills, and more. Find the perfect pet for you!

Today, I will introduce you to the unique skills of several pets that are easy to capture.
  • Poring - HP UP Recommended for: Novice.
    Yoyo - ASPD UP Recommended for: Hunter, Assassin.
  • Mandragora - Crit UP Recommended for: Assassin, Knight.
  • Baby Desert Wolf - HP Recover UP Recommended for: Knight, Crusader.
  • Baby Savage - DEF UP Recommended for: Blacksmith, Monk.
  • Lunatic - Magic UP Recommended for: Wizard, Priest.
Pets are an important part of our lives! Share your pet pictures with us and tell us their names in the comments!

16 years ago, Ragnarok Online was so popular around the world. And now, after 16 years do you still remember the promise you mad at Prontera South Gate. The memory, the emotions, the old days are going to be summoned. Today Ariel will bring us back to Prontera South Gate, to find your first love.

Adventure Handbook has listed every single gears and equipment with their obtain method in Ragnarok M. It is the adventurers' most useful tool in the world. If you want to be the very best, like no one ever was, then we goota collect 'em all!

So when is the release date? We speculate either on October 31 will update you if we have more details.

The release date is very soon here are proofs
  • Ragnarok Mobile on Android and iOS playstore are no longer available to pre register. This means only a few things the release date will be a few days from now.
  • The official Facebook Page has an event from October 2nd, 2018 to October 8th, 2018 (if not its probably very soon) the event gift will draw 10 lucky adventurers in South-East Asia region to give away the Limited Ed. Drooping Kitty Headband
  • Close Beta on Ocotober 20 2018
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