Ragnarok X: Next Generation AFK Blacksmith Leveling Guide


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Nov 4, 2018
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Blacksmith: First of all do the community board quests for you to gain Odin's Blessing. Odin's Blessing will give you more experience when killing a monster and it will be converted into Vitality. Finish all your daily quests as well. After that you can now start with your afk grinding.
When doing Afk grinding, you need to know your objectives.

Are you doing it to gain levels? Or are you doing to gain cards?
AFK GRINDING For Leveling: First you need to check what level are you now, after that click the odin logo on the right side of you character picture.
Check the monster recommended for you.

Check if the Exp gained on that monster will be worth your AFK grinding. I strongly recommend for you to choose small type monsters for it will be easier to kill.

Note: Blacksmiths don't have that much of AOEs skills so you might want to consider positioning your character wherein you don't have that much mob before going AFK.

When AFK farming for cards you need to know if you want to use the card or you want to sell it before farming it. So you won't be wasting your time farming it.

Skill Recommendation for AFK Farming: Note: Skill Levels will depend on your Vigor/ Haste

  • Midas Touch (Level it as much as your vigor/ haste can.)
  • Push Cart (Lvl. 1 Only, just to enable cart related skills.)
  • Cart Revolution ( This is a skill that gives high output damage)
  • Crazy Uproar ( a skill that gives you bonus str so you might want to level it up to max)
  • Weapon Research (this skill give you additional attack so you might want to consider leveling it up)
  • Hammerfall (For Mobing, it also give mini stun to the enemy you are attacking)
  • Savage Slash ( this is a single target skills that gives a high output damage)
  • Weapon Perfection
  • Adrenaline Rush
Those are the skill that i recommend for you to use level it up but do check your vigor/haste always. You don't want to have a long cooldown for your skills.
You can also add to other AOE skills depending on what you want.

Check you potions before going AFK you don't want losing mana or health potions while you are on AFK. You can also buy converters or make for yourself. Check the element of the monster you aim to fight for your AFK gameplay. You don't need to worry about your weight for merchants and blacksmiths can carry as much as it can before it goes overweight.

You will also gain a lot of zeny because of a skill that a merchant has that let you gain an amount of zeny after killing a monster. Lastly You can also do AFK vending of mats/ potions/ converters and other things you want to sell.

Remember: Do not just go AFK Gameplay without having A goal. Don't waster your time. Happy Gaming Everyone.

Note: I'm compiling all the guide I can find for Ragnarok Next Generation, for this guide credtis to Joshua Ezekiel