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As guys usually find rierin for skill translation and game guide, note that there are some mistakes and things missed during the translating process, and there are also some infomation are not shown on the text, but you can find them in game, reasonably easy.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Beginner Tips and Tricks

【Fixed cast time】For priests, some of the skills with cast time have all of their cast time 'variable', but some of them have the cast time that cannot be reduced by normal gears, DEX or Suffraguim, this is the 'fixed' cast time, which could be very important in high-pressure fight such as lv80 ET, you might need to know it, also for your gear-buying plans.

The skills below have fixed cast time for priests:
  • Holy Light: 0.2 sec -神圣之光
  • Turn Undead: 0.2 sec -转生术
  • Sanctuary : 1.0 sec -光耀之堂
  • Magnus Exorcismus: 1.0 sec -十字驱魔攻击
  • Judex: 0.16 / 0.20 / 0.32 / 0.40 / 0.48 / 0.56 / 0.64 / 0.72 / 0.80 / 0.88 sec -审判
  • Safety Wall: 1-0.1x(skillLv-1) sec -暗之障壁

【Resurrection】-复活术 Resurrection's cast delay is 2 sec at Lv3, which could be the best lv of this skill. Resurrection provides the resurred player a two seconds barrier that prevents any damage and healing, no matter the skill level. Note that if you place Heal in your Autos, it will heal the target below 70% HP automaticlly - it means if you choose Resurrection Lv2, you will resure a player with 50% HP and 2 second invincibility, but Lv2 has a 1 second cast delay, which makes you heal this target 1 second for nothing; if you choose Lv4, you will suffer with 3 second cast delay, and your target cannot get Heal or Kyrie Eleison from you during that 1 second time gap, and this might be deadly sometime.

【Sanctuary】-光耀之堂 In RO mobile, priests use Sanctuary as the main way of healing party members. The area effect of Sanctuary can stack for 3 times, but note - although it says the duration of this skill is 11 sec, actually it heals 11 times within 8 sec and the last 3 sec with the floor "lighting" is only a fake.

【Suffraguim】-牺牲祈福 is the only skill in RO Mobile that last shorter if the skill level is higher. As you cannot choose your skill level in this game, the best choice is invest 2-3 skill points on this build ONLY IF you are ME build, as its cast time and cast delay are both very long. You can reach 1-sec-cast Sanctuary very easily by reach a total 70 DEX and a -10% cast time gear/set, or even instant-cast-Magnifcat with 90 DEX or more -% cast time gears. Even your friend wizards do not need cast time reduction so much in most situations, as Stave Crasher -魔击术 is an instant cast spell, and Stone Curse (石化术) is very easy to be instant cast too.

【Play Death】-装死 well, although this is not a priest skill, but is very important for priests due to its +200% SP regen rate, which also stacks with Magnificat. Priest might be the only one need/can use Play Death to regen SP during the fight, like ET MVP fighting. It regen SP every 8 sec, try to find the time spot and use it/stand by wasting the shortest time.

【Magnificat】-圣母之颂歌 has the longest cast delay among the priest's skills in this game. Try NOT to use this when your team is fighting ET MVPs cause it would kill your knights.

【Skill management】
There is a general skill management suggestion for priests, hopefully this will help you to save your skill-refund items.

As a newbie Acolyte, you may need to leveling with your own mace. Because you can get the chance to re-learn your job lvs at BaseLv40 (from the Novice giftbag), you can invest jobs as Mace priest:
  • Heal lv1 -治愈术
  • Blessing lv5 -天使之赐福
  • Increase AGI lv5 -加速术
  • Blessing and Increase AGI to lv10
  • Mace Mastery lv10 -钝器熟练度
  • Heal to lv10

Then when you feel hard to kill mobs using mace, refresh your status and jobs using items get from lv40 novice giftbag (or pyramid 2F quest chain), to replace Mace Mastery with Lv10 Kyrie Eleison -霸邪之阵. Note that Pnuema is not as powerful as in PC's RO, in RO Mobile now only MVP like Moonlight using range attack (and their basic attacks are rly weak), no MVPs have the skills like Dark Blessing that have to be block by the Pnuema.

When you become Priest, if you decide to keep using mace, the skills could be:
  • Impositio Manus lv10 -神威祈福
  • Aspersio lv2 -撒水祈福
  • Magnificat lv5 -圣母之颂歌
  • Gloria lv5 -幸运之颂歌
  • Resurrection lv3 -复活术
  • Sanctuary lv10 -光耀之堂
  • Increase SP Recovery lv5 -禅心

Once you decide to throw your mace away, you will have to decide to become a FS (Full Support) or ME (Undead/demon hunter) priest, depends on your willing of leveling. FS can only live with your party members because you have no damage in any cases, but a ME build can do many solo leveling in Pyramid and Payon dungeon.
【FS】build skills:
  • Magnificat lv5
  • Resurrection lv3
  • Aspersio lv2
  • Sanctuary lv10
  • Dispell lv5 -驱散 (put it in Autos when ET!) (You don't need this skill when you are leveling, up it at last, or come back, re-skill when you have Judex)
【Too Many Active Skills】-You have to choose between Gloria, Increase SP Recovery and Impositio Manus depends on your party members. I suggest to choose SP Recovery lv5 and Impositio Manus lv10 in the middle game (coz you have not enough skill slots for gloria), turn to SP Recovery lv10 and Gloria lv5 later for ET and high-pressure leveling. Or, In late game you can have Gloria Lv5, and Impositio Manus Lv10 by give up the SP Recovery (when you have enough SP gears)

【TU Hybird】-Also, at this stage you can pick lv5 or 10 Turn Undead (after invest some points in Magnificat) to gain some ability to solo leveling, to avoid to become too dependent, by give up SP Recovery. You should do this at JOB 6 when you intend to solo leveling, because you don't need other priest spells (except Magnificat) at that stage. You can re-skill the JOB points spent on Turn Undead later to get Dispell and other active support skills when you become High Priest and gain your powerful Judex.
Or, you can even give up 5lv SP Recovery, Impositio Manus and Gloria to acquire lv10 Magnus Exorcismus for some MVP fightings, that makes you become a ME priest.

  • Turn Undead lv5 or lv10 -转生术
  • Magnificat lv5
  • Magnus Exorcismus lv10 -十字驱魔攻击
  • Resurrection lv3
  • Sanctuary lv10
  • Aspersio or SP Recovery lv2

You have much less options for High Priest Skills, when you reach lv80, you may have about 26-28 jobs depends on you leveling mobs.
【Mace build】
-Demon Bane lv10 -天使之击
-Meditatio lv10 -冥想 and Spiritual Thrift lv10 -魔力祷言

  • Judex lv1 -审判 (lv1 and it changes the color of your world though)
  • Safety Wall lv10 -暗之障壁 (you can go ET 80F now by using this skill)
  • Lex Divina lv3 -沉默之术 and Lex Aeterna lv1 -天使之怒 (if you wanna leveling/farming with wizards on Orc map)
  • Meditatio lv10
  • Spriitual Thrift, or re-invest SP recovery or Impositio Manus/Gloria in priest skills depends on your -% sp cost gear
*Note that it is not suggested to learn Assumptio at current stage, for it costs 10 job points and only work for DEF/MDEF on equipment, which means it only does good job for Lord Knights, and also you will find it very difficult to place it in your skill action bar for there are already too many important skills.

  • Judex lv1
  • Suffraguim lv2 or 3 depends on your gear
  • Safety Wall lv10 if you wanna go ET
  • Meditation lv109
  • Level up your Judex only if you have very good gear and seeking for 1-hit-kill in pyramid 1F.

【Battle priest】is far for low Lv solo leveling, you need only some basic (cheap) gears to become a far level of killing mechine. With your increasing level of Blessing/Increase AGI/Mace Mastery, it doesn't spend much more time to kill a mob compared with other classes.
*Since some of the item translation are really wried in website such as roguard, I use both unofficial translations/original Chinese just make you easier to find the correct things.
  • Sword Band 尖刃铁锤 (craft in Izlude)
  • Clip/Flower Ring x2 发夹/花戒指 (from pront crack)

However, when you try to use this build above level 40, your will find it suddenly become difficult to kill mobs, around Morroc as an example. Battle Priests now have to use very expensive gears.
  • +4 Noble Cross 庄严十字 (currently the best weapon for battle priest, update version of Sword Band, expensive!)
  • Deathcat Manteau 迪斯凯特的披风 (+35 Flee for priest)
  • Dragon Vest 龙之衬衣 (+3% ASPD and +25 Flee)
  • Fox Bracer 狐纹腕甲 (+5% ASPD) or Rose Princess's Bracer 蔷薇姬的腕轮 (+25% DEF penetration)
  • +4 Flower Ring/Frozen Rose Ring x2 花戒指/冰玫瑰指环 (Highest +ATK trinket)

【Full Support】the goal of your gears should be increase your healing, MaxHP (for survival), SP usage (+% SP regen, -%SP cost, +MaxSP), and -% cast time.
  • +4 Croce Cross (Red Cross Staff actually, 红十字杖) is the soul of FS priest. +144 MATK, +5 INT, +30% SP regen and +3% Heal/Sanctuary for each refine level. And this is not expensive! Get this at once!
  • Imperial Sliver Guard (Royal Sliver Shield actually, 皇家银盾, +800 HP) or Orlean's Plate 奥尔里昂的铁盘 (must equip with his gloves)
  • Cat's Blessing 大猫的祝福 (+1000 HP, -20% SP cost when equip Ulle Cap) or Angelic Protection 天使的加护 (+500 HP/+200 SP, 5% cast lv1 Assumptio when receive physical hit)
  • Staunch Manteau 坚定斗篷 (equip with Staunch Boots to have -10% cast time set bonus)
  • Staunch Boots 坚定战靴 (+10*BaseLv MaxHP) or Shoes (+3 SP regen)
  • Eternal Ring 永恒戒指 (+66 MATK, +5 INT, +5 DEX, +15% MATK with equip with Croce Cross)
  • Oxyn Clip 红玫瑰发夹 (+150 MaxSP, -5% SP cost)
  • Ulle Cap 毛无边帽 or Fricca's Circlet (+3 INT, +150 MaxSP)
If you do not have enough money, try to get Croce Corss, Luna Brooch x2, Shoes, Nurse Cap first and they could do some job.

【ME】build needs to increase your MATK and -% cast time.
  • +4 Croce Cross
  • Orlean's Plate (must equip with his gloves for -20% cast time )
  • Mage Coat (+2% MATK, low version of Wizard's class coat)
  • Staunch Manteau 坚定斗篷 (equip with Staunch Boots to have -10% cast time set bonus)
  • Staunch Boots
  • +4 Eternal Ring
  • +4 Orlean's Gloves 奥尔里昂的手套 (+66 MATK, +3 DEX, +10% MATK, -20% cast time when set with his plate)
  • Elven Ears (+2 INT, +5% MATK)
When your MATK reach 1400+, and with a 1 sec cast Lv10 Magnus Exorcismus, you can have currently the fastest way to leveling by killing Bonguns safety, instantly and continuously on Payon dungeon 2F, with high cost of blue gems. Also you will have a very good damage of Judex.

You are welcome to have your own experience and we will be thankful if you would like to share them with us. I mean the priests' info in this post. Fun game!

【Glast Heim】-克雷斯特汉姆古城

This place, is a DANGEROUS place !!! You should only come this place when Lv80. You SHOULD bring your friends with you, or you will be killed hundreds of time if you solo the quests and Shining Item Events.

Your Max Base Lv now is 90, which means you can have much more Base points for stats.
  • Battle Priest: this is a very good chance to increase your damage output, you can have more STR, AGI, LUX.
  • FS: just more VIT.
  • ME: just more VIT, maybe a little more DEX (no need if you already got good gears)
  • TU: no damn VIT but go for more and more LUK. Yes, you find a new build of priest! TU build has come to this world and become currently the most popular build in GH, specially in GH crack and GH churchyard.

TU priest: as one kind of hybrid INT priest, it is highly recommended to become TU priest after GH patch. The JOB points in Priest stage now should include a Lv10 Turn Undead (at least Lv5 if you are ME build). Actually in GH plenty of mobs that can be hit by your ME have incredible high MDEF, which makes ME cannot inflict good damage (except fighting Dark Lord!). One popular way is to gain Lv10 Turn Undead, Lv5 Gloria by giving up I. Manus and +SP Recovery.

  • TU priests are extremely powerful when farming in GH churchyard. Alone, go in party or go with a knight could all be good choice. The snipers/sinX now have become your slaves only to protect you from gargoyles.
  • Marduk Card is very necessary if you don't have dispel/you are going alone, as Wraith inflicts Silence.
  • Archer Bat/Gargoyle -蝙蝠弓箭手 is the most dangerous normal monster in GH, they can always hit u by crit for a 2300+ dmg. Fly if they notice u when u a solo!

  • A new cap, Small Tree Stump Helm - 小树椿帽, could be the most useful helm for ME priests, for its +6 INT, and also +1 INT when crafted (unlock in advan-book). The quest is unlocked when ua Lv81, but it is very difficult (same as all GH quests).
  • When Lv84, get a Skull Hood to become even more safe when farming in churchyard, for TU priests.

[GH Instance (GH Crack)]
This crack is an instance (shared with others each day), and there are 5 steps, each step rewards items as one clear of one wave of crack. Turn Undead now cannot instantly kill all mobs/bosses in step 3 and 4 after May 9th patch! You will meet a over-powered Boss in step 4. It is not suggested to try to waste your time in thei instance anymore, for this boss is too strong, your party has to wipe many times to kill him and the rewards cannot even pay for the gemstones.
  • Step 1: Trash clean (cannot be TU) - Evil Druid Boss spawn adds (cannot) - Kill the Boss (cannot, petrify adds)
  • Step 2: TU until u meet boss - Dark Priest spawn adds (some cannot) - Kill the Wraith (TU the main Wraith and other small wraith will die)
  • Step 3: TU the world
  • Step 4: TU the world
  • Step 5: Go away and let knight lure the Bloody Knight (Abyss Knights are not threat-chain with the boss, or TU them if they join the battle, but this may let boss can use 'Bigger!'), cast Pneuma (lv1 is enough) on Knight, and watch your team kill him (keep casting Kyrie Eleison if you don't have Pneuma)

Share your journey in GH! (not mean your deaths lol)


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Success rate of Turn Undead is affected by INT, Lv, HP of Mobs and LUK. However, LUK is not worth to invest any point for this coz it doesn't increase your any other useful status like MATK.

I suggest you to invest INT and DEX 1st, when you reach about 90 INT and X+Y=70/90 DEX (X:your DEX, Y=buffs and job status) and then go for some VIT. However, a pure ME priest may need to reach INT 99 and X+T=120 DEX and much less VIT to further improve your DPS output.
Also, Gloria is not good for ME priests for short duration and long cast delay. However, if you are D adventurer and have 4 Auto slots, then you may can have Gloria when killing Zombies on Payon dungeon entrance, but it still increases your exp gain too little.


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If you mean FS build, the final skills could be
Heal lv10
Blessing/+AGI lv10
Kyrie Eleison lv10

Magnificat lv5
Impositio manus lv10
Gloria lv5
Sanctuary lv10
Aspersio lv2
Resurrection lv3
Dispell lv5

Safety Wall lv10
Judex lv1
Meditatio lv10

Now you are High Priest with 21 job Lv and you have got all useful skills. You can go for Pneuma lv5 (sometime useful such as facing Detardeurus, cost of 6), Assumptio lv 5 (cost of 10) or Suffragium lv2-3.

Note this is a FINAL FS build so it assumes that you have very high INT and very good -% SP cost/+% SP regen gears coz it abandons Increase SP Recovery and Spiritual Rift (a save of 20 jobs) for active skills. Use cautious!


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Due to its Fix cast time is increased via Lv of Judex is higher, (increased chance to be interrupted when casting) and the Lv of Judex only provides +20% MATK per job, which could be not a good investment. As said before (at the end of my post), you can up your Lv of Judex only if you have enough MATK gears and you want to 1 shot-kill mobs (it requires a little calculation), or, 2 hits-kill with Lv10 Judex /3hits-kill with Lv1 Judex do not affect so much about your effectiveness (sometimes lv1 is even better for no worry about casting interruption)

DEF from equipment are increased very slowly, but the physical damage of MVPs are increased very fast with their levels - DEF might be visible for its use when fighting Angeling when you double it, but any 'unknown AoE' from BOSS such as Orc Warchief or Doppelganger still can kill a priest instantly, no matter DEF of a priest. In Late game, it does decrease the speed of HP falling for tanks when they are exposed on MVPs, but as in ET 80F, even tanks have to stand on Safety Wall continuously, so that's why I don't like the current version of Assumptio. And more importantly, it costs a huge of 10 job points.

You find your Lv10 Judex is 4.08-3.2, so you have a 0.88 second cast time, that is the Fix cast time.
Your Lv1 Judex is 1.56-1.4, so it is 0.16 second only. Read the beginning of my post

You cannot reduce your fix cast time even you have 200 more DEX, but attacks from mobs can still interrupt you even you have 0 variable cast time but only fix cast time. The only way is to equip Orlean's Robe/Necklack to have a -15% fix cast time set bonus, but it is '暂未实装’!means it is not applied in the game yet. However, even we assume it is applied, for higher MATK you have to wear Orlrean's gloves and Eternal ring, you have no slot of trinkets for it.

Auto-Safety Wall (also the Pneuma) is not working currently anymore due to last server update. Try to use them manually.

ME build is only for guys have good MATK/-% cast time gears. It is a build that more investment, more effectiveness. For new players, a MATK Hybrid build could be better for only the use of Turn Undead, as you will have Lv1 Judex for most situation to do stable dmg with far gears.

However, with support of good gears/money for gems, the skill Magnus Exorcisms does inflict the highest AoE damage against the groups of undead/demon mobs, for 1000% MATK (as holy, actually 2000% in most cases) every 2 sec for 14 sec per cast. It is easy today to find ME priest become MVP in Deviling and Osiris on the MVP Board

Edited by putank29 at 4-19-2017 20:44

My Lvl 65 Priest is currently using:

Weapon - Croce Staff
Armor - Cat's Blessing
Garment - Doflamingo Cape
Footgear - Momo Shoes
Shield - Stone Buckler
Headgear - Magnis Cap
Accessories - 2 Onyx Clip

set1 : Cat's Blessing + Doflamingo Cape + Momo Shoes = Set Bonus of Vit+5, HP recovery Rate+10%, SP Recovery Rate+10%

set2 : Cat's Blessing + Stone Buckler + Magnis Cap = Set Bonus of Int+5, Max HP+10%, Max SP+10%

Q1: will the two set bonuses take effect?
Q2: Are the set gears good/suitable for FS?

Stone Buckler and Magnis Cap 石制圆盾+魔术无边帽? you mean you have them so ua very rich man

In my option, set 2 is good, but an imperial silver shield+Ulle Cap could do a better job for FS priest, with an about +15%MHP, -20% SP cost, and +3DEX by a sacrifice of INT, but INT does not affect your main healing skill Sanctuary. Also, I think they will be much cheaper as Stone Buckler is from a tough MVP Detardeurus, and Magnis Cap is not applied formally (will in EP1.0). This set currently is not so useful for there are too many other gears can do better job, perhaps it is better for Knights figthing large size MVPs, or wizards who are pure support (Stone Curse, Safety Wall) build (with sacrifice of orlean's gloves set and Wizard Robe)

Set 1 currently is not suggested to have for FS priest due to its mant and boots are too bad. Staunch set provides much higher MHP, -% physical dmg, and -10% cast time. A +10% SP regen bonus it very small, for Shoes provide +3 SP regen (+9 under Magnificat). This set now currently only useful for trapping Snipers.

In some cases such as cracks and leveling on dog forest, you may need to wear Orlean's Robe instead (for auto Sanctuary), usually cat's blessing is only used for its high MHP, but don't have to be wear as set for priests
I think a BIS FS priest should have status and gears for 7000hp, able to Auto cast 1-sec cast-Sanctuary lv10 without out of mana.

Why Not Holy Light?

I did not mention the skill Holy Light and also Holy Amplification (priest passive skill) because it is arguably a very bad skill for priest (at least I don't like it at all).

Holy Light inflicts 120%+20%xSkillLv damage as holy (a small portion of damage is 'true damage' like in LOL). The SP cost is 8 at Lv1-5, and 16 at Lv6-10.

I don't suggest any priest to get this skill because not only the skill's dmg is weak, cast delay is not short, SP cost is not low (for acolyte), but also you have to invest (waste) your important 10 JOB points when ua Acolyte and 5 JOB points from priest to get enough dmg. It means you have to totally lose Kyrie Eleison, which is one of your soul spell. A priest that do not have that skill cannot tell he/she is a FS/ME priest

Also you will find the growth of enemies HP is much faster than your dmg growth from Holy Light. For example, you will have to become about LV43 to acquire Lv5 Holy Amplification and Lv5 Magnificat (the maximum dmg increased from you skill tree), then you can deal a 450% holy dmg per cast, but Lv43 mobs are all not undead/demon race, such as butterfly fairy has 7500 HP, it means if you have about 500 MATK, you will have to cast 4-5 times to kill a single mob, it is even slower than battle build (and you don't have enough FLEE as battle build, you may be interrupted when casting). But when you go to Pyramid, Mummy has 18000 HP and Irsis has 20000+ HP, you even have to Heal urself twice when using Holy Light to kill a mob.

And when you gain Judex, the Holy Light will totally become a trash spell. So if you have to re-skill/re-stats once, why not choose battle build for early game to have a easier life?


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Turn Undead now cannot instantly kill all mobs/bosses in step 3 and 4 after May 9th patch! You will meet a over-powered Boss in step 4. It is not suggested to try to waste your time in thei instance anymore, for this boss is too strong, your party has to wipe many times to kill him and the rewards cannot even pay for the gemstones.


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What's the use of proof of faith? How to use this thing? Anyone?
hope im not yet too late to explain this one..

proof of faith is used to buy guild buffs ... in exchange for zenny cost it will consume 1 proof of fauth per 2000z cost on your guild buff

so example is that your atk guild buff is at 8000 zenny cost to upgrade you can use 4 proof of faiths so that you wont pay a single zenny

so hoard up on proof of faiths by participating on ur guild activities (donate as much) hehehe

hope this information was helpful...


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if your doing Full Support then you need to be in a party at all time because
1. your a SUPPORT and what do support mean right
2. your damage is low (not unless you did put on mace mastery and put str stats... then you aint FS that way)
3. skills set are mainly support so no damage intended

for stat build here we go...
INT: max 99 i guess
vit: 99


INT: 99
Vit 70
dex: rest

that is just my opinion
Dec 16, 2018
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Full Name
hye there. ive been following you post n determined to go for full support build.

but still my sanctuary cast time took around 3 sec to be casted and i could find the problem. would u please help me on it?

my build is

+4 croce staff
+4 royal silver shield
+4 cats blessing
+4 staunch cape
+4 Staunch boot
Ulle`s cap
rosary (still thinking wat acc should i use)
saint necklace (i couldnt find eternal ring as stated on your guide)

heal lvl 10
kyrie lvl 10
bless + inc agi lvl 10
resu lvl 3
asper lvl 2
sanc lvl 10
magni lvl 5
gloria lvl 5
impo lvl 10
meditiato lvl 7
lex divina lvl 3
lex aeterna lvl 1
jud lvl 1
safety wall lvl 10

plus would u suggest a good full headwear for FS?
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Thanks a lot for the guide! Its by far the best one i found about the class and the mechanics. Congratulations!

Please, could you help us with the runes too? Thanks in advance!

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