Ragnarok M Socketing Tip


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Nov 4, 2018
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attention to all who wishes to socket their gear

You cannot socket ur gear if it has been upgraded.
so pls socket it first if u decided that item will be an end game or a very long use item.

I might have a way to un upgrade your gear, not tested just a theory.
what u need 2 do is buy a new gear to replace that slot from NPC.
There will be a popup asking if u want to transfer the upgrade to the new gear. Click yes and your item of desire will have all its upgrade swap to the NPC brought gear.

Waste of Zenny but better than having to rebuy another gear.

each town i think can only socket 2 different type of gear so far.
i know morroc only socket boots and cape.
yes it applys to any gear.
the gear has 2 be equiped on u to be socketed.
yes it cost money depending on the gear grade.


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Nov 14, 2018
Las Piñas City
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Here's an example once you socket any gear and you evolved it.

+7 Sword [1] (main weapon)
you need another 10 Sword to add [1] Socket (Total of 11 Swords) Broken equips can still be used as materials = +7 Sword [2]

then if you evolved the weapon the refine will be deducted by 2 and the socket will go back to [1]
Ex: +7 Sword [2] (upgrade to Great Sword? if yes = +5 Great Sword [1]

and you need another 10 Great Swords to add [1] socket. already tried this on CN server.