Ragnarok Origin: World, Map, Quests, and Adventure Guides

Ragnarok Origin is a new mobile game which is based on the classic PC MMORPG Ragnarok Online. The game offers both a new perspective for first-time gamers and a nostalgic experience for longtime series fans. Players can build their own character in Ragnarok Origin and embark on an epic trek across a fantasy realm populated by terrifying monsters and fantastical treasure.



There are numerous parallels between the environment of Ragnarok Origin and the actual world, including the weather and character interactions with some of the elements of the game. These notable features of the game are listed below.


In the universe of Ragnarok Origin, the weather varies much like it does in the real world. Raindrops fall on the camera lens, NPCs hold up umbrellas, and Porings hold up lotus leaves as it rains. Also, trees will produce fruits for you to select after the rain stops.


Character Interactions​


You can get your character to engage in interactive activities like climbing a ladder or sitting on a chair. An interaction icon will show on the right side of the screen when you get close to a chair or ladder. To interact with the target object, tap the icon. By approaching barrels, you can also shatter them; within, you can find important stuff.



The map can guide you if you get lost while exploring Ragnarok Origin's enormous globe. To access the map, tap the mini-map in the top right corner. The detailed map that appears when you touch the mini-map will look like the illustration below.


The location of your character is shown by the blue arrow on the map, and the arrow's direction indicates the way they are facing. On the map, the red spots represent monsters. A portal may be found in the red vortex, and the destination's name is inscribed there in white. Additionally, on the top side of the map, you can view the current weather and time. It displays the current weather conditions as well as forecasts. It's crucial to check the weather because it might affect the map in many different ways.


Map Info - NPC​

To view the specific map's extensive information, tap the "Info" icon. First, you can view the list of NPCs. There is a mission available if an NPC has the question mark symbol. The item shop is indicated by NPCs with a potion icon. A gear shop is indicated by NPCs with a sword icon.


Your character is immediately directed towards their direction when you tap on an NPC from the list.


Map Info - Monsters​

The monster tab would allow you to view the pertinent details if you were on a map featuring creatures. By selecting "Go to the monster," you can investigate the monster's level and other details and even approach it.


Map Info - Map Events​

You can search for time-based events on the Events tab, such as trees bearing fruit after rain. Check it frequently; you might find a surprise there!


Players Nearby​

To view other adventurers on the same map, use the "Nearby" icon. By tapping on the adventurers' profile, you can view their profile details. They can then be added as friends and invited to your party, among other things.


World Map​

Tap on "World Map" to view the Ragnarok Origin global map. The regions that have been highlighted are places you've gone, while the parts that have been darkened are unexplored. The buttons in the top right corner can be used to reveal or conceal pertinent information.


Fly Wing​

You would be moved to a random spot on the map if you used a Fly Wing. It is advised for explorers who like to see new areas.



What to do next is a major problem for adventurers. For that reason, there are quests. To develop into a great adventurer, one must quest, explore new content, and assist other adventurers. The list of available quests can be viewed by players from the Quest Navigator on the right side of the screen.


You can accept one of three different sorts of quests:
  • "Quest" refers to both main quests and subsidiary quests that assist you advance the plot and your character.
  • "Misc." includes hunts and challenges, independent missions that are unrelated to the main plot. These tasks might help your character progress and unlock new content.
  • "Journey" quests periodically pop up as you pass important NPCs who might provide a unique quest for you.

Main quests are shown in red, Journey quests in purple, Mercenary, Search, and other quests are shown in blue, and the remaining quests are shown in green on the mini-map.


Quest Navigator​

How can new adventurers locate quests suitable for their level and determine which NPCs to approach? The Quest Navigator! When you tap on a mission in the quest navigator, your character is immediately led to the right NPC. It also lists quests that are appropriate for you. In other circumstances, though, as in a dungeon or story instance, it might not function. In that situation, in order to complete the mission, you must control your character independently.


Adventure Guides​

The Adventure Guides are a collection of books that provide details about your adventure and the amazing things you come across in the Ragnarok Origin universe. After achieving Base Level 17, the Adventure Guides become available. To view numerous guides and books, tap the book symbol with the word "Guides" in the upper right corner. More manuals and publications will become available as your character levels up.


Adventure Diary​

The Adventure Diary is the first book on your list of guides. Your completed tasks and quests are listed in the Adventure Diary, along with missions you can take on in the future. There is a distinct set of missions in each of the sections on the left.


You may view information about a mission and the rewards you can earn when you open up a certain task. The "Tap to Go" prompt will display if your level is high enough, and tapping it will immediately auto-guide your character to begin the quest.


You can finish a picture for each chapter as you fulfill missions one at a time. A chapter's completion completes the whole picture and gives you rewards. Explore the countless travels in your adventure journal!


Achievement Reward​

You receive achievement awards for finishing missions and chapters. Awesome incentives will become accessible to you as you finish the logbook!


In case you weren't aware, Ragnarok Origin is also playable on a PC, and the developers highly suggest it due to the game's improved aesthetics, reliability, and gameplay. Play Ragnarok Origin on your mobile device when you're outside and on your PC when you're at home with seamless account syncing. Have fun!

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