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Nov 4, 2018
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So for sure some of you got stuck in a quest, lets help each other out so im starting a discussion thread.
Feel free to post quests you are having difficulty to finish and hopefully one nice soul might help us


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Nov 4, 2018
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So first quest, how to do the Ayrui's Request? Treat the wounded soldier

Im currently stuck on this quest any help would be nice


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Nov 7, 2018
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So first quest, how to do the Ayrui's Request? Treat the wounded soldier

Im currently stuck on this quest any help would be nice

You need to step on the soldier, literally. Then, a "use" option will appear. It will use a potion to heal the wounded soldier.


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Nov 4, 2018
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Here is a compilation of quests, hope this helps you

How to Get Smokie (Raccoon Leaf)
Smokie Mini Boss, a rare monster that will appear every 30 minutes in Prontera South Gate

If you dont want to wait you can always buy Racoon Leaf in the exchange store

  • use adventure skill Falcon Perception
  • refresh time for premium users

How to Cook Superb Seafood Kebab
Ingredients can be bought from the Material Shop and Rare Ingredients shop inside the Cuisine Association

Recipe: 1 x mutated fish, 1 x marina meat and 1 x chili

Monster Ingredients :
  • Marina Meat – Marina Lv.32 (Underwater Temple, Underwater Cave), Orc Archer Lv.71 (Orc Village South, Orc Village)
  • Mutated Fish – Phen Lv.32 (Underwater Temple), Marionette Doll Lv.77 (Underground Geffen, Underground Geffen 2F)
  • Chili – Orc Skeleton Lv.78 (Orc Dungeon)

How to Get Mastela Fruit

To craft Backpack Blueprint, you will need the x1 Mastela Fruit, you can obtain this item is from an NPC kid named Mitt. This NPC can be found on the center part of the map in Prontera, just besides Kafra Staff he has a speech bubble that says “Cute Boy from…”.

You can exchange Mastela Fruit for the following items:
  • 5 x Seed of Mastela
  • 1 x Honey
  • 10,000 Zeny

How to Get Mithril Gown / Minstrel Morgan Quest
To unlock the Mihtril Gown from Geffen’s Equipment Craft, you’re required to finish the quest Morgan Quest from Clem Silva, Minstrel.

Requirement item to finish this quest are the following:
  • 30 x Mementos
  • 1 x CD – Miss You - can be bought from the Event NPC in Prontera

How to Get Normal Precision Stone / Moon Night Legend Quest

NPC Bonin Magnus Mintrel will ask you to collect 1 Normal Precision Stone, The Normal Precision Stone is only available for Blacksmith forging and in Exchange.

If you have different job, the only way to obtain it is via the Exchange.

How to Get Mentor’s License Quest Answers (Adventurers HQ), Answer to Mentor’s License Quest Exam
  • The Novice cannot equip the weapons exclusive for each job before job change. The answer is O or True.
  • Many wild maps have very dangerous monsters. Novices should be cautious. The answer is O or True.
  • In auto fight, when your HP or SP is less than a half, you will automatically use the potions in your shortcut bar. The answer is X or False.
  • Novices can also create guild. The answer is O or True.
  • After the first advancement, the Swordsman becomes Lord Knight. The answer is X or False.
  • Assassin Cross is the T2 job of Thief. The answer is O or True.
  • High Wizard is the T2 job of Mage. The answer is O or True.
  • Sniper is the T2 job of Archer. The answer is X or False.
  • High Priest is the T2 job of Acolyte. The answer is X or False.
  • It requires patience to teach a novice, and at the same time, it also requires considerable strength. The answer is O or True.

How to Find Chowee / Naughty Chowee Payon Quest
Chowee is hiding on this house, right bottom part of the Payon castle. She is behind Nona Payon Kid, and was hiding in the balcony.

Rookie Fried Dish / Food Appraiser Quest
Vegetable ingredients x1 carrot

How to Create Guild
You need to go to the Prontera South Gate and on the right center corner of the map, there is a bridge and portal, you need to enter to the portal to go to Izlude Island. When you arrived in the Izlude Island, go to the Top Center of the map and talk to Valkyrie (Guild).

Requirements for Creating a Guild, There are three basic requirements for creating your guild.
  • Reach Level 20
  • 200,000 Zeny
  • 1 x Emperium
Unhappy Quest, Answers to Lulu Questions
  • What is my favorite food? The answer is Milk
  • What do i hate most? The answer is Thief Bug
  • What is my favorite place? The answer is Underground Cave
  • What do you bring me today? The answer is Toy


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Nov 4, 2018
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How to unlock the new tree head gear in GH
  1. Do quest in GH until you have finished the cat quest and a cat will appear in front of GH church
  2. Talk to the cat and ABCD will appear.. CHOOSE A,B,A,D
  3. Enter the portal that will appear
  4. Talk to the cat inside
  5. Talk to the Cat in Izlude and continue talking until it point you to the other cat
  6. Talk to the cat in Payon and do the same
  7. Talk to the cat in Orc Village and talk until it teleport you back to the first cat inside the portal
  8. That's it, you've unlock the tree headgear in payon
he quest started with the NPC left of the GH churchyard entrance (outside)

Note there will be suddenly five muscle men spawned when u talk to her (with green ! mark), and they do strong.

in all steps of this quest chain, the mobs that attack you cannot be seen by others, even your party members. You must kill them by yourself. However, you will not be teleported into a mirror world alone, so your priest friend still can heal/buff you, although they cannot see the enemies.


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Nov 13, 2018
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ONG QUEST and SHORTCUT devil wing quest parehas sila effective

LONG QUEST need mo taposin lahat ng shinny quest outskirt , glast hiem , clvert churchyard ,ghall, chivalry , smvp at mobs collection sa GH hall and chivalry quest para makuha si devil wing ang advantage lamang ka kasi may mga additional stats every collection ganun din e need mo rin taposin yan later para sa HANDBOOK mo .. if akala mo matagal di naman pla

gawin mo yan ng may STAMINA ka sure mabilis yan kasi makakuha ka ng X2 na quest item

SHORT QUEST need mo lang taposin is shinny quest smvp at ghall big mobs then ALT ang problema naman dito if wala kang ALT specially ung wala time gumawa.. ganun din kakain ka din ng time para mag palevel 70+ which is matagal din hindi narin sya shortcut pero kung may ALT ka lamang kana agad pero soon need mo rin taposin yang chivalry para sa HANDBOOK ..

both tutorial and process makakuha ka ng devil wing meron lang advantage at disadvantage kasi may mga players na walang ALT character .. basta maglaan ka lang ng araw para sa COLLECTION para may stamina ka sacrifice mo muna ung 360-500 stamina mo ng isang araw swak tapos mo un.. ang teknik is wag ka mag stay sa iisang lugar kabisahohin mo ung rotation nila ang mangyayari running party kayo kahit may kasama ka basta parehas kayo may stamina makakuha kayo pareparehas di tulad pag red or yellow stamina random lang makakuha sa lima na member pwedeng dalawa lang or isa makakuha kaya mas okay green stamina kasi sure na lima kayo makakuha at x2 pa ung quest item

tinapos ko lang ung bigmobs and collection ng chivalry sa loob ng 720stamina may mga kaagaw pa yan

tapos ung pag collect naman ng DEVIL WING mats gawin nyo araw araw ung cyfar , abys tapos bapho jr. star , meatballs

NOTE: shortcut ginawa nung wizard ko pero tataposin ko parin chivalry ... yung sniper kulang pa ng sword ni CHIMERA di ko alam bakit nawawala kaya dipa natapos

Other Guide ---

Guide Unlock Devil Wing Map GH Follow my pic start first map if u clear all this u will unlock All HG and Devil Wing

Answer Quest Cr.Fongnom Thx
Create Pic From Chinese Server Romsocity Website Thx


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May 8, 2019
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Devil Wing Collection Quests Guide FOR ACOLYTES

This guide is for:
1. Rushing your devil wing collection quests
2. Soloing collection quests efficiently
3. Manual collection item farming

1. Warp portal rune
2. Blue gemstones
3. High damage (VERY IMPORTANT)
4. Flywing/Bflywing

1. Save izlude island for warping
2. Teleport to glast heim hall/chvalry
3. Type /memo on the spot you want to spawn
4. Kill all mobs for collection quest
5. If all collection mobs are dead, bfly to izlude and change channel
6. Use warp portal
Repeat steps 4-6

Important notes:
- It's better to stay in the channel if there's no camper/competition
- use body relocate
- the lesser mobs you're hunting, the better

Natapos ko collection quests ko sa chivalry less than 2 hours non-peak hours and 2-3 hitting collection mobs with FO.


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Nov 13, 2018
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para sa mga medyo confused pa rin sa shortcut para maunlock ang devil wing . katatapos ko lang nito kanina . ganito po ginawa ko :

- tinapos ko lahat ng shiny quest sa GH hall ( card , sword at archangel wings )
- pati yung quest na horong ( located at the top left of GH hall )
- after kong makumpleto yung quest na horong at shiny quest kanina , sinubmit ko sa NPC lahat ng collection ko using my main account at idineposit lahat sa handbook yung collection . tapos nilogin ko alt ko para kausapin lahat ng NPC sa GH hall entrance at binigyan nila ako ng duplicate ng card , sword at archangel wings at dun na naunlock ang devil wings kaya kahit nadeposit mo na yung collection using your main , gagana pa rin yung shortcut . see SS below :

kaya sya naging shortcut kasi hindi mo na need mangolekta ng quest item sa GH chivalry special mobs . okay gawin tong ganitong method kung may archangel wings ka na para madali mo na syang ma unlock


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Nov 13, 2018
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Hi. Apparently, yung shortcut sa Glast Heim Devil Wing applies to Toy Factory (part ng Golden Christmas Bell Quest).

Ginawa ko lang ung Krampus, then I let my main and alt "claim" the last piece, then it is counted as 2. Hindi na ako nag ventriloquist.



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May 8, 2019
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Please help me. My advance enchantment quest is bugged. I already killed this phantom khalitzburg but in the quest it's still 0/1

In the first and second screenshot. At this point i tried reconnecting, switching characters, going to geffen and went back to payon south. The khalitzburg doesn't appear anymore.

In the third screenshot. I tried to switch channel in a different time and went back to payon south to see if it's already there. But there's still no khalitzburg.

How can i finish this quest? Please help.
Someone said maybe if there's a player doing the same quest we should party up and kill the khalitzburg . I'm not sure of this, because i haven't tried it yet.

Thanks in Advance.


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Nov 4, 2018
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Homunculus S: Quest is unlocked once player become a (1) Geneticist and (2) homunculus reached level 90 via the same NPC where you got old evolutions.

Right: Bayeri (Amistr), Eira (Lif), Dieter (Vanilmirth).
Left: Eleanor (to be added by EP 5.0)
Added Skills via Homun S Evolution:

Bayeri - Golden Hoof; AOE x 1040% PATK Damage + Stun
Eira - Light of Regeneration; Resu w/ 70% HP.
Dieter - Pouring Lava; AOE MATK x 940% Fire Damage + Chance to Burn.

Credits to Cerulean Blues

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