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Nov 4, 2018
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September event Stop and don't run! The raccoon cat school is starting soon! (Translated from CN Server)

"Open the journal day, how can all the staff be absent!"
"Teacher, we are all here."
"...cough, please don't use stealth illusion in the classroom!"

Is it a naughty raccoon cat student lineup? Or join the civet cat teacher alliance? Lively campus life is about to open!

Event 1: Extracurricular Society and Teacher Union / Extracurricular Club and Teacher Union
In the September raccoon illusion school, there was a noise from the little civet cats. However, under the calm appearance of the school, a legend about the extracurricular society seems to be spreading among some little civet cats...

Activity time: September 1st, 5pm - September 15th, 5pm, the latest pick-up time, September 8th, 5pm
Find the raccoon enthusiast “Lenny” at the event square in Prondra, and start the “Extracurrent and Teacher Alliance” series of tasks. Each account can only select one role to pick up the task;
  • A total of 5 consecutive tasks, each time you complete the mission, you can get the "Tiger Cat Treasure Chest" ; after completing the 5th day of the mission, you will receive additional activity drawing awards directly;
  • Players need and can only choose one camp to complete the mission, and different camps will also receive different activity drawings;
  • " Tiger Cat Treasure Chest" : Opened must receive the " Tiger Cat School Badge" *80 , and has the chance to receive awards such as Mastura seeds, prayer chips, gold medals, etc.;
  • Bee Cat School Badge” : After use, open the redemption store, redeem the activity drawings, Maserala seeds, prayer chips package, gold medals and other rewards; during the event, you can put on the exchange, stop at 5 o'clock on September 30, October The props on the 15th are invalid.
Extracurricular club camp - "Trudy King"
  • Part: head
  • Unlock attribute: physical defense +3
  • Storage attribute: life limit +30
  • Wear attribute: movement speed +4%, dodge +20

Teacher Alliance Camp - "Wisdom of Flight"
  • Location: back
  • Unlock Attribute: Magic Defense +3
  • Storage attribute: life limit +30
  • Wear attribute: movement speed +4%, magic limit +100

Event 2: Assault of the civet cat hunter / Smokie Hunter Assault
A large number of civet cat hunters suddenly appeared in the north of Prondra! What does this have to do with the raccoon cats who are truant? In short, beat them first!
Activity time: September 5th, 5pm, September 12th, 5pm

  • There are a large number of “raccoon cat hunters” in the north of Prondra, defeating them with a chance to obtain the “Bee Cat School Badge”;
  • The civet cat school badge obtained by killing the civet cat hunter has a daily limit of 200;
  • After fighting fatigue, you can still get the "Tiger Cat School Logo" normally~

Event 3: Extracurricular Social Crisis
The little farce of the civet cat school became more and more fierce. At this time, the accident caused the civet cats to be trapped!
Activity time: September 12, 5 am - September 19, 5 am

  • Finding the civet cat principal “Olim” of Prondra into the copy “The Great Crisis of the Cat School”;
  • During the event, the adventurer needs to go to the dungeon for a total of 3 times, and can only go to the dungeon once a day to rescue all 6 students;
  • “The civet cat treasure chest” and the “civet cat illusion potion” can be obtained for each rescue;
  • the activity is a single copy, and the fly wings are disabled in the copy;
  • "The raccoon illusion syrup" : Doubled the Base experience and Job experience gained by killing the monster in the field within 1 hour after use~
Event 4: School Building Repair Fundraising / School Repair Fundraising
In order for the little civet cats to continue to learn illusion, come and help the civet cat students to donate gems and raise funds for the school to repair the school building!

Activity time: September 19th, 5pm - September 26th, 5pm

– During the event, Plondela Square found the student president “Brouru” and donated gemstones to help the school raise funds to repair the school building;
– Donation activity rewards are obtained by account number, only once a day;
– Donate a certain amount of azure sapphire, yellow sapphire, sapphire, and sapphire to get Mora Coin*4, Gold Medal*2, God's Dust*2, God's Crystal*2;

Event 5: Gifts From the Civet Cat School / Gifts from Smookie School
In order to thank the adventurers, the civet cat school provided a series of welfare feedback~
1. Entrust the kanban for additional rewards
  • Time: September 12th, 5pm, September 19th, 5pm
  • The first time the kanban character is completed under the account, and the extra raccoon cat emblem*30 is obtained;
2. crack copy extra reward
  • Time: September 19th, 5pm, September 26th, 5pm
  • The first time to complete the first fissure role under the account, and get the extra raccoon cat badge*30;
3. Endersta double reward
  • Time: September 23, 5 am - September 30, 5 am
  • Double the reward of Enderesta’s role for the first time under the account
Update Ragnarok M Sept Event: Smokie Back to School

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