Ragnarok X Assassin Crit Build Guide for free to play players


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Nov 4, 2018
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F2P CRIT ASSASSIN, This guide is for F2P players who love those crispy chocolate numbers... For F2P Crit-Sin, you will rely on White Set Level 40 Equipment until you reach your goal to be an efficient Crit-Sin which is 500% ASPD and 100% Critical...At Lv50, it all depends on you if you will change your equipments... for me i just need to upgrade my weapon, and once i reach Lv70, i will change my Talisman to Vesper Core for more Crit. In the future probably after months of playing, even F2P can wear blue sets or higher

Stats: MAX STR followed by VIT

STR for ATK and Weight...don't worry about ASPD, Crit and Vigor because you will get ASPD from equips and cards. As a Crit-Sin, Vigor is not a priority since your main skill will be Sonic Blow and Shadow Blade. Every critical hit from normal attack, Sonic Blow cooldown is reduced by 1 second while Shadow Blade is reduced 0.5 second. So if you reach your goal "Critlock", you can easily spam Sonic Blow.

Equips: Lv40 White Set
  • Weapon: Fighter's Jur (ATK / ASPD)
  • Accessory: Noble Bright Silver Brooch (ATK / CRIT)
  • Talisman: Nostalgic Dust-Covered Ornament (Atk)
  • Armors: Lv40 Suit-Cloak-Shoes (Defense / HP)
This set can give you 20% damage increase when the target's HP is lower than 50% which is a big help for fast grinding.

  • Weapon: Skeleton Worker Card (120 Crit) x3
  • Accessory/Talisman: Smokie Card (120 ASPD) or Golem Card (30% Final ASPD)
  • Armors: 12% HP from Sasquatch Card, Matyr Card, Hode Card
You can hunt these cards at Lv40 which will be the best options for your build.

  • Leveling as a thief, you have to use Dagger+Shield...
  • Main Skills will be Double Attack, Improve Dodge, Brute Force and Ambush...No need to bother Enchant Poison and Venom Knife!
  • Lv1-Lv25 = Just do your Quests!
  • Lv25-Lv31 = AFK and Kill thousands of POISON SPORE at Capital Sewer 2F with or without Odin's Blessing...you can change job to assassin at Lv32-35 depending on your AFK time. At Lv25, wear the White Set from Instance Sewer Vault.

Congrats you're now an ASSASSIN! First thing to do is to change weapon...from Dagger to Katar! Then reset your skill points (don't worry about this, as a thief you can get a free Neuralizer for skill reset), now you have to use your main skills as a Crit-Sin. Unlike the old RO, in ROX you don't need to use all the thief skill points to use assassin skill points, so you can skip those skills you really don't need.

Priority Skills:
  • Improve Dodge Lv10
  • Sonic Blow Lv5
  • Supersonic Blow Lv10
  • Shadow Blade Lv10
  • Katar Mastery Lv10
No need to max Sonic Blow for now, Level 5 will do for your current CRIT which will be below 20%. As soon as you get 3x Skeleton Worker Card, you can max your Sonic Blow.

Now, to be able to become a strong F2P Crit-Sin, it all depends on how hard you work!!!
  • Refine Equips at least Lv4
  • Strengthening, you need to strengthen all your equips with Lv1 Strengthening Metal...After that, you can focus on your Weapon until Lv60, then next will be the 2 Accessories and Talisman, followed by the Armors.
  • Farm your priority Cards!!! Those cards i mentioned above are at Lv40-49, so you can farm then at Lv40 once you wear the Lv40 set, except Smokie Card which is at Lv32.
  • At Lv35, you have to farm Corsair's Cabin for Lv40 White Set so once you reach Lv40, you don't have to buy them through crystals, remember you are F2P, don't waste crystals!!!
  • Don't Forget in game you have a life...Mine! Fish! Smelt!
This is based on my experience in ROX Taiwan Server, I'm open for feedback and improvements...please feel free to comment any suggestions or corrections

Note: I'm compiling all the guide I can find for Ragnarok Next Generation, for this guide credits to Don Matthew

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