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    This is a thread discussion for all Ragnarok M Eternal Love updates SEA / CN. Feel free to post related RoM contents and be civil with discussions.

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    [CN SERVER (?)]

    New event featuring "Love Cupid" (looks like Kizuna Ai, but it's not certain) that will give free stuff — House Furniture, headgears, and the lost costume from CN (Summer Series costume).


    • Lvl 12+ players can head to Prontera Square to find Love Cupid.
    • Every account can only pick 1 character to undertake the quest
    • 5-day quest. Completing each quest obtains 1x [Cupid's Gift] / [Sweet Summer gift]
    • Completing the 5-day quest will reward the player extra permanent toy [Neko Neko Sofa]

    Cupid's Gift: Opening it obtains [Feeling of Love] x1, [B Grade Neko coupon] x1, [B Grade Neko coupon piece? Banquet?] X2, and zeny between X to Y

    Sweet Summer Gift: Opening it heads to Exchange shop [Summer Fashion], August's event entitles you to obtain 8x. Every 5x allows you to excange for free Summer Costume. 1x exchange for free Summer style headwear. More rewards to be announced later.

    Feeling of Love: Gemini's Lovey card craft material (1 of 2 mats required)

    cto Clo's Murmur
  3. Bantillo

    Bantillo Regular Gamer

    CN Server - August Events Thanks to 睡觉猫 ~kuins~ of Discord!


    1. Date:07 August 5am - 12 August 5am
    level limit: 12
    Venue: Prontera
    Look for little Cupid 「艾玛」 to collect your FREE gift boxes!! (yes FREE is FREE!!!)
    2. Date:08 August 5am - 15 August 5am
    Venue: Prontera
    Hold hands with another char for 5 FULL minutes at the Tarot reader NPC to receive a gift boxs *it says every char is limited to 2, not account....
    - if the hand holding is interrupted at any point in time, the 5 minute countdown will resume at interruption point (applies to the same char you're holding hands with) if you change partners when interrupted, the 5 minute countdown will restart
    3. Date:15 August 5am - 22 August 5am
    Venue: Prontera
    look for the event NPC with char to take photos of specified couples at specified locations to receive a gift box *not limited to account, every char is limited to 1 gift box per day
    4. Date:22 August 5am - 29 August 5am
    Venue: Prontera
    Look for the Gemstone Duke aka BIG FAT CAT mount to do a divination reading to get special event items - after each reading, players will also receive one of the following special bonus buff
    *520HP regen every 30 seconds
    *increase dmg 1%
    *increase dmg 3%
    5. Date: 08, 15 & 22 August, 8pm - 9pm
    Location: Sograt, Pyramid 1F, Goblin Forest
    - specific locations will be announced on indicated dates at appointed timing for players to fix the dimensional rifts mobs will drop event specific tiems chance to get event headgear (mouth) from Mini or MVP (this looks like the daily rifts we do, and not a free-for-all grab fest) each time will spawn 6 waves of normal mobs, 3 waves Mini and 1 MVP (time limit for normal mob and Mini - 5mins, MVP 20mins) the next wave will appear only when you've cleared everything upon completion of event, players will receive a hidden quest (which u must do in the same day!) and obtain a gift box which includes a random lower tier MVP drop
    6. Date: 08 August 5am- 09 August 5am
    - for 30 BCC, each account is limited to 1 purchase of - 「Cupid's Gift」which you can only use on someone who is ALREADY in your friend list and IN THE SAME CHANNEL (no long distance or love across borders/dimensions please) - 「Cupid's Gift」upon opening, both parties will obtain Love's Blessing and one of the following buffs: *「ALL Stats+10」 *「Movement Spd +5%」 「Chant -10%,ATK Spd +10%」 - Valid for 4 hours,can be stacked,NOT Valid for PvP or GVG
    7. Date: 05 August 5am - 15 August 5am - for 12 BCC each,every account is entitled to 30 purchases of - 「Event Fukuburo」which contains 「Guild award」10、「Prayer Card」2、「Gold Medal」
    8. Date: 22 August 5am - 29 August 5am For 30 BCC, each account is entitled to 30 purchases of - 「Happiness Gift Box」only 2nd Job and above can open - 「Happiness Gift Box」upon opening, players will obtain「B Grade RuneStone」1、「A Grade RuneStone」1、「S Grade RuneStone」1、「Old Rune box」2,with a 25% chance to obtain a S Grade RuneStone which is applicable for your Job
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  4. Bantillo

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    [CN Server] Implementation of Thanatos Tower - Hard Mode

    Lore: After Thanatos defeated the demon king Morroc, he imprisoned himself in the tower, and his soul was increasingly rotting because of the magic sword.


    At the end of his life, he used to utter: "Weakness makes me distressed, sacrifice makes me sad, killing makes me hate... And what really makes me desperate is this cruel fate". Under the influence of the curse of the magic sword, Thanatos' four negative emotions: sorrow, sadness, hate and despair — gradually evolved into a demon and become a cluster of emotions, wandering in the tower, day & night.
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    Massive changes in CN server's CBT, which will probably be applied in all servers sometime soon (next week in CN server, probably).

    A summary of all the changes done to the game:

    1. Stamina has been adjusted from 300minutes to 150 minutes daily. Maximum adjusted from 900 to 450.

    2. Common field monsters (Mini, MVP, Kafra War, UFO CAT invasion not included) drop rates adjusted to 220%

    3. Common field monsters Base & JOB EXP adjusted to 220%

    4. Ecological survey (new Episode "5.3" feature) & pet adventure consumption adjusted from 60 minutes to 30 minutes.

    5. Mentor potion, Music box maximum stamina restoring amount adjusted from 60minutes to 30. Chain Laeding (Lightning Chain) consuming stamina adjusted from 60 minutes to 30.

    6. Maximum stamina of mentor getting from students adjusted from 120 minutes to 60.

    7. Stamina fatigue adjusted to 150minutes ~ 240minutes (less to least)

    Plus other stuffs such as:

    1. Addition of Undead Detale, Undead Space Sheriff (Spashire) to the Undead MVP pool. Addition of Detale *, and Space Sheriff (Spashire) * Cards.

    2. New hairstyles (from Lighthalzen NPCs).

    3. New couple-exclusive poses.

    4. New carts (Amatsu-themed).

    5. Certain weapon-themed skins / Gacha items can now be equipped as a weapon skin (e.g. The Napoleon sword (known as "Amidamaru sword" in CN) shown here).

    6. Addition of Thanatos Tower Floor 3 — players will face Thanatos himself!

    credits to Clo's Murmur
  6. Bantillo

    Bantillo Regular Gamer

    [CN Server] Gears that can now be used for fashion.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    credits to Cerulean Blues
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