Ragnarok Origin Guide: Kafra Service, Market and Trade, Forge, and Card

Ragnarok Origin is a new mobile game which is based on the classic PC MMORPG Ragnarok Online. The game offers both a new perspective for first-time gamers and a nostalgic experience for longtime series fans. Players can build their own character in Ragnarok Origin and embark on an epic trek across a fantasy realm populated by terrifying monsters and fantastical treasure.


Kafra Service​

In the world of Ragnarok Origin, there are several services that Kafra offers to adventurers, which includes map warping and storing items, which can be utilized to help make their journey easier. Let's take a look at them.

Kafra's Blessing​


You can receive the Kafra's Blessing whenever you come across one. For 4 minutes, it boosts your movement speed by 15%.


World Map Teleport​

When you initially visit a new map, the Kafra's teleport service will be activated. After that, you can teleport right there using the Kafra's service.


Storage Service​

Your belongings will be kept in a separate storage facility by Kafra. You don't need to look for the same Kafra in the world of Ragnarok Origin in order to retrieve your stored stuff.


Save Service​

The current location can be set as your respawn point. To the most recent place you saved, your character will move.


Trade - Market, Trade​

Trade- Market​

Do you want to buy or sell things? You can buy or sell things more quickly if you use the system wisely.You can use the Trade market after your Base level reaches Level 25. To access, tap "Trade" at the top of the screen. You can purchase a variety of goods in the Trade Market, including cards, accessories, mount materials, Verus cogwheel materials, and refining resources. The maximum daily purchase amount for each item varies, and Zeny, the money used in the Trade Market, is the only accepted form of payment.


Additionally, you can sell things that you don't use. The price of each item will be displayed when you select one to sell by tapping the "Sell" tab at the top of the Trade window. There will be a specific rate of price loss when you sell, and the rate varies depending on the sort of things.


Trade - Trade​

Tap the "Trade" tab on the right side of the Trade window. The "Trade" section lists the goods that other players are offering for sale. You can find a variety of things, including tools for creating, refinement, dishes, potions, and more.


The item list in Trade is updated every five minutes, and Eden coins are required to pay for products. The list can be immediately renewed using Zeny. The list can be shown either in ascending or descending order.


In the Trade section, you can sell your own products. To access your Stand, tap "Sell" up top. After choosing, the suggested price will be shown, and you can change it by a value between -50% and +50%. A 7% street tax will be subtracted when the item is registered. Selecting "Batch Post" will allow you to register multiple products at once.


In your Stand, you may register a maximum of 10 goods, and each item is valid for 24 hours. Any registration may be canceled whenever desired. To cancel, tap the products and select "Close offer". To become a stronger and wealthier explorer, make the most of the Market and Trade stand!


Equipment - Forge​

Forge - Weapons​

All classes of adventurers depend on their armor and weaponry. The "The Night's Red Lotus" quest must be completed in order to unlock the ability to create weapons and armor. You can visit the Prontera Equipment Shop by completing the mission. When there, speak with NPC Roberto to find out more about forging weapons.


A list of weapons appropriate for your level can be found in the weapon forge window. To track the materials needed to manufacture the weapon, use the "Track Material" button. You may easily access it through your Quest Navigator. To make the weapon, tap the "Forge" button. You can check the damage per size and suggested classes by tapping the question mark button next to the item name to choose which weapon is appropriate for you.


Tap the thumbs-up icon next to the level picker and select your chosen build to restrict the item list to weapons that correspond to the suggested builds for your class.


Your weapon will be immediately ready to equip after it has been forged! Make new weapons, equip them, and level up as an adventurer!


Forge - Armor​

Forging weapons and armor are very similar processes. In every city, the armor forger typically sits adjacent to the weapon forger. That's NPC Robito in Prontera's Equipment Shop.


The armor forge window shows armor-type equipment organized by level, similar to the weapon forge window. It lacks a recommended build button, in contrast to the weapon forge window. The same method of tracking resources can be used to construct armor, which is then ready for use after forging.


Equipment - Card​

Do you wish to make your armor and weaponry stronger? Open slots and put cards in them! At Level 23, once you have completed the "[Adventure] Challenge of Izlude" quest, you will be able to add cards to your equipment. To open slots on your equipment, speak with NPC Chris in Prontera's Equipment Shop while completing the pertinent task.


You must use both Advanced Diamonds and Eden Coins to open slots on equipment. After gathering the necessary components, press "Add Socket" to attach a socket to your equipment.


Each socket gives your equipment a random attribute after being punched. With the help of reforging and changing attributes, the granted property can be modified. To access the Attribute Reforge window, tap the arrow button next to the enchantment property. When you tap the "Reforge" button, Eden money will be used to reveal a new attribute that you can give it. To confirm the modification, tap "Change Attribute".


Equipping Card​

Cards can be put into equipment with open slots. Tap the "+" button on the slot or select the "Insert Card" option to equip cards. The slot's inherent property is superseded by the properties of equipped cards. If the card is ever taken out, the slot will still hold its original characteristics.


To access a list of Cards that can be used with your selected equipment, tap the "Insert Card" button. Tap "Use" to equip a card after selecting it. By hitting the "Remove Card" button, you can use Eden Coins to remove cards from your inventory. Once the unused card has been located, the slot's previous functionality will be restored. It's worthwhile to open slots and fill them with cards every time you manufacture or acquire new gear to give it additional power!


In case you weren't aware, Ragnarok Origin is also playable on a PC, and the developers highly suggest it due to the game's improved aesthetics, reliability, and gameplay. Play Ragnarok Origin on your mobile device when you're outside and on your PC when you're at home with seamless account syncing. Have fun!

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