Ragnarok M Glast Heim Instance Guide (The Night of Destruction)


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Nov 4, 2018
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GH Instance is the first instance-play style in this game. This instance was once very easy that Turn Undead priests can instantly kill the mobs and Bosses in step 2, 3, 4, but after a patch all monsters now immune to the 1-shot effect of TU in step 3, 4 and 5. There is a detail guide that may help you to clear this instance and get good rewards.

Default party members:
1. High Priest (must in support/ME build, must has Kyrie Eleison, better have Pneuma and Turn Undead)
2. Sniper (ADL build is much better then trapper)
3. High Wizard (must has Lord of Vermilion and Stone Curse)
4. Lord Knight
5. SinX (must has Venom Dust, or a ‘bird’ sniper can replace him coz sinX cannot provide damage in P4 and P5.)

Phase 1

Step 1: Clear all the trash mobs
SinX use VD and High Wizard use LOV will give good damage also hit-lock to mobs.

Step 2: Clear the mobs that summoned by theboss
Same as step 1. Aspersio works on these mobs as they are ghost/shadow/undead property.

Step 3: Kill the boss (永生牧师)
When the boss is involved, instantly Stone Curse the Adds and bring the boss out of the mass, and then kill the boss while all other mobs is petrified. These adds are even more dangerous than the boss. Wizard and sinX should stop AoE when there is a phase change alert says ‘消灭召唤出来的魔物’ which means all the mobs have been summoned and the boss will come out when they are killed.

Phase 2 Aspersio works on all steps.
All same as P1.
Turn Undead works on all mobs/boss(觉醒恶灵) in P2. Priest could put TU in Auto and select the boss and start auto fight to select the right Wraith (boss) in the mass of mobs.

Phase 3
Step 1: Kill all Dark Priests
The party should stay behind and let the sniper to lure and kill the mob one by one, as Dark Priests use Lv10 Napalm Vulcan can deal 7000 single-target damage and inflict Curse (Blessing can dispel it). 2-3 of them may kill your knight instantly.

Step 2: Kill the Boss
This is a Dark Priest as in P3, but has 3m HP.

Phase 4
Aspersio works on all steps.
Step 1: Kill 2 Abyss Knights

Step 2: Kill 4 Abyss Knights

Step 3: Kill the Lord of Illusion
This is the most difficult part of this instance as this boss will cast Meteor three times in a row and each of it deals about 18k fire damage, and its cast cannot be interrupted.

However, from many tries I find that the boss will not cast Meteor when these conditions are met:
  • Lord Knight doesn’t use offensive damage skills (except Provoke)
  • SinX is far away from the boss and doesn’t deal any melee damage.
  • Priest doesn’t deal any damage to the boss.
  • Wizard and Sniper are doing damage in the most 'far distance' of their skills.

Therefore, when fighting this boss, only Wizard and Sniper can do the damage. SinX should leave the boss far away. The party should spread in 4 direction (knight at the middle, other 4 men in 90` of each other, and stay more than 6m, 9m is safer). Priest should NOT cast Sanctuary, ME, Judex and offensive Heal to avoid damage boss, and then this will make the boss’s Meteor ignore the priest.

Priest should only use Heal and Kyrie Eleison to heal the tank, or Safety Wall if the boss frequently cast LOV. All members except priest should never move, as they still get chance to hit by Meteor if they are too close to the boss. If the tank is killed, other DPS classes should stand and wait to get killed and recurred – they must stay away of the priest or the Meteor that target them may also spurt the priest and lead a wipe.

Phase 5 Aspersio works on all steps.
  • Kill the Bloody Knight
  • You don’t need to lure the Abyss Knight asthey are not threat-chained with the main boss, just let sniper to lure, or just kill the AK if they come.
  • This boss has very powerful basic attack, but it is range attack – Pneuma will let them become nothing.
  • The only skill of this boss is Bowling Bash, however his range basic attack consumes the Safety Wall around himself, so sinX better to stay away as in P4.
Also note the mobs in this GH is immune to Silence (Lex Divina from priest) and will also trigger the Boss cast Meteor to priest!