Ragnarok Next Generation AFK Recommended Stats for AFK Gameplay (RoX)


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Nov 4, 2018
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Hi, Guys! Welcome to my Guide
So I've been trying different builds & equips for my sniper in these past weeks

First of all, I would say that this guide,(or I would say more on experience sharing) is for Archer/Hunter/Snipers only
as I don't have enough experience using other classes. In this guide I will try to show you how efficiency is important during your AFK grinding using the said class, I am playing in TW Server for a while now. In my opinion, archers are very good in AFK Grinding/MVP hunting/Dungeon Instances as they have the best range, and its
an advantage only archers have. Okay, let's start!
1.) "Skill Build" - Skill build is essentially the most that makes difference during different gameplay/contents in the game. I have 3 types of skill build specially for Instances/MVP, AFK Grinding, & PVP/KVM.
1-a) First is, Instances/MVP skill build: in this build, my priority is the highest DPS possible for single target mobs. "DPS" stands for "Damage Per Second". (See images 1-5) As you can see I only use 2 active skills & those 2 buffs because that's all that matters when you are fighting against single-target only. I also use this build when I'm AFK grinding on high hp/def mobs such as those Large mobs that spawn apart from each other. ex; Anubis

1-b) In special cases I use auto focused shot(Image4) on Shadow Weapon Skill when the mob is short-ranged or when we have a tank & priest in the team or when I know the mob can't reach me because sometimes it will kill you
it has a mediocre channeling time before it releases but it does 5-6x dmg compared to normal atks & it makes you deal more dmg for the next attacks, which makes +15% more dmg to the 5-6x dmg compared to normal atk if it consecutively triggers!
1-c) Most of the time I use the falcon mastery enhancement(Image5) on Shadow Weapon Skill because I can maneuver easily without having problems on channeling skills plus it makes my normal atks more bonus dmg because of falcon atk more frequently triggering.
1-d) Sometimes I turn off Blitz Beat on auto-battle settings because its range is bad haha, It makes our character come close to the target just to cast it.
2-a) Second is, AFK Grinding on small monsters or medium but grouped spawning monsters skill build: in this build, I take advantage of our high dex giving us high vigor/haste. I use AOE skills so I can hit those grouped mobs and kill them at once or at least dmg most of them so I can kill them with normal atk quickly. (See Images 6-9). Well, this build is self-explanatory so just check on the image

3-a) Third is, PVP/KVM skill build: in this build my priority is "CC"(Crowd Control) we want to control how our foe moves or focusing on disabling them so we can free hit them to death
for this build, I don't have Images for reference but I would say focus on skills that can cause stun such as "Arrow Repel" & the passive called "Intimidation" that can make our Blitz have a chance to stun
That's all I can say I'm not really PVP-oriented so that's all I can say hahaha.
2.) "Equipment Build" - Equipment is the main source of our dmg or toughness in the game as well as our stat build. For this one I'll make it short as possible. Mostly this only differs from Accessories

1-a) My first equip set is focused on P.atk & crit & as I've mentioned only the accessories are changeable because if you already acquired the Shadow Weapon you can't change your main weapon. For this one, I use Lvl 40 White Accessories Tiered-up to II Because it is cheap & easy to acquire compared to higher rarity accessories, Plus it offers just the right stat you need for a F2P or low spender type archer player
Soon you can use those refines for the lvl 70 accessories
(See images 10-11) those are the equipment set I used most of the time for Skill Builds
(1-a, 1-b, 1-c, 1-d & 3-a).
1-b) Here are my second Accessories set mainly used for AFK Grinding in small/medium grouped mobs (See Images 12-13) In this setup pure raw DEX is boosted giving me more Vigor/Haste making my skills CD faster. But I should include how it compares to the first accessories set. For me, it has the same DMG output even though my blue acc set is only +3 in refine. The only difference is it crits less than the white set.
I guess this is enough for now, Feel free to ask me in DM or in comment if I forgot something or you want to
ask me something I'll try to answer asap

Highlight Videos for Solo Instances Ancient Pyramid & Lost Temple (Hard Mode) links here :

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Nov 4, 2018
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Guide for AFK Gameplay/Recommended Stats for AFK Gameplay/Leveling Skills for Mage/Magician, Wizard & High Wizard

The most important skills for mage / magician in afk grinding are Soul Strike, Fire Ball, Fire Wall, Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Heaven' Drive & Zen.
Soul strike, fire bolt, lightning bolt, cold bolt and heaven's drive are the single target that you may use to kill single monster without noticing the other monsters. Fire wall is good for defense, fireball is good for an AOE attack & zen is a passive skill that you wil help you to restore or regenerate mana.
When you go in afk grinding, use soul strike, firewall, fireball and zen these skills are faster to kill a monsters while regenerating your mana. It really depends on you if what gameplay do you want to or what gameplay is needed in situations.
Recommended Skill level:
Soull strike - 10/10
Fire ball - 10/10
Fire wall - 10/10
Zen - 10/10

In wizard, you will unlock more AOE skills such as storm gust, lord of vermilion and napalm beat. These skills are very useful and good for killing a group of monsters.
Afk grinding, use the combination of storm gust and lord of vermilion, followed by jupitel thunder, napalm beat, soul strike/bolts, fireball and firewall. It will give you nice combo and also you can kill the group of monsters in just seconds.
Recommended Skill level:
Storm gust - 5/10
Lord of vermilion - 5/10
Jupitel thunder - 5/10
Napalm beat - 5/10
Energy coat - 10/10

You will unlock more AOE skills such as meteor storm, earth spike, gravitational field and chain lightning.
Meteor storm is good for earth attribute monsters, it will give you a massive damage while stunning the monsters by chance. Earth spike is good for wind attribute monsters, and gravitational field is also good for wind attribute monsters with stun by chance. Chain lightning is good for water attribute monsters.
Recommended Skill level:
Magic amplification - 10/10
Chain lightning - 10/10
Meteor storm - 10/10
the rest skill level, you can put in what bolts you may use in your grinding.
√You must adjust the skill level, depending of what your vigor/haste do you have to get shorter skill cast/cd reduction, so that you can kill more monsters and you can gain loots & leveling up.
√You must know the difference of attribute monsters to counter using of your bolts or other skill to give you an advantage to kill it faster.
√In leveling skill, you need to use the AOE skill in group of monsters so that you will gain more experience after you kill it and also you will get some materials or if you are lucky to get cards of it.
√In stats, you will put all points on intelligence if you are using two-handed staff while the other staff which is one-handed staff with shield, you need to put 80+ points on intelligence and some points on dexterity.
√In afk gameplay, high wizard is the most fascinating class that can use for afk grind because of having an AOE skills and also have a defensive skills. So you can't die easily while you trying to

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Nov 4, 2018
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AFK Grinding guide for all classes.
For AFK grinding we need to make sure of the following things to make it 101% worth grinding for.
#1 To get stronger : We need to make sure that the grinding spot gives the highest possible "job exp" for players who are targeting the fastest way of getting stronger.
#2 Money Wise AFK Grinding: We need to grind accordingly where the drop loots are expensive to sell.
#3 Equipment Hunter AFK Grinding: You need to check if the grinding spot drops all the loots that you need to make your character stronger. Like for example see if the cards are accurate and usable for your job. Same goes with the possible drop equipment from the said area of your grinding spot.
Highly suggestive Grinding techniques.
A) Use an AOE skill this will let you kill multiple monsters.
The faster and more monster you kill using an AOE skill much better.
B) Same goes with the single target characters without an AOE skill.
You may target enemies that you can fast enough to make it easier for you to gain exp.
Advance Grinding Technique:
This can be used by everyone we just need to coordinate all things into one enemy that you will set your AFK Grinding into.
You need to make sure that things goes within the single target.
  • Might be the best Job level exp for your level.
  • The loots are things that you need for your character.
Ex: Cards, materials and equipments.
Always remember to bring your potions and other food buffs to help you with your HP regeneration and MP recovery.
You may also bring your slave support if you have one this will give you buffs for higher and faster killing of mobs.
Also make sure that your on the right grinding spot to maximize the effectiveness of your grinding.
Use the most effective skill to your target.
Check the elements of the monsters your about to grind so you can counter it and be kill it faster than expected.
How to maximize AFK Grinding:
There is only one way to maximize the AFK Grinding.
General Ideas:
Depends on what are you aiming for, base level, job level for your multi, or zeny
You can always experiment from time to time so things would not be boring for you and for your character.
Don't bother following all the straight guides from other people even from my post.
Enjoy the game the way as you want it to be played.
There is no sense of playing if you don't explore and try things of your own.
Slice, diced and explore.
Always enjoy playing to make most of your playing time worth it.

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Nov 4, 2018
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AFK Guide
The Guidelines when AFK Leveling/Farming
Make sure that you have enough Health/Mana Potions in your inventory which will match your AFK time, for example, your consumption is 100 potions per 30 minutes, you are expected to have 1,600 for an 8 hours AFK (Sleep time)
Make sure that you enabled your auto-use of potion, we sometimes turn this off during instance, so bear in mind to turn this on before going AFK
Make sure that you are using the correct potions (Red/Yellow/White) as activating the auto potion will insert all variations available in your inventory, even Yggdrassil seed
Make sure that you are using the correct Loadout, as we sometimes switch when doing MVP Hunt/Instances/Endless Tower, and some of those loadout may not be compatible during AFK Leveling (example loadout is good for single target enemy but is weak against mobbing - small monsters spot)
Make sure that you are not in Channel #1 in MVP Maps, as it is possible that you will get killed when the MVP Monster spawn and starts chasing people (example inside Vitata monsters, Maya spawns on channel 1 and most people die during their AFK as they forgot to change channel)
Make sure that you have enough battery power for the expected duration of your AFK Grind (Don't charge your phone while you are away from it as it may cause serious injury when a sudden electricity surge burn your phone and it's surroundings)
Make sure that you are not Kill Stealing other people leveling spot, if you see a player or teams on that spot already, be generous enough to look for another spot or simply change channel, or if solo grinding, you can request to join their party
Make sure that your skill loadout is properly configured in terms of elements, for example, a knight with Magnum Break (will enchant their weapon fire property) loadout is not advisable to be used on monsters with Fire property, we can either choose another loadout without those elemental buff skill or simply disable them on auto skill
Make sure that your AFK setting is properly setup, the distance or area to kill are either set to minimum or whole screen only, you do not want to set it as the whole MAP as your character will wander and move around from the spot you have left it
Make sure that you have set the specific Monsters to kill in your AFK settings, avoid using All Monster settings as sometimes, our characters have dash skill which will wander outside the spawn area of our target and will start attacking other monster, which might result in lower exp gain or even making your character die because the monster are too strong and is not compatible with your AFK Settings (Example in Pyramids, your target are only Matyrs, but with some random scenario, your character started killing Archer Skeleton, which is too powerful with your current defense and potion setup)
When in party, make sure that you are not on auto follow, and use your auto AFK settings, as sometimes, party members wander around then logs out, imagine your character standing for 8 hours in izlude, doing nothing

Finally, before sleeping or doing any stuff, please make sure, and be very sure to start auto attacking or AFK, I've experienced before party members who are literally AFK, standing in our grinding spots after saying good night, and they did not start their auto attack settings, we have no choice but to kick them

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Nov 4, 2018
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Welcome I am back for another BEST!! AFK Gameplay/Leveling Skills for Different Classes GUIDE!
Here in ROX, grinding using AFK Gameplay also benefits your character to have the FF:
Zeny = Can be used to buy Upgrade Materials, Potions, Fishing Baits and Mining Axe
Base Exp = Even without ODIN’s Blessing you can still have experience but only x1
Job Exp = Even without ODIN’s Blessing you can still have experience but only x1
Monster Cards = Monster cards can also be obtained even without ODIN’s blessing
Monster material drops = Can also be obtained even without ODIN’s blessing

NOTE: Do not worry about skills rotation since we have LOADOUTS that can be seen on your main stats of your character. Loadouts is like another set of skills, stats and equipment that can be changed on what type of skill slots that you will use on a specific monster. For you to get the specific loadouts please refer to the ff:
LOADOUT 1 = Free
LOADOUT 2 = Free on 2nd Job
LOADOUT 3 = 5,000 Crystal
LOADOUT 4 = 10.000 Crystal
LOADOUT 5 = 20,000 Crystal

Guides for AFK Gameplay
AFK gameplay is normally used by players who can stay up all night using their phones or emulator(PC), its also the same as “your stamina is consumed” or “0” Odin’s Blessing. I prefer using AFK Farm gameplay if you are hunting Monster cards and Job EXP especially on your 1st and 2nd job since you need to focus on your JOB exp.

Leveling Skills for Different Classes GUIDE! And Recommended Stats for AFK Gameplay

= Normally, archers only have 1 AOE skill which is Arrow Shower, since most of the class are using LONGBOW ASPD/Crit build. For SHORTBOW this build is for skill type since it has vigor stats that can lessen the cooldown of your Arrow Shower.
Recommended Stats:: Dex and Luck for Longbow / Dex and Int for Shortbow

Merchant = Midas Touch, Cart Revolution and Crazy uproar for boost STR this will be the main skills that you will be using for Grinding and leveling. For Weapon build I prefer 2hand AXE for PVE since it has vigor stats. More vigor = less cooldown.
Recommended Stats:: STR and VIT

Knight = Bash and magnum break is your main skill damage for swordsman. And it will depend on what build you will use like SPEAR, AGI/CRIT 2hand sword or 1hand/Shield for reflect type. I prefer using AGI/Crit for grinding and levelling since it will cost you less on Potions and Zeny consumption
Recommended Stats:: STR/Dex for Spear / Str/Agi/Luck for AGI/Crit

Assasin = For assasin I would recommend the skill type dagger since it has many AOE skills and it has a double attack that will increase your damage. For JUR build I prefer you need to focus on CRIT and AGI since its like a melee archer.
Recommended Stats:: Str and Luck for Jur / Str and Dex for Dagger

Priest = For priest normally you need to focus on a specific monster which is UNDEAD, healing skills also has a damage to UNDEAD property monsters. I prefer having a party if you gonna select this Char that can boost yourbase and job exp faster than solo grinding.
Recommended Stats:: INT and VIT

Wizard = One of the best Class for AFK/SOLO grinding since it has many AOE skill like Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion, Chain Lightning, Fireball, Frost Nova and Meteor Storm.
Recommended Stats:: INT and Dex for 1hand / Pure Int for 2hand

NOTE**** : There is a specific calculation on Base/Job EXP and Drop rate depends on the level of the monster. For Example: Monster level is 30

- If your level is above +3(lvl 31,32,33) and Below -3(29,28,27) = Base/Job exp and Drop rate is 100% (Monster cards is not 100% drop rate)

- If your level is above +4,5,6and Below -4,5,6) = Base/Job exp and Drop rate is 80% (Monster cards is not 80% drop rate)

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