Ragnarok M New and Main Server Ep 5.0 event

The Dark Parade has started! EP5.0 Midnight Party! Let's go! Brand new expansion 5.0 Midnight Party has released as the same time as the SEA 2nd server! Lisa BlackPink will join the new journey with all of the adventurers together!

  • New Map: Niflheim, Town of Dead
  • New Monster: Revenant MVP invasion
  • New Classes: “Sage” “Bard” “Dancer” have joined the adventurer team!
  • New Gameplay: 6V6 Ranked competition, New Pet System and Equipment Upgrade.

Ragnarok M & Apple Music Event will be started soon

We have traveled the world to create perfect Ragnarok M concert experience just for you in Bangkok, Manila, and Jakarta. Eighteen of these songs were recorded live and are available in-game and on Apple Music. Ragnarok M music will touch and move the hearts of our fans. From 24th July to 31st August, adventurers can also get the “RO Concert Giftbox” within Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. Open the gift box to receive a Ragnarok M music album track. For an experience beyond the game, you can listen to the concert on Apple Music. Try Apple Music free.

Event 1: Midnight Party Expansion Event (Main Server & New Server)

Midnight Party is about to start, the Town of Dead is about to open

During the event, Lerona from Niflheim will appear in Prontera. She will be here to tell some stories about Revenant. You, adventurers, will help her to collect the Revenant Tear.

There will be 5 “Revenant Tear” series missions, finish 1 quest per day.
  • Mission 1: "Valkyrie Gift" ×4
  • Mission 2: "Oracle Dust" ×6, "Oracle Crystal" ×4
  • Mission 3: "Gold Medal" ×4
  • Mission 4: "Dead Breath Giftbox" ×1
  • Mission 5: "Dead Breath Giftbox" ×1, "Assistant Voucher·Miller" ×1, "Assistant Voucher·Coco" ×1
  1. Limited to one character
  2. Base level requirement: 80
Mission accepting time: 24th July ~ 7th August
Mission finishing time: 24th July ~ 7th August

Event 2: Loli Ruri invitation (Main Server & New Server)

During the event, there will be a massive amount of "Loli Ruri Shadow" appearing in Geffen Underground at 12:00 to14:00 and 21:00 to 23:00. Defeat them to receive "Witch Party Invitation"

  1. Limited to one character
  2. Geffen Underground 1F and 2F
  3. “Witch Party Invitation” exchange will end on 21st August.
Event Date: 24th July to 7th August

Event 3: Prontera New World Celebration (New Server "Midnight Party" Only)

As the new world appears, there are tons of Novice gathered in Prontera. The Kafra cooperation has prepared a lot of food and rewards, but with a bit of requirement.
  1. Handing in Jellopy, Feather, Rotten Bandage every day to Mike, NPC on Prontera Square, will receive a token "Neo Eden"
  2. Kafra Co., has prepared a giant cake for all the adventurers
  1. Limited to one character
  2. ”Neo Eden” exchange will end on 31st August.
Mission accepting time: 24th July to 1st August
Mission finishing time: 24th July to 8th August

Event 4: The monster invasion! Prontera West Gate, MINI boss raging. (New Server "Midnight Party" Only)
  1. During the event, there will be MINI bosses coming out at 20:30 to 21:15 in the map of Prontera West Gate each day. MINI bosses will come out every 15 minutes there will be 4 times in total for each day.
  2. Each time there will be 10 MINI Bosses. Adventurers, please party up to defend this invasion!
Event time: 25th to 27th July, 1st to 3rd August, 8th to 10th August at 20:30 to 21:15

Event 5: New world Gift (New Server "Midnight Party" Only)

During the event, players will be able to claim daily rewards from NPC Mona on Prontera Square. Midgard Giftbox
Event Date: 24th to 31st July

Event 6: New World Appreciation (New Server "Midnight Party" Only)

Players at new server "Midnight Party" will automatically accept the daily sign-in event to collect rewards! (Limited to one character)

Event 7: Double rewards for Mission Board (New Server "Midnight Party" Only)

During the event, the first character under your account which has to finish the first mission Board quest of the day will receive double item rewards for the rest quests.

When finishing all 10 quests, you will receive a “New World Gift•Silver” as the extra rewards.

Tips: Limited to one character.
Event time: 24th July to 30th July

Event 8: New World Time Rift Rewards (New Server "Midnight Party" Only)

During the event, the first character under your account which has finished all 5 of Time Rifts will receive a “New World Gift•Silver”, and 5 "RO Concert Album Box" as the extra rewards.

Event Time: 25th to 27th July, 1st to 3rd August, 8th to 10th August

Event 9: Midgard Geographic setting up Bounties! Taking Boss Picture for loots! (New Server "Midnight Party" Only)

During the event, find “Toad”, “Rocker”, “Angeling”, “Drake”, “Golden Thief Bug”, “Strouf”, “Deviling”, “Vagabond Wolf”, “Mistress”, “Maya” and take their pictures to unlock them on the Adventure Handbook, you will be able to claim “New World Gift•Silver” from Meenu at Prontera.

  • Take any TWO Bosses above will be able to claim 2 “New World Gift•Silver”,
  • Take any SIX Bosses above will be able to claim 2 “New World Gift•Silver”,
  • Take any TEN Bosses above will be able to claim 2 “New World Gift•Silver”,
  1. Every character who has taken pictures of TEN Bosses will be able to claim 6 “New World Gift•Silver”.
  2. This event will only able to complete once per account.
Event Time: 31st July to 7th August

Event 10: New World Guild Donation double rewards (New Server "Midnight Party" Only)
  • During the event, the first character that donates to the Guild will receive double rewards for that day.
  • The first guild donation will receive a "New World Gift•Silver" as the extra reward with a maximum of 7 per day.
Tips: Limited to one character per account
Event Dates: 12th to 18th August

Event 11: New world Pre-Registration rewards (Main Server & New Server)
Congratulations! Ragnarok M 2nd server Midnight Party Pre-Registration has reached 1 Million. Players at New Server "Midnight Party" can claim all the rewards at NPC Papalu on Prontera Square after reaching Base Lv.12. For the main server, we will send the rewards via the in-game mail.

Event time: 24th July to 31st August

24th July Expansion 5.0 Patch Note

New Content
  1. Base level will be lv.120, level requirement for being a mentor is now lv.90
  2. New Major City – Town of Dead, Niflheim
  3. New Classes – Sage, Bard, Dancer
  4. New Gameplay – Revenant Boss and World Boss
  5. All the major towns in different channels share the same channel
  6. New Party system – Player can now do Party request between different channels
  7. New Cards craft recipe at King Poring
  8. New Difficulties for Oracle Dungeon
  9. Added a new favorite item featured in "Bag" panel
  10. New Guild Praying Reset Feature
  11. New Equipment Stages Upgrade
  12. New Assistant system and panel remake
  1. Items from EP Premium Cards are now available in "Greedy Chest "
  2. Big Cat Credit Card UI optimization
System Optimization
  1. Optimized Buffs panel display
  2. Optimized Aeisr Monument Panel and new build customization feature
  3. Pet's skins will be available for all the same pets once you have unlocked
  4. Optimized Auto Skill panel
  5. High Frame Rate setting is now available
  6. Optimized Adventure Handbook Panel
  7. Optimized Cooking Feature, "Chef's Eagle Eye" is no longer required
  8. Optimized Prontera South Gate area and added new contents
  9. Optimized Mail Panel
New Feature
  1. Added new pets and pet skins
  2. System will now generate some random pet decorations after hatching
  3. New Craftable Equipments on Niflheim
  4. New Weather feature
  5. Higher Maximum level for certain Guild Buildings
  6. Big Cat UFO event is now moved to West Gate, event time remains
  7. New Prontera and multiple interaction features
Game Balance
  1. Alchemist now has a new Homunculus "Eleanor", good at dealing damage
  2. Balance adjustments for multiple skills
Note: 6v6 Competition & Monster Laboratory will not be available after the maintenance

Additional Details

ROM X App Store & Apple Music
From 24th July to 31st August, adventurers can also get the “RO Concert Giftbox” within Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.


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Episode 5.0 FAQ

Q: What are World Boss?
A: They're new variants of MVPs on EP 5.0. There are three World Boss; Angeling, Valkyrie, Detale. They all spawn randomly on Niflheim maps. (Refer to picture B,C)

Q: How to know that they spawned already?
- They always spawn every even number of hours (12 NN, 2PM, 4PM, so on, based on server time).
- They spawn on a random channel. There will be a skull icon (refer to picture A) if a world boss is about to spawn on a channel you're in. Click the world boss to see which map World Boss spawns.

Q: How to know which channel they spawn?
A: None, as I said above, it is random. So a better take is a community effort, like make a group chat or in game world chat, and relay the information on where a World Boss spawns. (RIP if there are trolls)

Q: How long can we have to kill them?
A: 30 mins after spawn, dead or alive, they'll be gone. Let's say World Boss Angeling spawns 2PM, exactly 2:31, it will be gone.

Q: Does channel penalty and stamina applies?
A: Yes, and yes. But the good thing, even if you miss since you're penalized by channel switch, you can still get loot, take note that looting is random.

Q: Kewl! What loots can I get?
A: Breath of Death (item you need for 3rd.job breakthrough, not sure what they'll name it in SEA), Card Dust, Rough Mithrill

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