Ragnarok X Knight Spear Skill Build


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Nov 4, 2018
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*Disclaimer! Please feel free to adjust to your own liking! DO NOT have to follow this 100%.

The Knight is a very flexible class as it can do big damage for grinding and bossing as well as tanking for parties for bossing and PvP.
I will most likely go for the spear skill-based build as I like to deal massive amounts of damage in a single hit. This build is mainly focused on different set of skills to deal damage. There are both single target and AoE skills too. You will need to focus on physical attack, physical penetration, final damage and a little bit of vigor to reduce the Variable Cool Down as low as possible.

  • Deal big damage with single skill (easier to 1 hit ko mobs for grinding)
  • Excellent in dealing with Large sized mobs and bosses
  • Able to take advantage of Lex Aeterna skill from Priests to deal double damage from a single skill

  • Mana drains extremely fast
  • Need to get Vigor on gears/card to reduce the Variable Cool Down on skills
  • Does not ignore defence like Crit builds

Starting out, get white grade spear coupled with white grade equips to get the set bonuses. You may upgrade your white grade weapon as much as you want. In mid to late game, aim to get purple armors from guild shop and aim for at least a blue grade spear and upgrade, enchant and refine as much as possible. For the talisman and accessories, try to get those that give physical attack and penetration. Also get enough Vigor on gear or cards to reduce the Variable Cool Down of skills as much as possible. Of course, gold grade gears will be the best option but as far as I can tell it is pretty difficult to obtain.

Stat Point Allocation:
  • My recommendation is to max out STR first followed by DEX for grinding and VIT for bossing. For tanking, find a balance between STR and VIT or maybe even INT.
  • So far from what I know, the equipment, enchants and cards play the role to fulfill the other important stats.

Skill Build:


  • Magnum Break 10/10 (AoE)
  • Increase Recuperative Power 10/10
  • Provoke 5/10
  • Endure 5/5
  • Spear Proficiency 10/10
  • Pierce 10/10 (adjust skill level according to amount of Variable CD)
  • Spear Stab 10/10 (adjust skill level according to amount of Variable CD)
  • Calvary Combat 3/5 (no need attack speed as spear skills does not benefit from it)
  • Calvary Training 10/10
  • Bowling Bash 10/10 (AoE) (adjust skill level according to amount of Variable CD)
  • Spear Boomerang 10/10 (adjust skill level according to amount of Variable CD)
  • Charge Attack 1/10 (mainly to reach target quickly)
  • For early game, try to get as much attack, penetration and damage cards to grind faster.
  • Best cards for weapon would be racial, elemental and/or size cards. These cards deal high % bonus damage on specific race, element and/or size mobs or bosses. However, if they are not affordable, stick with card that gives % attack, penetration or final damage.
  • For headgear, get any card with % attack, penetration or final damage. If you lack Vigor for Var CD on skills, you may also get Goblin Axe card which reduces 1 second on Var CD.
  • For armor, get any % def or HP cards.
  • For cloak and shoes, any card of your choice.
  • For accessories, you can get % Vigor for Var CD on skills, % penetration or final damage. You may also opt for Kobold Hammer card which give 10% physical lifesteal which is good for sustaining.
Cards are pretty tough to obtain and costs a lot. So, the best possible cards at your own pace!
Thank you and I hope to meet you guys in game soon!

Note: I'm compiling all the guide I can find for Ragnarok Next Generation, for this guide credits to Ibrahim Lim Mohd

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