Ragnarok Origin Beginner's Guide: How to Login, Basic Operations and UI, and Camera

Ragnarok Origin is a new mobile game which is based on the classic PC MMORPG Ragnarok Online. The game offers both a new perspective for first-time gamers and a nostalgic experience for longtime series fans. Players can build their own character in Ragnarok Origin and embark on an epic trek across a fantasy realm populated by terrifying monsters and fantastical treasure.


How to Login​

Facebook, Google, Apple Account​

If you've never played the game before, you can opt to sign in using your Facebook, Google, or Apple account. If not, you can keep using a guest account. Players can directly login using either of the accounts mentioned, but in case you don't have one yet, you can continue to login after creating a new Facebook, Google, or Apple account.


Guest Account​

For a guest account, there is no need to go through a separate platform sign-up procedure; you may start using it right away. However, the game strongly suggests that you link your account with Google, Apple, or Facebook as utilizing a guest account could result in the loss of all gameplay data if you delete the game, switch devices, have problems, etc.


Lobby Screen​

After logging in, players will be directed to the game's lobby screen. You may opt to change servers or start the game by clicking 'Start Game'. You can also tap “Account” at the top left to log out or change your account, “News” to check the latest announcements from Ragnarok Origin, “Intro” to see the intro video of Ragnarok Origin, and “Customer Service” to send inquiries to the customer service team.


Character Creation​

The character creation screen will be displayed when you first launch the game. By selecting the appropriate option at the bottom of the screen, you can change the gender of your character. You can determine your character's appearance after selecting their gender. To alter the appearance of your eyes and hair, tap the buttons on the right and left, respectively. To begin the game whenever you're ready, tap the Start Adventure button.


Nickname Setting​

In the realm of Ragnarok Origin, the first thing you must do is sign up as a Novice. To start the registration procedure, speak with NPC Sprakki. To finish the process, enter the name of your character and press the Confirm Registration button.


Basic Operation and UI​

Character Movement​

Moving your character around can be done in one of two ways. To begin with, you can move your character with the joystick in the lower left. Second, you can relocate your character by tapping the location you wish to go.


Interacting with NPCs​

While on a journey, at least one NPC will always be present. Simply tap the NPC to communicate with it. Your character will immediately approach the NPC and strike up a discussion.


User Interface (UI) Features​

Making the most of your trip depends on you using all of the UI elements on the screen. You may optimize your character's potential and advance through the game by understanding their duties! Here are the main UI elements on the screen along with what they stand for:


Tools for keeping track of your activities are located in the upper right corner.
  • Trade opens the Trade window, allowing you to see which items are currently for sale by other players.
  • RO Shop opens the Mall, where you can spend Zeny, Eden Coins, or Nyan Berries to obtain items.
  • Reward lets you see any awards you are currently eligible for
  • Guide opens the Adventure Guide menu, allowing you to access several informational journals with details logged from your adventures
  • Skill opens your Skill window
  • Daily opens your Commission Quest window
  • Event opens the Event Map window, showing you current events happening in various places in game
  • Inventory opens your Inventory window
  • Auto Battle opens the auto battle window, from which you can enable the feature and access its settings
  • Compass icon opens the expanded menu, which gives you access to other areas such as your Wardrobe, Guild Window, Tips, Album, Mercenaries, Settings, etc.


The top-left Minimap displays the name of the map on which you are now standing as well as the local weather. When you click the Minimap, a new window appears in which you can check the following:
  • You may view the locations of nearby NPCs and shops with the Map Info feature.
  • The closest player notifies you of the surrounding players.
  • It displays a larger version of the global map.
  • Fly Wing teleports to an undetermined spot on the map using a Fly Wing.
  • Furthermore, clicking anywhere on the larger map in the Minimap window will immediately send your character walking in the direction of that location.


You can place consumables in the Quick Slots beneath the Minimap to use them right away without having to access your Inventory. There are eight spaces available in total.


Shortcuts for the Skills used in manual combat can be found in the skill slots at the bottom right of the screen. Six skills can be set in total, and after level 30, spots for the second skill become accessible, making a total of 12 skill slots. Also, the talents box under Settings allows you to assign the desired talents to each space.


In the bottom middle is a conversation window. You can view all discussions and announcements from this point. There are buttons for Posing/Emoticons, Camera, and Viewpoint (to switch between 2.5D and 3D) at the top of the chat window. Additionally, a button for buddy chat and guild conversation may be found on the chat window's left side.


The lower right corner has a sit button. Your character can take a seat on the ground. Make the most of your sitting time when necessary because you can recover 4% of your HP and SP per second while doing so.


On the screen's middle left is the quest navigator. It displays quests that are now active or that are available to take, broken down into three categories: quest, feature, and encounter. You may view and manage your quests by clicking the Quest button at the top, which opens the Quest window. You can inspect your current party, including any Mercenaries you have deployed, by selecting the Party button, which is located beneath the Quest button. Here, you may also examine the fight statistics.


The top left corner of the screen contains Your Profile. You may also check your character's current HP & SP, base level, job level, and appearance here. To view your character's details, tap the profile icon. The information about the targeted monster is shown to the right of the profile when you are hunting. Below are little icons that show all of the character effects, including buffs and other things. You can find out what the buffs are and how long they'll last by tapping on them.


Use the Camera tool in Ragnarok Origin to capture the joy of your precious memories! After completing the "Visiting Professor" quest, the feature will start appearing. NPC Anderson will first give you a camera, and NPC Sprakki will teach you how to use it.

You can open up Camera Mode by tapping on the Camera Button. Players can change the view in up to 3 ways: Selfie Mode, Normal, and Free Mode. Selfie Mode enters the camera mode where your character holds it up to face themselves. The Normal mode will have the camera’s focus on your character, while the Free Mode will set the camera angle from your character’s point of view.


Taking and Saving Photos​

Simply tap the camera icon when in camera mode to take a picture! To zoom in or out, use the sliding bar on the left. You'll see your photo preview and three buttons on the bottom screen after snapping a picture. To post your photograph to Facebook, tap the Facebook symbol. The snapshot is saved to your mobile device via the middle button. The photo is saved to your game album by pressing the right button. If you are not happy with your shot, you can try again by pressing the "x" in the top right corner of the image.


Accessing Album​


To open the extended menu, simply tap the Compass icon as seen above. You may access the images you've stored in-game by clicking the "Album" icon, which is located near the bottom.


Emoticon and Motion​

Tap the emoticon icon at the bottom of the screen when in camera mode to add poses, expressions, and stickers to your picture. There are countless options! The Emotes tab displays many ways your character can interact with the camera. Classic Ragnarok emotes can be seen in the top line, animated over your character's head. Your character's facial expressions are located on the bottom line. The Actions tab shows different stances that your character can adopt for the photograph. The positions on the bottom line can only be performed with another adventurer when you have developed a specific level of friendship with them, unlike the poses on the top line, which you can execute by yourself.

Sticker Tab and Frame Tab​

The sticker menu is accessible through the Sticker tab. To add one to the image, tap it. By pushing and dragging it to the desired location, you can reposition it. You can also change the sticker's size using the arrows in the bottom right corner, or you can completely delete it by selecting the "x" in the sticker's top right corner. Furthermore, you can use different photo frames to adorn the edges of your photo by selecting the Frames option. When you tap on one, it will instantly appear!


Speech Bubble​

By tapping the Speech Bubble button located in the bottom left corner of the Camera Mode screen, you can have your character speak for the photograph.
A maximum of 30 characters may be entered, and they will only be visible for a brief period of time.



To open the Camera settings menu, tap on the cogwheel button next to the Emotes.
From there, you can select the components you want to have shown or hidden while taking your picture by checking or unchecking them.


In case you weren't aware, Ragnarok Origin is also playable on a PC, and the developers highly suggest it due to the game's improved aesthetics, reliability, and gameplay. Play Ragnarok Origin on your mobile device when you're outside and on your PC when you're at home with seamless account syncing. Have fun!