Ragnarok Online celebrates its 20th year! Enjoy various festivities in Ragnarok X: Next Generation!

Ragnarok Online is celebrating its 20th anniversary! To commemorate this milestone, a series of new updates were announced for the SEA server of Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX), including new classes for Archer and Mage, increased level cap to 110, max life skill level to 11, and a new map called Comodo.

rox 20th anniv.jpg

As Ragnarok Online has produced various soundtracks for every new map release to immerse players to the world of Midgard, ROX will launch a special event called Sound of Remembrance where adventurers can take a trip down a musical memory lane and provide players, old and new, a chance to revisit the musical journey of RO.

Sound of Remembrance.jpg

During this event, obtain Memory Fragments by completing event daily missions or by purchasing with Crystals. Each character can have up to 100 pcs of Memory Fragment and for every 5 Memory Fragments, a Memory Disc will be unlocked. A surprise reward will be given to players who will play a Memory Disc for the first time. Also when 20 Memory Discs are unlocked, an exclusive headgear Elven Ears will be given as a bonus.


The most-awaited map, Comodo, has finally arrived. Enjoy the taverns and colorful entertainment, as well as the lively nightlife and lovely beach view, where players can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. But if you delve deeper, you can discover new monsters and gain some unique loot.


A Mutant Dragonoid can be found in Comodo. Unlock it at Level 108 and challenge the boss monster to a fight. A new MVP and Mini challenges can be experienced as well. Aside from the Mutant Dragonoid, you can also look forward to other monsters like Tao Gunka, Lost Dragon, Ogretooth, Necromancer, and more.

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There are two new second classes for the Archer class, which is the Dancer and Bard. The Dancer class will mesmerize their opponent with their dance-like steps and movements, which will provide a false sense of security to them before striking them down. Their whip also adds damage as it sling projectiles to their enemies.

While Bards use music to control the battlefield to support their allies and hinder their enemies. And when they fight together with the Dancers, the effect of both their choral skills is greatly improved, which increases the effectiveness of the party.

For the Mage class, Sage was added. They have the unique ability to cast spells while moving around freely, which allows them greater mobility and quicker attacks than other magic classes. Their mystical book is their weapon and an extra elemental damage was added with the magic bolts. They can also negate the skill of their enemy and absorb its SP.

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Last but not the least, adventurers can now change their gender using the gender conversion voucher as long as Base Level 20 is reached. To be able to activate this function, find the NPC Diolos on Prontera and purchase the voucher. Also, the Book of Travers can now be used to switch to any different classes.