Ragnarok M Swordsman Job Change Guide


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Oct 14, 2018
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SWORDSMAN: Born with a body of steel, blazing heart and the willingness to take the beating and protect the party. The Swordsman job class is not for the feint hearted. Being able to take in massive amount of damage, negate physical hits and deal heavy blows, this class is the perfect front line in any battle. STR will increase your physical damage and VIT will harden your defense. This job class is in demand second only to an Acolyte/Priest. Predecessor to Knight and Paladin, this class will teach you on how your future responsibility will be.

"A sharp sword and a body of steel. Let me be thy wall that protects you from harm."

Without further ado, let us hop into the Merchant change job class quest!

The very first step in becoming a Swordsman is by reaching Level 10 Novice Job Class

You can reach level 10 Novice Job Class Level in just a few minutes playing the game. <MASSIVE BASIC GUIDE>

Please go to the Glory Hall and Speak with Lord Knight Toukyou. You can easily track him by tapping on the "Be a Swordsman" Quest Tracker.

Please tap Swordsman Description to preview the job class and get the job change quest.

Please tap on the "Become a Swordsman" button to start the quest, or "View other jobs" if you change your mind. Please do take note that once started you will not be able to cancel it.

The first round of the quest is a question and answer portion. Please check the images below for the correct answers.

Once completed, please speak to Toukyou to start the second portion which is a Combat Trial stage.

You will be teleported to a room and to trigger the quest you have to go to the spot marked on the image below.

You will fight 2 waves of monsters. First wave will be a group of bats and second one is a big rat. These mobs are pretty weak, but in case, please use your potion and your Play Dead skill. If you character dies, you will be teleported back to Glory Hall and please speak to Gunther again to start the combat trial.

Once all mobs are defeated, the lever will appear and to exit the combat trial room, please tap the lever and tap "Turn On".

Then exit the combat trial room by entering the portal to be teleported back to the Glory Hall.

Please speak to Toukyou and select the Confirm button to complete your job change quest.

You will be teleported to the graduation hall and be greeted by your fellow merchant and by Lord Knight Toukyou.

Please tap the Forward button.

and this is the moment you have been waiting for! Please tap the "Begin Changing Jobs" button...

*applause and trumpets*


To exit the Graduation Hall please talk to Toukyou and tap the "Leave" button.

Please do take note that once you completed the job change quest, your stats will automatically reset. Please do not forget to allocate them and make sure that you take careful consideration due to the fact that the free stat/skill reset items will only be achievable later on via quest.

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