Ragnarok Origin heads pre-registration is open now

Android & iOS adventures await in the world of Ragnarok Online. Plus: Win a Tesla Model S! Korean developer Gravity is sounding the call to adventure across North America. Aspiring heroes are invited to join over 200,000 others in pre-registering to play Ragnarok Origin, the latest mobile MMORPG in the classic and enduringly popular Ragnarok Online franchise. Whether a fan of the series since 2002 or a fresh-faced young adventurer, the gates are opening to the world, with a closed beta date to be announced soon.

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Ragnarok Origin is a mobile re-envisioning of the classic MMORPG Ragnarok Online, featuring improved graphics, more intense combat and refreshed and redesigned quests. Players will once more venture into the magical realm of Midgard as a highly customizable adventurer, freely exploring, fighting hordes of monsters and socializing with countless players. Wander, trade, fight and immerse yourself in a whole new world.


Whether playing solo (alongside recruitable NPC mercenary allies), with a party of friends or an entire adventuring guild, Ragnarok Origin offers a truly classic MMORPG experience, full of freedom, danger and endless possibilities. Deep customization and a wide open world with few hard boundaries define the Ragnarok experience, and players can sign up to play today, as well as the opportunity to unlock additional rewards at launch, and the chance to win a Tesla Model S!


Pre-registration is available now for the game, with every pre-registering player receiving a bundle of bonus starting items, with additional rewards available as more players prepare to set forth on this new and magical adventure.

At launch, all players will receive:
  • 1x Ring For Beginners (Stat boosting equipment)
  • 3x Boxes of Potions (Consumable health, mana and food items)
  • 1x Gym Pass (Permanently increases inventory capacity)
With four more tiers of additional items yet to be unlocked. Pre-register now to claim your items at launch.


  • A classic MMORPG reimagined for the modern era - experience old-school freedom
  • Master six character classes, from stalwart swordsmen to hardy merchants
  • Explore a massive open world, featuring dozens of dungeons and four massive cities
  • Dress to impress! From shining plate armor to the finest in social wear - pick your look
  • Encounter iconic and classic monster designs, like the adorably squishy Porings

Ragnarok Origin is set to launch in North America, with a closed beta release date to be announced soon. Follow Ragnarok Origin on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


About Gravity Co., Ltd:

Gravity Co., Ltd. is a globally renowned online game company originally founded in April 2000, during the infancy of the Korean gaming industry. As a leader in the Industry, Gravity became the only domestic Korean game studio listed on NASDAQ directly.

Gravity developed world-famous MMORPG Ragnarok Online, which has since seen huge success both domestically and abroad, attracting a diverse range of players. Gravity also produces a variety of mobile titles across all genres.

Furthermore, Gravity is continuing to grow its business reach as a global publishing business by expanding its service with a new generation of Ragnarok Online IP-related games as well as other titles across multiple genres and platforms.

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