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Jan 21, 2018
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Ragnarok Online SEA

Ragnarok Online SEA is a newly launched server [Launched recently on 27 - DECEMBER - 2017] and is one of the only ACCURATE to official revo-classic server. As the name goes, our game-servers are optimised for the SEA region and we can only guarantee the lowest latency for the users within this region. Ok another private server, what makes ROSEA special?

Accurate REVO Classic/IRO:Restart Mechanics

We fully implement revo-classic mechanics in our server. This includes the proper stat calculation (Where many server claiming to be Revo Classic lacks - especially in terms of ASPD, FLEE and Hit-Rate). Our monster database also are 100% accurate in terms of spawn, skills, damage, stats and exp. One proof is our monster's Magic Skills are calculated as per Revo-Classic (No more anubis tanking while naked *winks*).

Scaled Renewal Content

Being a partial classic servers has its flaws, where most updates are frozen in the year 2007/2008. We, however are not. We bring all updated renewal features such as RODEX, Achievement System, Navigation systems as well as jRO headgears, costumes and items. Our long-term goal is to make renewal maps, monsters as well as instance dungeons to be accessible to players using currently available Revo-Classic Jobs. In-short, we combine the best content from all the official servers [kRO, jRO and iRO] into one balanced, unique and fun package.

Imbalanced Cash Item? Pay to Win?

Sick of servers where people with donation wings trash you around? In Ragnarok Online SEA, donators are only rewarded with items that speeds up their progression. Donation items offered in this server are obtainable via our custom-designed Silvervine Systems. The term pay-to-win does not apply here since there are no OP custom donation items.

EXP: 1.5x / 1.5x / 2x [Low Rate]
Maximum Level: 99/50 [99 for Super Novice Classes]
Maximum ASPD: 190
Implemented Classes: 2-1, 2-2 and Super Novice [Latest]
Implemented Content: Episode 11.1 Rachel
Party Share Level: 15 [Maximum 20 players per party. 20% Bonus EXP per player]

We currently have only around 120~240 population. Come join us now :D and experience RO like how it used to be: Party Levelling and a chance to make new friends !! Our party bonus and low exp rate ensures that people work together towards being stronger !!

Don't worry about bots as we are using the LATEST GEPARD SHIELD protection [2018] :D

Main Website: www.ragnaroksea.com
Forums: www.ragnaroksea.com/forums
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ragnasea/

World Boss System​
A new system we used for event where everyone who participate can gain prizes.

Why play ROSEA instead of other servers?​
1) Extremely commited GM Team. All of our bugfix are done by the game's Development Team, ensuring rapid bug fixes. Our developer team are also contributors to the rATHENA project source code.
2) Balancing. We have done A LOT of balancing patches even 1 month in our server lifespan. We thoroughly test, calculate and implement these balance patch and not by our own opinions and assumptions. https://www.ragnaroksea.com/forums/index.php?/forums/forum/5-updates-and-changelogs/
3) Diplomatic GM Team. We accept feedback from players and discuss with the community whether to implement a certain feature.