Ragnarok Mobile Assassin Job Change Guide


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Nov 4, 2018
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Hey guys, shaylyn here to bring you the assassin job change guide. Thanks to Acid and Teyrn for sharing the screenshot.
Okay, without further ado, check the guide below:

Step 1: When your job level reach lvl40, go prontera and talk to the job change npc

Step 2: You will get a quest, guiding you to Morroc

Step 3: Have 3 questions to answer

Step 4: Talk to next job change npc, aswering 3 questions again.

Step 5: You'll get a quest to kill all porings in the map

Step 6: System will help you with sneak skill to get out of the maze

Step 7: Talk to the job change NPC

Step 8: Yah! You're an Assassin.