Ragnarok M Version SP Sweet Summoner


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Jul 24, 2018
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Ragnarok M Eternal Love Upcoming March Events SP Sweet Summoner

Event 1: Mysterious Land

During the event, NPC “Lymloo” from the Mysterious Land will be coming to Prontera and telling the story of “Mysterious Land” to every adventurers
  1. “Adventurers Home” Series Mission. There are total of 5 missions, finishing each one will receive the following rewards:
  2. Valkyrie's Gift” ×4
  3. ”Oracle Dust” ×6. ”Oracle Crystal” ×4
  4. ”Pray Card Pack“ ×3. ”Adventurer Coins“ ×2
  5. ”Gold Medal“ ×2, ”Gift from Mysterious Land“ ×1
  6. ”Blessing Giftbox“ ×4, ”Gift from Mysterious Land“ ×2
  1. This mission is limited to one character per account, level requirement: Base lv.12
  2. ”Gift from Mysterious Land“ open up to receive a random rare materials from Version SP
  3. ”Blessing Giftbox“ has a chance to get ”Pray Card Pack“, ”Gold Medal“, “Peak Shard“
  4. This giftbox can be used after version SP went live and level requirement: Base lv. 60
Mission Accept Date: : 2020/2/20 5:00 -2020/2/27 5:00
Mission Finish Date: 2020/3/5 5:00 (Version SP update time)

Event 2: Mission Board Rewards
During the event, you will receive a “Gift from Mysterious Land” after finishing the first Mission Board Quest

  1. Limited to one character, level requirement: Base Lv.12
  2. This giftbox can be used after version SP went live and level requirement: Base lv. 60
Event Date: 2020/2/27 5:00 - 2020/3/5 5:00

Ragnarok M March Gachapon
The boy Leon wiped off the fog on the window with his palm and looked out. In the distance was the church tower, and there were countless stars shining above the church. Leon turned his head and asked, "Dad, can mom hear the song I'm singing tomorrow?" Dad rubbed Leon's head: "Of course she can." Leon lowered his head: "I feel so stupid that I can only stay in the choir and sing. I also want to fight like others with swords and wands. I don't want to lose anyone like I lost my mother."

Dad patted his shoulder: "Leon, many years ago, your mother and I met in the choir, and then we grew up together, she became a talented mage, and I was just a blacksmith because of my disqualification. Later, your mother gave her life to protect the land of Rune Midgard, but I can't do anything to save her, but I will always be a blacksmith and use my own ability to give more people safety." Lion, you have to understand that as long as you have kindness and goodwill, no matter what kind of work you do, you can make the world a better place." The carols rang, and the notes drifted to Midgard's continent to bless all people and the souls.

Congratulations! You have been blessed by the Clear Sky Choir, this song will be singing for you.
Clear Sky Choir Costume, 20th Feb to 5th March. Let the blessing spread all over the land of Rune Midgarts.