Ragnarok M I Cupid August Event, New RPG based on Ragnarok IP, Cabal M Release Info and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about Ragnarok M I Cupid August Event, New RPG based on the Ragnarok IP, Cabal Mobile Global Release, Mobile Legends Adventure, Digimon ReArise, Super Mecha Champions and Eclipse Isle

Lets begin...

Ragnarok M I Cupid

  • So new month new event, because recently Ragnarok M revealed its August Event I Cupid!
  • this event will start on August 1 until September one and is currently divided into 9 segments
  • so let's break it down
  • First I Cupid event is the Gem Dukes Curse
  • in this event, players will find the the Gem Duke in the prontera square upcon speaking to him you can donate all materials in exchange for earning rewards
  • then if the progression reach 100% the god of desire Cupid will arrive in Prontera
  • So what's this? is this a buff or a blessing?
  • well not exactly coz its basically items you can buy on the Gem Duke store
  • so once you receive the Cupids Blessing you can it open it to receive Live Breath and other items like Mysterious Chest 6.0, Star Lover Blueprint, Mithril, Gold medal and many more
  • then if you manage to get 100 Love Breath you can exchange this to a Kittys Blessing
  • which again you can open to receive items like Mysterious Box 6.0, Mora Coin, a chance to receive mouth headwear “Token of Love” and many more
  • then next event is the Cupids Wish
  • so during this event players with base level 12 and above will be able to receive Cupids Wish
  • this is a series of mission from the NPC Phil at prontera
  • so when you finish all the 5 mission you will receive an exclusive Toy Kitty Sofa
  • aside from that you can also receive Cupids Appreciation which you can open to receive items like Intentions of Love and many more
  • btw the "Love Breath”, “Intentions of Love” are materials to craft “Gemini's Love” card
  • then 3rd event is the Hand in Hand
  • basically you need to go the the prontera divine npc bell dandy and stay there for 5 minutes so you can receive a cupids blessing
  • then 4 event is the happy couples
  • in this event you will need to find couples based from the hints and take their photos
  • if you complete this you can receive cupids blessing and RO concert album box
  • the for the 5 event Kittys Divin
  • so this event is related to the first event Gem Duke
  • if you complete this quest you will receive buffs on your character for example 520 hp recovery, increase attack by 1~3 percent and more
  • OK now let's go to the final event Love Gifts
  • we are skipping 6,7 and 8 because basically those are just micro transaction based
  • so going back to Love gifts the first character under your account to donate in the guild will receive double rewards and an RO concert album box
  • so those are the ROM August event what do you think?

Ragnarok New IP for PC and Mobile

  • Speaking of Ragnarok Online
  • it was recently revealed that a new RPG based on the Ragnarok Intellectual Property is coming soon
  • how soon?
  • well according to the reports the new game will launch this September
  • however it was not specified if this is coming out on globally or just on specific regions like Korea
  • So far the biggest draw regarding the new Ragnarok Based game is that it will be cross platform
  • meaning the game is playable on both PC and mobile devices
  • so you can basically access anywhere and anytime, convenient right?
  • also according to the reports the game will have an auto play function to the point that even if you close the game it will still earn something
  • so its like an idle game?
  • they also added the new Ragnarok will keep the original PC version’s gameplay and aesthetics
  • With this, honestly i just want the old Ragnarok Online gameplay with updated graphics and features
  • then remove all this gacha mechanics and stamina
  • so we can grind like the old days because that's the Ragnarok game i got addicted

Mobile Legends Adventure

  • then the ML sequel Mobile Legends adventure has been officially launched
  • not this is not the Mobile Legends 2.0 running on the Unity Engine
  • instead this the spin off idle rpg game for mobile
  • so yeah if you are interested in this type of game it's now available
  • yey

Digimon ReArise

  • if you are a fan of Digimon good news because the a western version for Digimon Arise is coming
  • to those who don't know this is a mobile game first launched in Japan last 2018
  • the gameplay is simple you take care of your pokemon i mean digimon then battle with outer tamers
  • to those familiar with the franchise you can digivolved your digimon for a more powerful form
  • this basically the evolution
  • Digimon Arise also features an original story with brand new characters from the original character designer of the anime
  • So if you are interested it's now out yet but you can pre register on ios or android right now

Super Mecha Champions

  • The mobile anime shooter Super Mecha Champions is now available
  • yep it's our globally for ios and android users
  • so no pre registration need you can download and play it if you want
  • and to those who don't know Super Mecha Champions is also a battle royale
  • where players are dropped on the battle ground to loot and build their loadout
  • the only difference is you have robots to fight with this time
  • the graphics of the game is anime inspired so you like anime you will like this game another thing to note is that the characters are all fully voiced by japanese actors
  • aside from mechs there are also a variety of weapon choices and if you are interested you can team up with friends on the team deathmatch mode

Eclipse Isle

  • ok from netease again, after several months of pre registration
  • Eclipse isle is now available on ios and android for Southeast Asia
  • and since its from netease the game is a battle royal
  • the difference this type is it's a moba style battle royal
  • because they implement elements from the moba genre as there are special skills from your hero
  • another thing to note is that the game is an anime style that the map environment can change into 4 seasons
  • from spring to winter where you can interact and even use it to camouflage
  • so if you are interested it's now available for download

Cabal Mobile

  • Ok many gamers are asking regarding this
  • is there any update regarding Cabal Mobile?
  • Well there is! infact the GM’s are teasing the global release for cabal mobile in their official FB post
  • however there is a problem because its literally a tease basically they are just asking if you are excited for the global release
  • in addition to that the cabal mobile developers also updated that they are working on the global launch
  • so this is to confirm a global release is coming sadly there are no release date
  • according to the devs they are checking on the bugs before they release it
  • and then for several months silence
  • literally no updates on their social media which means one thing
  • they are getting ready for the global release and it might be sooner, well hopefully
  • another thing that we found out is that the Korean version will also have a major update this august specifically on the 27th
  • because the korean cabal mobile level caps have been raised to 179
  • a new Mission war has been added as well as new dungeons and item drops as the new content
  • So currently those are our updates for cabal mobile unfortunately not much regarding the global release but stay tuned as we may have more information in the future!