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    Compared to today games, Ragnarok Online, or RO as its players call it, is not as graphics intensive and the game mechanics are nothing when matched against games with expansions and updates. However, RO is still one of the best games to play and most of us have a great nostalgic childhood memory with RO so we would like give you another chance to relive the childhood nostalgic memory once again.

    Grand Opening

    Server Info:
    ► Server Information:
    ✓ Classic Episode: 5 Juno (Update base on episode timeline)
    ✓ Max Base Level : 99
    ✓ Max Job Level : 50
    ✓ Max Stats: 99
    ✓ Classic Mob Spawn and Drops
    ✓ Classic Skill Mechanics
    ✓ Classic Job Changer
    ✓ Current Available Jobs: 2-1 and 2-2
    ✓ Max ASPD 190
    ✓ Instant Cast 150 Dex

    ► Server Rates:
    Base: 5x
    Job: 5x
    Normal Drops: 3x
    Cards: 2x
    MVP: 1x

    EXP Rates when Vote Event Triggered - Voting System (weekend)
    Base: 7x
    Job: 7x
    Normal Drops: 4x
    Cards: 3x
    MVP: 1x

    ► Freebies:
    ✓ Starter Cap *Account Bound* - ( MaxHP 500 - Reduce 100 HP every 10 Levels )
    ✓ 5 Bubble Gum *Character Bound*
    ✓ 5 Battle Manual *Character Bound*
    ✓ 5 Job Battle Manual *Character Bound*
    ✓ 20 Kafra Ticket *Character Bound*
    ✓ 20 Warp Ticket *Character Bound*
    ✓ 300 Novice Potion *Character Bound*
    ✓ 20 Novice Fly Wing *Character Bound*
    ✓ 20 Novice Butter Fly Wing *Character Bound*

    ►Server Features:
    ✓ Gepard Protected (No Bot, No Third Party Program)
    ✓ On respawn, 50% of Max HP/SP will be restored
    ✓ Death Penalty 1%
    ✓ Rare Drop below 0.1% Notification
    ✓ Hourly Rewards ( Point System )
    ✓ Costume System
    ✓ Custom PvP Warper
    ✓ Voting Point system
    ✓ Share Point system (Facebook)
    ✓ Autotrade 6 hour maximum
    ✓ No Dual Client
    ✓ Mail System
    ✓ Bank System
    ✓ Weekly Event host by GM
    ✓ Automatic Events
    ✓ Android platform supported (release on 25 June 2016)

    ► Commands:
    @hour (to check reward point)

    Current Event: Like & Share to Win!


    Imporatant Link:

    Website: http://www.odin-server.com
    Register: http://www.odin-server.com/cp
    FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/OdinServerRO/
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