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Discussion in 'ROPH - Ragnarok' started by ProtosX, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. ProtosX

    ProtosX Regular Gamer

    If u look at the in-build stats recommended page on RO
    u will notice a hybrid build of 66str 66agi 66vit 66dex
    now that isnt an ideal hybrid build

    so lets try this
    60 str 60 agi 50 vit 30 dex
    remaining points into either Luck or more Str/Agi

    with the stats bonus of Lord Knight class, the most free stats is in Vit so u can afford to have it lower

    skill build
    10 sword mastery
    10 provoke
    10 endure
    10 hp regen

    10bowling bash
    10 aura sword
    5 sword quicken (each rank up only extend buff time but also increase sp cost, pointless to max it. stay at lv5 just for learning parry)
    5 calvary riding
    5 calvary mastery
    5 iron body (with the spare 5points shaved from 2h quicken, u now can be slightly more tanky)

    10Lord Knight Aura
    10Head Crush
    remaining 10points up to you

    In a fight rotate using Parry and Iron Body, never using them at the same time as it is overkill

    Gear Wise if u want faster att spd its better to go for Att spd% over agi even tho agi give u dodge. Why? because u already has more vit but slower att than other agi knight.

    Accessory should be going for Luck/Str/Vit
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  2. LeeVhen

    LeeVhen Casual Gamer

    u know i m beginning to think that STR stats is a terrible stats.
    There no point increasing it so high when this RO is different from PC RO

    There so many ways to get high dmg through gear.

    First you have Wep enchant with is tied to your LV up. u get to make ur wep stronger
    Accessories ADD DMG and can also be upgraded.
    Together these 3 slot seems to add more dmg than What High str can offer.

    By Shaving away the Str we get more points in other area where we might boost stronger or to cover our weakness of Low VIT
    Frankly speaking our VIT isnt that low either thx for the bonus stats when we job up...

    now defense can also be upgraded alot... meaning Vit isnt as powerful as a defensive stats like how it is for STR.

    Now the 3 stats that cant be upgraded but only gear changes is AGI/DEX/Luck

    when buying gear for crit, dont buy luck as 3 luck = 1 crit
    thats so expensive as a stats.
    a +3luck rosary cost 1.5m+ on AH
    a Golden bracelet +5 crit...cost dirt cheap.
    Golden sword +10 crit, thats whopping 30luck...

    how much crit do u want as a knight? its an expensive stats for us since we cant use Kata.
    frankly speaking we are very short of stats point as hybrid. Crit/luck is a luxury for us, The gear is very expensive and not worth it.

    20-30crit is all u need. note i say crit not luck. ur insane if u wana add luck to reach 20-30crit
    your looking at 60luck to 90luck.

    As a hybrid thinking about gear. Follow 1 very simple rule.
    Use the Best item for each item slot.
    Upgraded Thief armor is +5Agi +5Str VS Ninja grab +2luck +3att speed. VS Payon Upgraded Vit&Str Armor VS etc.
    I will say thief armor as that alot of total stats increase.

    Currently, I have 30 STR, 45 AG, 10 VIT, 30 DEX, 0 LUK and 0 INT. I currently have the lvl reqt 52 NPC shield and shoes, the un-upgraded thief armor crafted from Geffen, the first sword crafted in Prontera, 50W ring (HP + 100), 100W headgear,... and the first available robe (lvl reqt 12) lol. Only shield, sword and armor are max lvl upgraded (lvl 52).

    Current skill assignment's all over the place but I do plan to reset them later:
    05 Bash
    05 Provoke
    10 Endure
    10 HP Recovery
    10 Sword Mastery
    05 Bowling Bash
    10 Aura Blade
    07 Sword Quicken

    In terms of equips I'm not sure how to make progress, Initially I'm planning for crafting either the atk spd or the crit / free off hand first, but after that I have really no clear idea what to do next; also planning on crafting the bash / bowling bash sword in Morroc first up until I can craft the golden sword in Geffen.
  3. Zethro

    Zethro Hardcore Gamer

    bro, i can see why ur having problems. let me help u fix ur character

    ur dex is too high for ur level. dex doesnt give u more dmg. i have 13dex at lv58 and i only miss my attacks on the snake lady...

    ur sword is too weak, get the lv50 npc sword. u can xfer ur upgrade from 1 sword to another when u equip the newer sword. try not to over spend upgrading ur sword until u have all your gear. the money is better spend on new gear.

    get the att spd shield from morroc or the 10% ignore defense shield from izlude. Ideally its better to use the Crit shield or ignore def shield but its better for u now to get the att spd shield since 5 crit is usless until u get the greffen sword.

    are you using ur 300min stamina correctly? farming for mats to sell/craft ur gear. dont follow the bot train, its very bad drop rate. go to the lesser population chnl and farm something no1 else is killing.

    there no point learning bash if ur not going to do 9bash 1magnum. there also no point crafting the morroc sword since ur bash isnt max lv. get the flamberg like me if u cant wait 4 greffen gold sword.

    some will tell u to max 2h sword quicken since ur a sword knight. nothing wrong with that since it increase ur buff time. Lazy to recast so often i understand but this game has a build in bot. Put sword quicken on ur Auto cast and keep it at lv5 so u have more points. its better u reset ur skill, ur stats is manageable and will get better as u lv up higher and put into agi and str.
  4. ProtosX

    ProtosX Regular Gamer

    Many thanks for the detailed reply!

    #1 - noted on this. the reason why I made it early 30 is because I miss most of the time (felt this early in the goblin area, especially the steam goblins). but I do understand the consequences of this and thanks for noting that

    #2 I. actually tried that previously. I'm not sure if I was sleepy or something, but it seemed to me the crafted sword (with the 'poring' card given) has a bit higher damage output than the npc sword. :/ I'm aware of the lvl transfer (even wasted some zeny for trying out how the transfer works, it lowers the level for transfers [for crafted weapons only? I transferred from one npc equip to another with no loss in level... again I might be sleepy at the time I tried this)

    #3 noted. the atk spd was one of the offhands I had my eyes on. I'll go with that first as advised

    #4 I believe yes, sometimes I don't. haha I tried yesterday various areas on which I can farm stuff for selling, but ultimately failed, wasted stamina on a few drops. I'm farming bandages (?) on poison spores now. do you recommend other places to farm?

    #5 this... was a stupid mistake haha. T_T i edited my previous reply. I have 1 magnum and 5 bash. noted on the morroc sword. but I do not know where to get flamberg. :/

    #6 noted. I will later reset my skills after getting enough information and opinions from people (the guides in this forum are very helpful). for stats, I'll be building agi first.
  5. Zethro

    Zethro Hardcore Gamer

    i think when ur transferring upgrade to a higher rank item, u wont get exact same upgrade but drop afew levels.

    dont farm for mats that are from monsters below 20 levels from you as there a 50% drop penalty. and 50% of the items drop rate. if it was 1% drop it becomes 0.5% drop lol.

    as for the flamberg sword its a drop from mvp. best u buy it, the price of it has been steay kept at 1.4m but price of grefen is actually dropping. so maybe just get ur accessories now. the price are dropping now for all equipment

    yesterday i brought AGI brooch for 1.08m now it cost 1m.
    Luck rosary was 1.5m yesterday today 1.3m.

    Greffen sword is also dropping. it was 4.9m yesterday. today it was 4.3m?
  6. ProtosX

    ProtosX Regular Gamer

    Thanks again for the replies!

    - Yeah I experienced drop in upgrade level when going from NPC to crafted equipment, or crafted to crafted.

    - Noted on this. tried farming dust from muka but the drop rates are very low (or i'm very unlucky) and it takes a bit longer time to kill. white ants are hunted whatever channel I'm in ._. so I opt to farm in lower levels despite the penalty, got 200 bandages which is 1k ea in auction. I'll try going back to steam goblins for coal. Can you suggest other famring locations for lvl 50+?

    - I... have not yet reached 1m ever but noted on the drops to the equipment auction prices. Noted also on where to get Flamberg.

    - given the posts above. I thinking of going for mostly agi for accessories (buy only?), headgear (sakkat hunt + crafting), shoes (tiger's paw from payon crafting) and atk speed offhand (craft)... lots of zeny and time lol; contributes a bit to increasing damage via sword aura.

    Again, thanks for the help!
  7. Zethro

    Zethro Hardcore Gamer

    Only changes are in LK Skill choice

    Life Burn 3
    (dont use it, just for learning Berserk. Not worth the skill slot)

    Berserk 5
    (MUST MAX, it instant heal and double ur MAX HP. Use it like last stand from WoW, when your dieing and heals aint coming in faster enough. It makes u drop 2%hp every 10sec but we know in a fight 10sec is very long so that hp drop is nothing. It make heals 60% effective on you at max lv but Pots are not affected. Think of it as Asura but instead of DMG, its defensive)

    Parry 10
    (must Max, doesnt need more explaining)

    Lk Aura 10
    (must Max, doesnt need more explaining)

    5 Vit convert to Dmg passive
    (must Max, doesnt need more explaining)

    7points left for Headcrush / Joint Beat
    Both doesnt affect Boss but both add dmg to your attacks.
    Joint Beat is a 5hit combo attack like sonic blow but makes debuff easier so combo it with Headcrush
    Headcrush is a bleeding attack chance added to basic attacks.
    Honestly you only have 1 skill slot left so no point learning both Skill, in my opinion put all into headcrush

    This is how your skill bar should look

    Active hotbar (not in order)
    Bowling Bash
    Iron Body

    Auto skill bar
    Basic attack
    Sword Quicken
    LK Aura
    With this skill build your actually more Tank than Spear knight
    If u go crazy with ur stats and do 99Vit rest into AGI 0str 0dex
    your the superme tank as u have parry, berserk, iron body. A spear knight will not have parry for sure

    So when ur done collecting your Dmg gear and done leveling up.
    Just Collect your Tank gear so all u need to do is reset stats and u can be a TANK for group play
    reset it back to hybrid stats when ur solo grinding to farm mats to sell.
    500k is nothing when ur high lv

    New update: now it is okay to learn magnum and not maxing an active skill to learn more skills. As the game developers added more skill hotbars at a cost of zeny and adventure level.
  8. Zethro

    Zethro Hardcore Gamer


    For leveling

    greffen Sword
    Upgraded Thief Armor
    2 x Agi Ring
    Payon Boots
    9% dmg reduce cape
    Feather hat with +1 to all stats card
    Golden Bracelet (Crit/Dodge)

    End game
    GFN Armor
    GFn Hat with Willow card (replace with any other uber mvp card)
    gfn cape
    Sashimi Sword
    2 Clip with Muka Card
    GFN Boots with Eggyr Card

    Now ur using loads of tank gear because to be honest ur role is to tank even if ur hybrid. Just that you can do some amount of dmg as auto hit.
    The SP is to help u regen enough to spam Parry and etc
  9. Cana

    Cana Newbie Gamer

    Hi Zethro & ProtosX,

    So what would the ideal skill build & stats be for a LK? I am currently lvl50 and I think I messed up my skills by putting a lot in spear build. I realize with the low damage output I am far behind from everyone else in terms of progression and mob killing speed. Please advise.

    Thank you
  10. Alpajora

    Alpajora Casual Gamer

    ano current build mo?
  11. Jeffboer

    Jeffboer Newbie Gamer

    Hi can share me lord knight skill build from first?thanjs
  12. Jeffboer

    Jeffboer Newbie Gamer

    Hi can share ur complete skill build?thanks
  13. RheinMori

    RheinMori Casual Gamer

    dont take aura blade or peco mastery.

    that 5 skill point is better spend on for iron body or spear mastery honestly speaking.

    aura blade doesnt increase raw dmg so ur skills will not get the dmg buff.
    20% dmg buff on large monster is only 20% large monster. this isnt the same RO where u can select what mob to grind until lv99. this game has a more linear path to lv up.

    For every 5 agi, you will gain +3 damage to monster. Take note, it is not added to the ATK stat; but to the damage dealt itself. Example, you deal 300 damage to a monster. You have 50 agi and level 10 aura blade, your damage to that same monster would be 300+(100+30)=430. If level 5 aura blade only, then it's gonna be 300+100=400.

    I think it's somewhat ignores def, because it is directly applied to the damage itself. However, it does not affect skill damage. This skill is very good for agi knights since they would want high DPS.
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  14. Halbay

    Halbay Newbie Gamer

    Pierce Knight Equip

    for solo pierce build core items is SP gear - not DMG
    wizard hat + willow hat
    2 clips
    sp boots (craft from geffen)
    angeling armor ( or craft from geffen 4% atk)
    morrok spear is really good
    str manteu is ok too
    40 lvl - mjolnir ( floras agriops and butterflies)
    55 - isis in piramid or bears boars in payon
    65+ minotaurs or orcs
    all depends on your gear.

    Small size Mob - pierce hit x1
    Medium Size Mob - pierce hit x2
    Large size Mob - pierce hit x3
  15. Carillo

    Carillo Newbie Gamer

    Re-shuffled my gear stats and skills, so now i can farm with pierce without tunning out of Sp.

    i will re-shuufle stats and gear soon once more ti get more efficient stats.
    this is what i got now.

    85 sp regen with 1150 sp pool. with magni and bless .
    but i got low ATK right now - its only 1200 and my pierce hit 15500 in isis with aspersio ( bless and manus), using ivory lance ( from dragon mutant)
    gear is:
    • wizard hat+willow card
    • +5%sp regen totem( shield)
    • +3 sp regen boots
    • +240 sp armor
    • 2 clips
    • use no food.
    Unli Pierce Equips No buffs No Foods Etc
    Lvl 52 Str 62 Int 30 only.. No dex, Vit, etc...add dex in later game
    • Ivory Spear
    • Wizard hat + Willow card
    • SP butz + Eggyra card
    • Angeling armor
    • Emperor Cloak
    • 2 Upgrade clips
    • SP regen shield

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