Ragnarok M Eternal Love Snow Tale

Ragnarok M Eternal Love Mobile Snow Tale Even


Poring Showdown

Event Period: 1 Dec 0500HRS - 1 Jan 0500HRS

Event Details:
1. During the event, the Poring Showdown button will appear in the New Event button on the game interface. Click it to enter the event interface.
2. Every round, there will be 8 randomized rewards on the Little Poring and 1 extra reward on the large Poring, which you unlock by consuming Small Wooden Hammers on the Porings.
3. After obtaining all the Little Poring rewards, you will be rewarded with the Large Poring reward automatically.
4. There are 4 rounds to the Poring Showdown event. There is an unlocking mechanism between rounds. After all the rewards of the previous rounds are received, the following round will be automatically unlocked.
5. Conditions to spend Zeny to buy Small Wooden Hammers:
  • There are still small porings to be hit on the interface
  • Period: 27 Dec 0500 HRS - 1 Jan 0500 HRS
  • The purchase limit for the Small Wooden Hammer resets daily.
27 Dec - 1 Jan Small Wooden Hammer is purchaseable

  1. This event is account-limited, all the characters under one account share quest progress.
  2. The event will end on 1 Jan 0500HRS.

Comodo's Snow Tale

Event Period: 1 - 22 Dec 0500 HRS
Reception: by 15 Dec 0500 HRS

Event Description:
Christmas is coming! As a city in the tropical region, Comodo wanted to experience the snowy environment of Christmas, so the citizens have come together and invited Christmas Magician from Gingerbread Town to help them assemble a satisfying Christmas month experience.

Due to the sheer size of the project, Christmas Magician asked the adventurers to help with Christmas in Comodo.

Event Details:
  • There are 5 consecutive quests, by completing each quest, the adventurer will obtain Comodo Winter Gift Pack x1
  • Completing all 5 quests will allow the adventurer to obtain extra reward on the 5th day, Christmas Carol x1
During the event, adventurers with Base Level 12 and above can receive the Snow Tale quest series through Gift Box in Prontera.

Event Rewards:
  • Comodo Winter Gift Pack
  • Christmas Carol Headwear

Snow Lover

Event Period: 2- 9 Dec 0500 HRS

Event Description:
The Beer Penguins in Comodo have heard about this plan to create a snowy Christmas and were eager to support and help out. However, they were stumped by one issue—none of the Beer Penguins have seen snow or Christmas...

Finding no other alternatives, the Beer Penguins approached the adventurer to ask for some reference pictures so they can glean some inspiration from them.

Event Details:
  • Accept picture-taking quests from the Beer Penguins of Comodo.
  • Complete the quests to obtain Liqueur Chocolate Gift Bag x1.
Event Prerequisite:
  • Account-limited, Base Level ≥ 12
Event Rewards:
  • Liqueur Chocolate Gift Bag
Material Donation White Bear Coffee Truck

Event Period: 9 - 16 Dec 0500 HRS

Event Description:
Aside from being a Christmas Atmosphere Designer, White Bear has a hobby—brewing coffee. In the process of surveying the Christmas decor in Prontera, he placed a Coffee Truck in Prontera Square, selling rich coffee to adventurers in exchange for materials.

Event Details:
  1. During the event, approach White Bear in Prontera Square to participate in the White Bear Coffee Truck event.
  2. Supply the required materials to obtain the reward Espresso Gift Box.
  3. The event is account-limited. Each account can donate a maximum of 2 times daily.
Event Rewards:
  • Espresso Gift Box
Giftbox Rampage

Event Period: 16 - 23 Dec 0500 HRS

Event Description:
Seeing the preparation people were making for the upcoming Christmas, the naughty Carat felt slighted, as the holiday took time away from Adventurers to play with it. So it persuaded Myst Case to cause trouble all around Gingerbread City. Adventurers, stop them before they ruin Christmas!

Event Details:
  1. During the event, locate White Bear in Gingerbread City to receive the quest Giftbox Rampage.
  2. Defeat Carat to obtain Trickster's Heart. (Receive from White Bear after completing the dungeon).
  3. Trickster's Heart are account-limited items. Each account will be able to obtain 1 daily.
  4. Obtain 5 Trickster's Heart to unlock the achievement Silent Night and obtain the headwear Sofia's Dream.
Event Prerequisite:
  • Account-limited, Base Level 12 and above.
Event Rewards:
  • Trickster's Heart Giftbox
  • Silent Night Achievement
  • Sofia's Dream Headwear
White Bear's Christmas Gift

Event Period: 0500HRS 23 - 26 Dec 0500 HRS

Event Description:
To thank Adventurers' help during the Comodo Christmas Event, White Bear had prepared a Christmas thank-you gift for everyone. However, Adventurers must first answer his question correctly.

Event Details: Locate White Bear in Prontera Square to receive a Christmas Gift Pack.
Event Details: Account-limited, Base Level 12 and above.
Event Rewards: White Bear Christmas Giftpack

Santa Claus' Rock Paper Scissors Challenge

Event Period: 23 - 30 Dec 0500 HRS

Event Description:
Santa Claus felt this year's Christmas could be livelier, so he held a Rock Paper Scissors Challenge underneath the Christmas Tree in Prontera. All who participated in the challenge and won will be able to obtain an extra Christmas Gift. Why is it an extra, you ask? Find out by placing the Christmas Stocking beside the fireplace in your Home on Christmas Eve...

Event Details:
  • Approach Santa Claus under the Christmas Tree in Prontera to participate in the Rock Paper Scissors Challenge. Win to obtain Christmas Stocking Gift Box x1.
  • This event is account-limited.
Event Prerequisite: Account-limited, Base Level ≥ 12
Event Rewards: Christmas Stocking Gift Box

Endless Tower Reset

Event Period: 24 - 27 Dec 0500 HRS
Event Details: From 24 - 27 Dec, Endless Tower will be reset daily.

Extra Rewards

Event Period: 6 - 27 Dec 0500 HRS

Event Details:
  • Mission Board double rewards: 6 - 13 Dec 0500 HRS
  • Museum Island double rewards: 13 - 20 Dec 0500 HRS
  • Oracle Dungeon double rewards: 20 - 27 Dec 0500 HRS
Sif's Treasure Chest

Event Period: 9 - 16 Dec 0500 HRS
Event Details: Sold at 8 Big Cat Coins, account purchase limit 100.

Gift Box Content:
During the event, Sif's Treasure Chest will be put on sale in B Coin Store, open to receive Mora Coin x8, as well as one of the following amounts of zeny: 100,000,000 Zeny, 30,000,000 Zeny, 10,000,000 Zeny, 5,000,000 Zeny, 3,000,000 Zeny, 2,500,000 Zeny, 2,000,000 Zeny, 1,500,000 Zeny, 1,000,000 Zeny

Osiris's Christmas Holiday Gift

Event Period: 23 - 30 Dec 0500 HRS
Event Details: Selling for 30 BCC, purchase limit 500

Gift Box Content: Open to obtain Nolan Card x50

There's a chance to obtain one of the following items:
Osiris Card x1, Time Holder Card x1, Chepet Card x1, Gazeti Card x1, Flute Player Card x1, Rotar Zairo Card x1, Christmas Mount Self Choice Voucher x1, Duke Gem x1, Mini Unlock Card Album x1, Freyr Coin x1, Oracle Dust x15-30, Oracle Crystal x12-25, Nolan Card x100~200, Praying Card Pack x5~10, Gold Medal x10, Mastela Fruit x1
  1. The probability of Christmas Mount Self Choice Voucher appearing will increase the more times the Holiday Gift is opened, culminating in a guaranteed drop on the 200th gift box! The guarantee will only take effect once. If the item appeared before the guarantee, the guarantee will be disabled.
  2. Cards obtained from the gift box can be activated in the Adventure Handbook.
  3. Christmas Mount Self Choice Voucher can be sold on the Exchange. Use to obtain Glitterwing Reindeer x1, Reindeer Poring x1, or Star Road Sleigh x1
Star Road Sleigh: Move SPD +25%, cannot be sold on Exchange.

Winter Special - Card Lucky Bag

Event Period: 16 - 23 Dec 0500 HRS
Event Details: Winter Special - Card Lucky Bag, sold at 30 BCC, account purchase limit 60.

Gift Box Content:
  • Open to obtain Zeny x300,000, Gorgeous Card Album x1, Nolan Card x40-60, as well as one of the following items:
  • 75% Poker Album x1, 20% Tarot Card Album x1, 5% Ancient Magic Card Album x1
Gingerbread City's Winter Blessing

Event Period: 1 - 9 Dec 0500 HRS
Event Details: During the event, Gingerbread City's Winter Blessing will be sold at Big Cat Coin Shop for 15 BCC.

Gift Box Content:
  • Open to receive Oracle Crystal x15, Oracle Dust x12, and Mora Coin x10
  • There is a 25% probability of obtaining Gingerbread City Commemorative Card x1, used to redeem exclusive headwear.
Note: Gingerbread City Commemorative Card can be used to redeem:
  • Redeem with 5: Good Mood Gift Box
  • Redeem with 3: Rudolph's Christmas Blessing, Frozen Red Nose[1]
  • Redeem with 1: Gingerbread Gremlin[1], Candy Ambassador, Candlelight Tumbler[1]
Fantasy Christmas Gift Box

Event Period: 21 Dec - 4 Jan 0500 HRS
Event Details:
  • During the event, adventurers may purchase the Gift Box in-game with the price of 4.99USD.
  • It can be opened once every 24 hours. Open to obtain Big Cat Voucher·Feast x15. The Gift Box can be opened 10 times to obtain a maximum of Big Cat Voucher·Feast x150.
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