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Oct 29, 2021
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Full Name
Ragnarok Origin World
Game Name: Ragnarok Origin

Name of Private Server: RO Origin World
Translations for: Portuguese, Korean and English.

Private Server Features

Ragnarok Origin World - The True RO Mobile Experience
Come join the hottest private server on the Origin market.
Do you still have time to play Ragnarok Online, but don't want the routine of PC gaming? Do you want to experience a better Ragnarok on mobile and not a p2w?
So come and join our community! Regardless of the region, we are sure that you will enjoy it and have fun!
Server Fees:
  • Base Exp: 1x/1x
  • Drops: 1x
  • Server level (08/09/2021): 105
  • Battle time: 240 min
  • Freya: 420 min max. (120 / day)
  • Since June 2021
Server Information and Custom Features:
  • Episode: 5 (Comodo - Gypsy / Bard Patch)
  • Farmable Oridecon and Elunium de Mobs (max. 75 each per day)
  • Catnips (paid currency) obtained from: Daily Events, MVP Hunts, Helheim Dungeon
  • Event rewards modified to accommodate endgame requirements
  • Cheaper potions and tools
  • Core-R fragments obtained from events
  • Custom WoE Features
  • Catnip rewards every 10 levels
...and much more!
Gifts (Catch-up Code)
Type in the gift exchange: ILOVERO
5 Core-Y
5 Purple Weapon Selection Space-Time Cardbook (7 days)
1 Level 95 2-Slot Accessory Selection Box
180 Level 90 Equipment Fragment
3 Express material selection box
180 Oridecon
180 Elunium
30 α-Energy Body
30 Blessed Weapon Ore
30 Blessed Armor Ore
10 Advanced Mercenary Scroll
180 Tears of the Goddess
10-course 3-star selection package
10 Potions 3 Star Selection Pack
80 Enchant Voucher
30 Magic Candy
30 gum
Coin Arrears 180
5,000 Catnips
500,000 Zeny
5,000,000 copper
Forum: https://forum.roorigins.com/
Guilded: guilded.gg/owp

Free Download:
Download link: https://roorigins.com/pre

IOS: https://bityli.com/4XgPTq
Testflight: https://bityli.com/4XgPTq
Android: https://www.mediafire.com/file/v865byhnshuxyoy/roo-beta-na-release-0724.apk/file
OBB 1: https://www.mediafire.com/file/suh5j7ekbq3aect/patch-beta-0722.zip/file
OBB 2: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2hgftpbsgl6vcm7/patch-na-t-0725.zip/file