Ragnarok M LK 100% Ignore Def by Norman


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Sep 20, 2018
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Alam ko may mga nkakaalam na dn nito pero lets share it to others. para sa mga fellow #BashCorp LKs outhere. here's a TIP how to boost greatly your damage on MVPs and monsters RITEMED edition. Kindly check the pictures:


*&OPTION 1: 2 slot nagan with 2mino card and 1 mino on journal and ignore def set
(Expensive but probably the best)

*OPTION 2: 1 slot naga with 1 dwolf card and 1 dwolf on journal and ignore def set. (Will focus on explaining this one)

Predicted questions:
Q: Sir paano yan e db need po ng atleast 51% more damage sa small para gumana ung dwolf stored effect?
A: Need mo ng cavalier mastery rune, need mo sya imax lvl 6 to have 30% more damage to small check the pictures attached. so 25%+30%=55% na solve na problem mo.

Q: Sir ung 50% ignore def po ba magsstack sa ibang ignore def like RPbracer, ancinet cape, nutHG bapho horns, enchants and ivory lance?
A: Yes sir it will stack, but capped at 100% ignore def since wala nmn negative defence dito so ilimit m lng sya sa 100%, if nka ivory ka na no need for other ignore def gears.

Q: Lodi ung ignore def ba n yan gagana sa laahat or sa small and large mobs lng for dwolf and mino stored effect respectively?
A: Nope lodi, applies to all mobs yan regardless kht anong size even sa PVP.

Q: Boss, bakit nung try ko ung ignore def set sa dark priest wala nmng add sa damage ko?
A: Kasi boss hnd lht ng monsters may def ung iba jan 0 def or low def check po always ung stats nila. pero sa MVP sure ako karamihan jan high def example dopel with wooping 800 def.

Q: Kuya, tlga bng ung 50% lng sa unlocked ng mino at dwolf mkkta sa stats? paano ung mga equips at enchants?
A: Ate, kasi gnyan dinesign ng dev yan ung unlocked from journals lng po ata ung mkkta sa status windows hnd ksama from enchant and from equip stats.

Q: totoo po ba ito or #FakeNews ata to weh?!
Me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

PS: Sorry sa long post pero this is worthit cheap build for mediocore like us. try checking all the pics may kongint entertainment tau jan! LOL