Ragnarok Mobile Dark Carnival Information

Dark carnival, the feast of the dead! EP5.0 "Black Party" magic coming

New map Neferheim
  • dark gates of the dead, the land of the deceased

New Monsters
  • Dark Monsters Falling MVP against Midgarth

The new profession
  • Sage
  • Poet
  • Dancing Girl
All the staff are here, and the new adventure is on the verge!

New game mode
  • 6V6 team competition
  • pet fusion system
  • dressup

The dark carnival, the feast of the dead together unveil the mystery of Neferheim, the capital of the dead! From the southeast of Monroe, the Corus Lighthouse, you can enter Nefheim, the Forest of the Fog , Skyle , Hamelin, Hwagmir, and Timbala.

New System
  • Pet Fusion
  • Dressup
After the level 10 adventurer completes the pet catching task, he
will get the props [Pet Manual], use the pet manual to view all the pet data that exists in the current game, and use the fusion function to get the fusion pet.

25 new pets including 15 pets captured by capture and 10 fusion pets that need to be acquired through fusion

New pet dressing system Each pet will receive 1-5 dressing parts, which can be freely matched with pets to get the desired pet appearance.