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Sep 18, 2014
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Ragnarok Online is back in the Philippines you can check the forum index here feel free to discuss tips, tricks and tutorial.

Ragnarok Mobile and Ragnarok Classic Forum

You can join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rophofficial/ or join our official group and voice chat at https://discord.gg/pinoygamer

FAQs and Notes:
  • Ragnarok Online Philippines will relaunch with FREE TO WIN Business Model. Which means that the game will be FREE TO PLAY and all key items can be obtained ingame!
  • Current servers are Thor and Loki
  • There will a be a strict system to check bots and other cheating programs
  • A max of 5 clients are allowed
  • Ragnarok Online Philippines will launch with Episode: REVO - CLASSIC

Daily Login Event

Event Date: June 20 – June 26, 2017 Note: Exclusive for CBT players only.

  1. All registered players during the CBT period (June 20-June 26) are qualified to join the event.
  2. The more days that you are present in game, the more items you can get!
  3. Players are requested to login and logout once a day.
  4. Login at least five (5) days during the CBT period to get ALL the rewards!
  5. Items will be automatically inserted to the player’s account on OBT.

Reward 1 Day - 20 Kafra Free Transportation Coupon
Reward 2 Days - 1 Battle Manual
Reward 3 Days - 1 Job Manual
Reward 4 Days - 1 Life Insurance, 1 Kafra Card
Reward 5 Days - 1 Battle Manual, 1 Job Manual, 1 Life Insurance, 1 Kafra Card
*All items are non-tradeable.

You can download the game here:
Full Client exe

Full Client ZIP

Specs Requirements

You can register here: https://www.ragnarokonline.com.ph/