Ragnarok M Eternal Love SEA Episode 5 Translated by Clo


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Nov 4, 2018
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Ragnarok Mobile CN server 2nd Anniversary Producer Livestream Translated Content by Clo's Murmur

1. About ROM
ROM has updated 5 EP in the past 2 years, including 13 jobs with 3rd jobs contents. Super Novice, other classes(maybe Ninja/Gunslinger/Taekwondo?), and Race(Doram?) will be coming soon.

In the past 2 years, ROM released some original content such as: new features, quests, colletctions, 6 vs 6, Oracle raids, Pet related system etc. It might be a little too much, so ROM is considering lighten some features, so players won't be so burdened.

Hope everyone has a fresh and real growing RO world.

Super Novice 3D model is done!

2. Growing Dev team (staffs)
ROM is trying to make all graphic into HD version! (The game size will be bigger lol). Dev team has more budget now so they will make more free costumes and mounts in the future.

They will post who they are later on the forum, so you can check who made you suffering later.

3. Game with Love
ROM will continuously update some classic gameplay features, classes,and maps. The game will be available to more regions in real world too.

ROM is going to add some FanArts into the game too. Please prepare your amazing artworks!

More stuffs will be coming soon too!

4. Next step
∎ Map
ROM is adding more interacting contents, such as chairs that can be sit, blooming flowers, and many many more.

twitch.tv/videos/365757573 starting from 1:12:15

∎ Job Costumes
Some players prefer classic job costume design, dev team is considering on putting the job costume into costume skin.

New mado gear, carts, job exclusive mounts will be coming too!

Free costumes coming soon!

∎ Plots
New story plots will be updated on EP6.0
Kinda obvious it’s about BioLab thingy...

Seyren & Margaretha, Cenia & ???

12 players Raid - Thanatos Area 1
The mechanic will require your teamworks. You may obtain Valkyrie’s costumes and pet as rewards!

Valhalla is waiting for you!

∎ Casual feature
Housing system will be the most important update of EP6. The customizations will be in large amount.

5. Parallel Universe (New server plan)
New server (CN server I guess) MIGHT be available in the future, to have more players playing together. To achieve better gameplay environment, ROM is developing some cross-server content.

Independent content - Market, WOE, 6roup PVP, Grinding & Boss stuffs.
Sharing content - EP version, Main city gathering, Chat, Mentor & Student system, Rift fixing, Endless Tower and etc.

According to the plan, it will be available after 9 weeks.

To some confused players who are happy way too early: It means sharing among server 1 & 2 & 3, IT DOES NOT MEAN SHARING AMONG CN server & SEA server & JP/KR/NA servers etc.

6. Other plans
∎ Ragnarok music concert will be held at Shanghai and Guangzhou, new ROM music will be on the list too.
∎ There are 6 plans for Morroc event, PLEASE SAVE THE NPCs!
∎ Please enjoy the 2nd year anniversary event, also go to the event website, type your ingame name at the end to get the white baseball cap in game! https://party.xd.com/event/2019jana
∎ More collaborate event coming soon.

7. Extra juice
∎ New hairstyle, colors and contact lenses.
∎ Couple mounts, poses will be coming not so soon.
∎ New weather plan: players & monsters will be affected.
∎ More bag slots, guild base new contents will be considered.
∎ Game lag, bots & scripts, job balancing problem will be optimized continuously.

Credits to Clo's Murmur