Ragnarok M Sakura Banquet

As the cherry blossoms flourish in the most tranquil corners of Midgard, don these limited-period headwear and become a guardian of the Sakura Banquet.

Ragnarok M Sakura Banquet.jpg

Sakura Festival Bento (R) Premium Back


Equipped Attributes
Normal Attack+20, Def+10

Stored Attributes
Max HP+30
Bento exclusively sold at the Sakura Festival with an exquisite Yoyo avatar on the cover and various delicious balls.

Heavenly Water Wind Chimes (SR) Mouth Headwear


Equipped Attributes
DMG to the Shellfish Race +10%, DMG to water monsters +10%

Stored Attributes
Max HP+120

Residents of the Kingdom of Heavenly Water are said to traditionally hang exquisite hand-made wind chimes under their roofs at the end of spring and the beginning of summer. Whenever a gentle breeze blows, you can hear the crisp, melodious sound of wind chimes as if they were a reminder of summer's approach.

Sakura Cutter (R) Back Headwear


Equipped Attributes
All Attributes +1, Atk +2%

Stored Attributes
Normal Attack+4, M.ATK+4

The spear of reputed samurai general Honda Tadakatsu with a sakura pattern in the middle part of the head and green shells inlaid in the stock. Legend has it that Honda Tadakatsu won 57 battles wielding this spear.

Shidarezakura[1] (R) Headwear


Equipped Attributes
Max HP +300, DMG received from Plant Race Monsters -3%

Stored Attributes
Max HP+60, M.DEF+4

A favored sakura hair ornament for young girls and boys in the Kingdom of Heavenly Water. Weaved with Shidarezakura Flowers, it's the prettiest spring hair ornament.

Tamamo's Tail (SSR) Back Headwear


Equipped Attributes
Phy. Pen. +5%, M. Pen. +5%, Final DMG to any target whose HP has dropped below 40% +10%

Stored Attributes
Normal Attack+1%, M.ATK+1%

Beautiful Tamamo-no-Mae is a fox with nine tails. It once took the form of a pretty woman to keep Emperor Toba company. In her human form, she would often hang a fox mask around her waist.

Gold Foil Fox Mask (SR) Face headwear


Equipped Attributes
Auto attacks on monsters (including MVP and Mini monsters) are guaranteed to go critical but Base Crit. DMG drops from 150% to 125%, For every 2 points of Crit., additionally increase Crit. DMG by 0.5%

Stored Attributes
Normal Attack+6, M.ATK+6
A fox mask crafted by the master jeweler Pu Yuan with pure gold powder on snow white Xuan paper.

Dove Pen (R) Mouth Headwear


Equipped Attributes
Damage Boost +3% to regular monsters (excludes MVP, Mini monsters)

Stored Attributes
Max HP+60, Def+4
Presented by the Kingdom of Heavenly Water's famous stationer Dove Hall, this ink brush designed by master Sanjō Sanetomi is richly adorned with cherry blossoms.