Ragnarok M Eternal Love will commence its S2 Holy Ground War Tournament

Holy Ground War is a new season-based PvP game that combines racing and matching. A 12-person squad will be formed by both sides. The game will debut on a new map called "Holy Ground War." A number of mechanisms may be found on the map. The tournament will be held between 24 - 29 May for 1 week.

Both sides will kill and compete for resources in order to target the crystal of the opponent. The result is determined by the crystal's HP.


The team will be randomly assigned to Hawk or Dove after entering the instance, according to the rules of the game. Defense towers, barracks, bases, stores, and one offensive and one defensive route are all available to each party.

The attacking path features a siege cart that may inflict a lot of damage to structures, while the defensive path features three defense towers. Because the siege cart requires a close ally to go ahead, the team must work together to drive the siege cart ahead and break through the opponent's base in order to win.

[Outer Tower] – [Central Tower] – [Inner Tower] – [Base] is the defensive route's breaking sequence.

Participation Rules
  • [Tournament Mode] added to [Arena] - [Holy Ground War] tab.
  • The recruitment period is Monday 0500 HRS to Friday 2359 HRS, adventurers are required to create or join a tournament team of 12 and pressed confirm before the team leader may register as a team as the competing team.
  • The registration period is from Friday 0500 HRS to Friday 2359 HRS. Registered teams will be ranked according to their combined points from each team members' 6V6 performance from last season. The top 64 teams are eligible to participate in the Tournament.
  • After the registration time is over, the matchup will be confirmed according to the 6v6 combined individual points of the participating teams. The matching rules are as follows:
  • Sorted by 6v6 points, the top 1/4 are considered seed teams (for example, if there are 64 teams, 16 teams will be selected as seed)
  • Among the seed teams, the top 8 and bottom 8 will be randomly placed in the left and right halves of different groups.
  • The remaining teams are randomly matched.
  • In the final round (8 teams), all teams are randomly matched.
Tournament Rules
  1. The first round will start at 1930HRS GMT+7 on Saturday. From 1915HRS - 1930HRS, 15 mins before the match start, the team leader must click [Start Matching] to confirm participation. The team that does not [Start Matching] within this period will forfeit.
  2. Matching cannot occur when there are team members who are not on the registered team list, when there are offline members in the team, or when there are less than 7 people in the team.
  3. The Tournament follows a single-elimination match system. Of the 64 teams, a champion will be determined after 6 rounds of matches. The final round's losing team will be considered the runner-up, while teams who lost in the penultimate round will be tied for third place.
  4. Refinement +15, Aesir monument, guild prayer, and other similar bonuses will be disabled in Tournament mode. Details can be viewed in-game

  • Post Tournament, the top 32 teams can get new special skill effects. After using the corresponding items, they can be accessed in the transformation interface.
Tournament Ranking Rewards:
Ancient Dust: Can be used to exchange blue Relic Shards, after a certain amount is collected, they can be exchanged for Ultimate Ancient Relic Shard
  • Champion: Ultimate Ancient Relic Shard x1
  • Runner-Up: Ancient Dust x500
  • 3rd - 4th place: Ancient Dust x200
  • 5th - 8th place: Ancient Dust x100
  • 9th -16th place: Ancient Dust x50
  • 17th - 32nd place: Honor Proof x5000
  • 33rd - 64th place: Honor Proof x3000
Special skill effects reward in the Tournament Mode:
  • Coluceo Heal, Rising Dragon, Arm Cannon, Crazy Throwing, Magic Dragon Breath, Earth Drive, Sand Storm, Space Field, Soul Depravity, Dark Night Sinking, Dark Matter Trap, End of Sun and Moon, Eden Team Blessing, Tranquil Restoration, Lunatic Carrot Pound
  • Optimize the special effects of the skills of the tournament rewards. If the special effects setting is set to low, the low-RAM version of the original special effects will be displayed correspondingly.