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Oct 23, 2018
Tencent Ragnarok Mobile : Love at first sight Game Insights

About the stamina system, there are 2 separate numbers, one is the regular stamina, for the other one, let's just say it's bonus stamina. Since my laptop broke, i can't show you guys the video anymore.

For starters, the bonus stamina can be activated and deactivated anytime, enabling the players to use it on specific mobs that they want and bonus stamina gives off an added 150% exp(estimate). When the bonus stamina is activated, the regular stamina won't be used up. There is an instance where you are at max stamina, where you get 1base/job exp thereon, if you still have bonus stamina, you can activate it and you will get regular exp again and the added 150% exp from the bonus, but i would't recommend it, since the drop rates are stamina based, when you do this method, you may be getting regular exp again, but you won't have any loots when grinding this way. So the best method would be depleting the bonus stamina first since the regular stamina is not affected.

next is actually a negative factor to the game. REGULAR STAMINA DOES NOT STACK UP DAILY, only the bonus stamina stacks up where the maximum bonus stamina is 420 summing up to 7 days, So if you don't use up your daily regular stamina, you will probably get left behind in levels.

That's pretty much all to discuss with Tencent's Stamina System.
Next part would be Daily Tasks, which i'll make sometime this week if i don't forget.

EDIT : Somehow, regular stamina gets carried over the next day and is indicated as a light blue bar on the exp bar. will still research on this to explain further.


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Oct 23, 2018
The stamina system consists of 180.
once you've reached 180 stamina, it's status will turn red and you'll be receiving 1 Base Exp, 1 Job Exp. I'll discuss this on the CONS section later.

The stamina system also has an exp multiplier which you can activate anytime you want, specifying what mobs you can use it for (i'd rather not use it for questing).

lastly, when you use the exp multiplier(i think it's only x2) it won't affect your 180 stamina, therefore, as you grind, your 0/180 stamina remains the same.

* Stamina is low. that's 180, that's just 3 hours, if you include the exp multiplier, that would make 240. compared to Xindong, you have 300 stamina(5 hrs), which can be increased with listening to music(+1hr) and VIP membership(+1hour40mins) and Mentorship(not sure how many), making TC to have less grind time and is likely the cause of level gaps for quests, if not maximized.

*Quests have gaps. when you finish a certain level quest, the next quest is likely 2 or more levels up, therefore you'll end up grinding, and if you don't reach the required level for the next quest(like missing some daily quests like board or crack instances) you're likely to get stuck on a level, waiting for the reset. it happened to me atleast, coz i missed some due to too much work.

*For those playing on an emulator, it's kinda hard to play if you're a click to move player like the old RO because of the analog stick, they should put an option whether to disable the analog stick for more area to click on.

That's about it.


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Nov 4, 2018
Sa mga nag tatanong bakit hindi lumalaki yung stamina nila ito ang sagot dyan wag kang mag laro 2 days papatong yung 300 stamina sa reset 3days pinakasagad 900 stamina tapos hunt,level up, dont forget lightning chain 2x exp, 2x loot.but using L.C. double consume sa time.

Tips for level/item grinding:
1. Use chain immediately then look for a specific spot to farm for exp/loots. Be sure to exhaust your stamina first before doing the later part, why? Rewards from finishing quest will not be affected by stamina exhaust;

2. Do the mission boards, 10 missions per day;

3. Do the mercenary aka 10xp, note that 10xp has a fixed amount of exp so using chain here is basically useless, it will only make the mercenary finish faster. You can do 2 mercenary per day;

4. Go back to grinding or just put your phone to rest

I figured this method a little bit late but this will help you boost your exp/loots.

PS: if you can afford premium then get premium(500php)

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