Ragnarok M Permanent Ban

Ragnarok M Intentional refund permanent ban list

Dear Adventurers:In order to protect every adventure’s account, and keep the game in a healthy economics.
For those who violated the policy below will be punished:
  1. Intentionally refund.
  2. Unofficial 3rd-party recharge.
  3. Receiving gifting from refund character.
We will take actions to those player who violated the policy. If our system found your account has been constantly violated the policies, we will permanent ban your account.

We are also warning you, if you using illegal 3rd-party recharge then your account is at risk. Please do NOT trust any unofficial 3rd-party recharge website, you are risking your personal information. However if you find any players advertising unofficial 3rd-party recharge website, please report to our Official GM.

We will keep providing an optimized game environment. And hope you all can protect your account, and keep the game in a healthy & balanced environment.

Thank you for understanding and supporting Ragnarok M!

Permanent ban player id list below:

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