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  1. Magpantay

    Magpantay Casual Gamer

    This build is oriented in my experience with the hunter, personally I understand that you need both AOE skills and good damage / attack speed.

    Advanced Tips and Tricks

    Beginner Tips and Tricks


    Archer Skills Build

    Owl's eye 10/10
    Vulture's eye 10/10
    Arrow Shower 10/10 ----- most important skill
    *my personal choice
    Double Strafe 8/10
    element arrow 2/10 ------ To be able to equip me fire arrow

    Archer Stats:

    Dex: 30 ------- first
    Agi: Rest

    Esential equip: Bow lv1 make on prontera's blacksmith


    Personally the split arrows and heavy arrow skills, and not enough damage for a hunter. This skill is not worth it, even the passive heavy arrow is not enough damage to make it worth it. Do not give him a skill point.

    Hunter Skill Build

    Attenttion Concentration 10/10
    Blitz Bit 10/10
    Falcon attack 5/5
    Beast Bane 10/10

    Stats Build
    Dex ---- 40-75
    Agi ----- Rest

    Esential equip: Bow lv1 make on Morroc's Blacksmith
    Hunter build agi/dex and test heavy arrow 10/10 damage and passive +damage to normal attack.

    you can actually use the passive automatic double strafe without having it. Adj. Photos.
    PD: Modify my theme and add a new video of the hunter hybrido with the guide that appears here. (Hunter Hybrid - Agi/dex and blitz bit skill)

    To leave the auto-attack you must choose mobs that are between 1 and 5 lvs below the level of your character. Ex: when lv was 40-45 I left it in goblins map, right now I am 47 and I still can not leave it in anthell because it can not stand the dencity of the mob.

    I always give priority to the agi for the flee question that is extremely important.

    Try as much as possible to use food +5 dex because it increases the attack significantly.

    The morroc arch is important because the DS auto does an extra damage consierable. Then I'll try to be full blitz biz to see how it goes.
  2. Salmasan

    Salmasan Newbie Gamer

    IMO High level mobs have high accuracy even you have high flee rate. thats why some player add decent amount of vit for survibality. in our case as hunter agi type, and not having a decent HP or def, my idea is having an ankle snare or some traps that can hold a mob for a mins.

    Not all traps are good so i think it is better to invest claymore traps for PVP and PVE and also traps in archer skill tree. i think that is ankle snare
    archer skill -
    arrow shower - 10 (for cracks)
    DS - 8 (max it when you are hunter)
    Vultures eye -10 max
    Owls eye - 10 max
    element arrow - 2
    total of 40 job level

    hunter skill
    concentration - 10 max
    claymore trap - 5 max
    freezing trap - 5 max
    blast mine - 5 max
    ankle snare - 5 max (invest in this skill when you are hunter or it depends on your game type)
    you have to choose 4 beast bane 4 blitz beat or 8 blitz beat (this is for the remaing skill points ) 2 points invest for DS
  3. Sayson

    Sayson Casual Gamer


    I'm a former AGI/LUK Build. Upon my observation in terms of damage output, AGI/DEX is much superior vs AGI/LUK. Currently, I'm level 57. I still want to be my falcon to auto-blitz so I added a little LUK to make it blitz every 3-5 Attacks.

    Here is my current Build:
    AGI 45+25
    DEX 50+48
    LUK 25+5
    AGI 50~70 [Decent ASPD]
    DEX 90~99 [Maximized damage output of DS & FALCON ASSAULT]
    VIT 40~60 [Since Archer Class is so fragile, adding VIT will give a good survivability]
    LUK 25~30 [Gives a chance of Auto-Blitz]

    ARCHER [41 Points]
    • DS 10 [for Auto-Attack and for PVP, I don't add points in Arrow Shower since there are other jobs such WIZ and VS-type SIN to do AOE Damage on Cracks.]
    • VULTURE'S EYE 10 [Additional Range+50%, HIT+20]
    • OWL'S EYE 10 [Dex+10]
    • ELEMENTAL ARROW 8 [Since I'm a DS-Type this is very useful with 3 Damage per Level so a Lv10 will 30 More Damage]
    • ANKLE SNARE 3 (trap) [Very useful in PVP and farming High Lvl Monsters or ★ Monsters. It holds the monster for 12secs, then spam DS or attack normally. Recast this before the duration ends to hold the enemy at its location. To make this effective, counter the monster's element. You can buy then from Auction (water/wind/earth) and Item NPC (fire). Not very useful in MVP Hunt since the MVP will teleport immediately when it receives damage when trapped.]
    • ARROW CHARGE 1 (from hunter Skill Points) [If Trap duration ends and you forgot to recast, the first thing to do is don't move then immediately put a trap behind the monster and then arrow charge to push it back to the trap. This also cancel the casting of enemy player or monster.]

    HUNTER [39 Points]
    • BLITZ BEAT 10 [Ignores DEF. Additional damage when auto-attacking, with LUK 25+5, you have a 10% chance to auto-blitz (1% every 3LUK).]
    • FALCON MASTERY 10 [Falcon Damage+60]
    • FALCON ASSAULT 5 [Ignores DEF. Do x5 Blitz Beat Damage. Damage increase by INT and Dex (the damage ratio given by stats between INT and DEX is 1:5, which is INT gives more damage than DEX.]
    • AREA REVEAL 3 [Reveal area for 20secs, Useful in PVP versus ASSASSIN and Hidden Mobs such as Whisper.]

    Best Regards to ALL!
  4. Bocar

    Bocar Casual Gamer

    My current skill build are~

    Owl's eye 10/10
    Vulture's eye 10/10
    Arrow Shower 10/10
    Double Strafe 1/10
    element arrow 10/10
    Attenttion Concentration 10/10

    Now I am thinking if i should invest my skill points in Double Strafe or in falcon's kills?I am thinking investing in falcon's skills since I'm mostly auto normal attack and my bird will help to deal some damage time to time, but my stats build is Agi/Dex.

    Please assist, thank you.
  5. JmUv

    JmUv Newbie Gamer

    Hi there, I'm a newbie in the game and I would like to ask for your opinion about my lvl 48 Hunter, I want to make it into a Blitzer.

    AGI -30


    DS 8/10
    OWL EYE 10/10
    AS 1/10
    BB 6/10
    FA 1/5
    BEAST BANE 2/10

    thanks a lot guys
  6. Magpantay

    Magpantay Casual Gamer

    The build full blitz does not have agi, in what I understand is full dex, int, luk. The int increases the damage of the automatic blitz and the skill, the luk the probalidad that comes out and the dex increases the hit and the damage of the blitz.

    Also you can combine this build with claymore trap
  7. BhadzAnthony

    BhadzAnthony Newbie Gamer

    Hi. I want to share my build. I'm currently Lv42 Hunter Blitzer Type. I have 0 DEX and I'm dealing 700+ normal and 1k+ Crit. with +10 Stat food buff (AGI,DEX,LUK) and 400+ normal and 600+ Crit without food buffs ^^;

    AGI 44
    INT 3
    DEX 0
    LUK 30

    Archer Skills:
    OWLS 10
    VULTURE 10
    E.ARROW 10
    A.CHARGE 5

    Hunter Skills: (Current JLVL 13)
    A.BLITZ 10
    F.ASSULT 1

    HEAD - Poring Hat [novive gear]
    MID - Non
    LOW - Non
    BODY - NPC armor
    OFFHAND - offhand from izlude crafter [enhanced to 30]
    BOW - pront crafted bow [enhanced to 40/no card]
    BOOTS - NPC Shoes
    GARMENT - NPC Garment
    ACCE 1 - Ring [free from event box, Adds a little hp]
    ACCE 2 - Non

    The secret of High Damage with 0 Dex is Your Weapon Element countering Monster Element. At early Lvls with this build, it is ok to not put any points on Dex. Archer/Hunter already has High Dex and Passive Skills that add Dex.

    FIRE = You can buy from items NPC
    WATER = Auction
    WIND = Auction
    EARTH = Auction

    Final Stats:

    AGI 90
    DEX 50+
    INT 50+
    LUK 50+
    VIT 30+ [for survival]

    Hunter Skills: (Final Skills)
    A.BLITZ 10
    F.ASSULT 5
    remaining 5 not decided

    Final Equips:HEAD - Bunny Band [Crit+2], Sakkat[Agi+2], Cat Beret[Damage+5%]
    MID - Not Decided
    LOW - Not Decided
    BODY - Tights [Dex+2, Damage+4%]
    OFFHAND - Gloves from Morrocc [ASPD+5%]
    BOW - Moroc Bow[Agi+2, Auto DS Lv5, PET MASTERY+20% if Learned to Lv10]
    BOOTS - Cat Foot from Payon [Agi+2, MSPD+5%]
    GARMENT - Morroc Cloak [Neutral Damage Received-10%]
    ACCE 1 - Not Decided
    ACCE 2 - Not Decided

    Auto Skill:

    With AUTO BLITZ and F. ASSAULT, you now become a Click Monster.
  8. Arcilla

    Arcilla Casual Gamer


    I just like to share my build. Im currently lvl 49 and my stats so far is 52 agi 14 int 30 luck. My skills are lvl 10 DS 10 AS 10 EA 10 Owls eye. ( i dont put vultures eye to stay in range loot while afk) my hunter skills are 10 BB 9 BeastBane. My equips are all freebies and some other loots in crack except my bow is crafted in geffen which gives 3 luck and addional 10% on crit damage. My damage on goblins is 249 when it crits 398 and my blitz damge is 880 (1-3 times per mob). im planning to be a FA hunter and planning to invest on int/sp regen equips (all in the way).

    I hope this helps you guys on planning to build your archer. Im also a newbie and trying to learn things in this game. Well, thats it for now. Goodluck and have fun guys!
  9. FritzIdle

    FritzIdle Regular Gamer

    Hi there, I'm a newbie in the game and I would like to ask for your opinion about my lvl 48 Hunter, I want to make it into a Blitzer.

    AGI -30


    DS 8/10
    OWL EYE 10/10
    AS 1/10
    BB 6/10
    FA 1/5
    BEAST BANE 2/10

    thanks a lot guys
  10. epikotaku

    epikotaku Newbie Gamer

    Hi, I'm currently level 74. And I am really confused on what build should I go for.

    My current build is ADL.

    Agi 70
    Dex 44
    Luk 30

    I tried FA and Blitz type but I suddenly changed my mind to build a crit type.

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