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Nov 4, 2018
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Hello there players once again im here to share some tips that i had learned ingame and browsing with my resources and just wanted to share these tips to you all and hope it may be some f help
so here goes....

TIP 1:
-never use your 300 minutes (stamina) on quests (daily quest and all quest) just grind to mobs where there are great loots that drop them
-after 300 minutes your EXP will decrease and thats the great time to do your quest and still have the full EXP reward after you had done the quest
-quest items after 300 minutes will still remain the same but the drop rate and exp will decrease dramatically

TIP 2:
-check for good priced loots (how to do it??)
>the auction guy (check for the ones with high value or with timer) because these are the ones that are in demand
>farm the items that you had researched just make sure to be prepared becasue some items are hard to find and hard mobs to kill

-dont be a pots addict (potions) suggested build would be of high agi (high dodge rate) hehehe

TIP 4:
-change channel
>change to the one that is of less people..... remember.. less people = less kill steal

TIP 5:
-Sell crafter items
>crafted items are much expensive to sell rather than the ingredients themselves...

TIP 6:
-Mini Boss Hunt
>loots from these bosses are of great value
>take note that boss drops are same value even after 300 minutes

TIP 7:
-Buy Premium (why???)
>gives you extra 100 minutes of stamina battle per day
>increase base exp gained by 5%
>free Kafra warp services
>unlimited using of Gleipnir (chain)
>unused tokens can be sold in auction>duration per token is 31 days

TIP 8:
>Top Up (coming soon)
so there you have it i just wnated to share these tips to fellow players out there...

credits to the resources ive gatherdd these information


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Nov 4, 2018
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board quest and other quest provide the same value of Base exp and JOB exp.. only the mobs that you kill will take effect of the drastic gaining of gaining exp and loots..

if you are experiencing decreased amount of exp on board that is because in the earlier stage they are giving not the accurate amount of exp based on the boards (i dont know if they had already fixed the issue) so i hoped i had answered your concern here

If you dont have Premium, you can only use 4 Gleipnir weekly, but if you have Premium there is no limited in using Gleipnir.

You can buy Gleipnir at the Item Merchant in Prontera (Near the cat girl) at 50k zeny, it will give you double drop, double exp but fasten your stamina consume


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Nov 13, 2018
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Hi! About changing channels, how would you know if that server has less players in it and is there a fee when changing channels? Thanks.

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