Ragnarok M Priest Job Change Guide


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Nov 4, 2018
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Hello everyone. Once you reach Base and Job level 40, you may proceed for the Priest job change.This is a solo quest. Partymates cannot join the fight. It's easy!

Chinese texts were translated with Google Translate.

1. Go to the job change hall and talk to the priestess.

2. Talk to the priest in front of Prontera cathedral.

3. to 5. Talk to different priests. I forgot the order on whom to talk first. Your quest tab will guide you.
Left Prontera Field



6. Talk again to the priest in front of Prontera cathedral. See image 2.

7. Fight 7 mummies. They're easy for both fighting and full support acolytes. Keep your distance because Mummies are aggresive. You can use heal to damage them. Attack them once. When you see their icon next to your pic on the upper left of the screen, spam heal. I don't think there's a time limit, so sit if you don't have SP.

8. Move towards the end of the hall and answer [I refuse] (second option) to three MVPs.

Drake: You think with your mind, no money can become stronger? . I have countless as money and treasure, follow me! You will be the richest man in the world!
[I want to buy buy buy ]
[I refuse ]

Eddga: Are you eager for strength?
[Surrender to strength ]
[I refuse ]

Baphomet: Human, time and space constraints is too boring, and join us, as the real ruler, the whole world trampled under the shed! Let those stupid guys know the meaning of terror!
[What a great proposal ]
[I refuse ]

Note: Dying or answering wrong to MVPs will make you fight 7 mummies again.

9. Talk again to the priest in front of Prontera cathedral and answer three X or O question. See image 2.
Answer: X, O, O

Q1: You will say to others and the hearts of different words? X

Q2: Will you help him warmly when others need your help? O

Q3: Becoming a pastor is not the end of your effort. O

10. Talk again to the priest in front of Prontera cathedral to proceed to the ceremonial hall. See image 2.

11. Click the lower right button to walk.
[Images got corrupted.

Congratulations, you are now a priest!

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