Ragnarok X: Next Generation Adventurer rank LVL 2 Answers


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Nov 4, 2018
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Blacksmith Hollgrehenn Like to have a drink with his friend after work. What's the name of the Prontera tavern he often goes to
Answer: Red Rose tavern

In which of the following ways can you obtain Base Exp
Answer: Kill Monster in the Wilderness

Aspiring young hero of prontera, Koko , has joined the Kingdom Defence Force, and is about to set out the join a bttle to clear out some Thief Bugs. However, he needs to upgrade his weapon What should he do?
Answer: Talk to Blacksmith Hollgrehnn

Which of the following does NOT grant Zeny?
Answer: Ask Kiki for Zeny

If Adventurer Seal is determined to create his own guild in Midgard, which of the following material does he need to spend?
Answer: Zeny and emperium

If Adventurer Katina accidenly becomes poisoned, which of the following can she use to detoxify herself?
Answer: Panecea

Where can adventurer carter get Card Gacha Coins

Which class usess a Two-Handed Rod?
Answer: Spellcaster

Which of the following items can be used to reset Your Quality Stat Points after allocating them?
Answer: Magical stone

Cat hand mission
Answer: Changing your name to something cool

if Adventurer Alna wants to become a nimble Assasin, Which of Criatura Academy's Mentores should she study under?
Answer: Moxie

Which of the following does not grant Activity
Answer: Meditating under a Fountain

Which of the following four members of the Kingoom of Rune-Migarts does not beling to the same organization as the other three
Answer: Captain Hallam

if Currency Entueisas Lessie wants to get his hands on Some Valkyrie Coins, What should he do?
Answer: Daily Dungeon

how much time must pass before an adventurer can change their name again
Answer: 72 hours

in Which of the following ways tcan you obtain equipment
Answer: Taking part in Daily Instances

Which of the followig monster is not an MVP
Answer: Peco peco Egg