Ragnarok Origin: How to make Friends and How to create a Party with other adventurers

Popular MMORPG Ragnarok Online comes to mobile to let players experience an epic adventure set in a fantastic open-world environment. As the hero in Ragnarok Origin, the game will bring you into a vast fantasy world full of mysterious monsters and epic characters. Enjoy exploring massive landscapes, legendary kingdoms, and mythical dungeons!


Aside from a life of adventure that the game will offer you, you can further enjoy the game as it features cute high-quality anime-style graphics. You can also customize character growth through unique build combinations. Discover the secrets of Rune-Midgarts by joining groups of extraordinary heroes. Collect powerful mercenaries to train and evolve them for overwhelming monster battles.

Aside from talking with the NPCs of the game, players can also talk to other adventurers. They can do it publicly or privately by tapping on the chat window in the bottom center. Reach Base Lv. 20 to unlock the world chat, which will cost you stamina every time you type in a chat.



To talk privately with other players, you can create a private room by tapping the above icon that will appear after opening the chat window. After doing so, set the name, max number of participants, and password to create a chat room. Note that once you have created a chat room, you will not be able to move your character.



If other adventurers are interested in joining your room, they can just tap the speech bubble above your character.


And if you want out from your chat room, you can just tap the “Leave Chat” or disband it by tapping “Disband”. Ending the chat will make the master role transferred to another player. The same will happen if the master role is transferred to you if the player who created it ended it on their side. Since you already have the master role, you can reset the chat room’s name, the maximum number of participants, and password in the settings.


If you want to check the details of a player or kick them out of the chat room, you can click on their profiles. Don’t worry, the mini chat above the speech bubble will not appear to players who are not participating in the chat.




Also if you want to adjust your chat window setting, open the setting window then configure the channel setting and simple chat setting. Add to that, if you uncheck unwanted channels from the main screen, only the channels that you want will be displayed. The same can be done with unwanted chats. Just turn on and off the simple chat by unchecking it.


Aside from chatting with NPCs and other adventurers, Ragnarok Origin also allows you to socialize. If you have found someone in the game that you wanted to know more about, you can become friends with them. You can also create a party with them to hunt MVP monsters or clear dungeons.

Here’s how you can have a friend in the game:

Step 1: Tap
icon 1.png
to open the below screen. The below screen allows you to add new friends or message existing friends.


Step 2: Tap
icon 2.png
to add a friend. You can do so by inputting their ID or nickname and tapping the “Add” button.


Step 3: Once successful in adding a new adventurer as your friend, you can start chatting with them privately.


Next up is how to create a party or how to join an already existing one. Go through the Quest Navigator.


Or you can just select an adventurer to create a party with. Tap them and open the adventurer’s profile window. Use the invite option to invite them to a party.


You can also just create a party from the chat window directly. Tap the adventurer’s profile from the chat window and invite the adventurer to your party.


To join an already existing one, tap the “Search Party” button. A list of parties will appear, which have specific objectives that can be viewed by tapping on the name of contents on the left. But if you see “None”, those parties did not specify a specific objective. Choose a content then the ‘auto matching’ button will be activated. Tap it and be invited to a party that matches your condition.

Refresh the party list by tapping the refresh button. There’ll be five seconds of cooldown. If you want to stop searching for a party, tap the “Create Party” to create a new one.


If you are the party leader, you can summon all your party members. They can also set themselves to automatically follow, which can be done on the Quest Navigator.


Clicking the cogwheel will allow the party to see different menus, which are:
  • “Check Info” for the adventurer’s information.
  • “Follow the target” to make your character follow the target character.
  • “Invite to follow” to make the target character follow you.
  • “Promote” to transfer the party leader.
  • “Kick Out” for kicking a member out of the party.
  • “Leave” for leaving the party.
Note that when you are the party leader and you decide to leave, the leader position will automatically be transferred to another member.


icon 3.png
on the Quest Navigator to open the screen, where you can see all the members at once and invite them easily.


Set the goal as the party leader and then promote your party in the world match. You can use the auto-matching system to notify adventurers who have the same goal as you that your party exists. If they qualify to be a member, invite them.



Use the “Promote” button to promote your party on the chat. However, it will only appear to adventurers who have the same goal.


If you're a member of a party, you can tap
icon 4.png
to start a chat with your co-members without having to open a chat window. It works the same as the normal chat but when a message is being written, the chat window will float on all members’ screens.


Use the “Restore Position” and “Cancel Hotkey” buttons located on the right side of the hotkey chat window. The “Restore Position” will make the chat window move to the original location while the “Cancel Hotkey” will close the chat window and icons. It can be opened again through the setting of “Communication – Chat”.

In case you didn’t know, Ragnarok Origin can also be played on PC with the developers highly recommending it as it can offer better graphics, stability, and smoother gameplay. With seamless account synchronization, play Ragnarok Origin through your mobile device when you're outside and on PC when at home. Enjoy!