Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Tips and Tricks

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Sep 20, 2018
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Tips for those new to this game.

Use all stats in str for more damage. You buy a chain in prontera which gives you 2 times exp. The chain will stop if your stamina or 5x exp dies when you've reach 400 for non-vip and 500 for VIP.

Change job gives us free reset of all stats.

So use it wisely. They give reset skill and stats item for free. Meron specific na level yun. Recommending mage and merch(for gold) or any AOE for starters or range chars(archer).

There is a limit(stamina) after you've consume all. You can go below prontera(upper left side) and regenerate your stamina by listening to music there.

You can tap on the map to move easily to a specific location.

Follow main quest for more exp.

You can hire cats(mercenary system) and hey have 3 abilities(healing, damage and defense.) one can be found in izlude, geffen and idk(where is the other one.) xD

One which could boost exp is mentoring.

You can get 2 buffs from your mentor(level 90 players) which would help/boost your power to fight stronger monsters.

Always complete board quest after stamina runs out. Happy gaming everyone.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

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