Ragnarok X: Next Generation Beginner's Guide Level 23 to 28 - Base EXP, Job EXP, Teleport and more

Officially licensed by South Korean video game company Gravity Co., Ragnarok X: Next Generation is a new 3D mobile MMORPG which officially premiered last June 18, 2021 in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore, following a successful closed beta test. It will be introducing new features and improvements to the original game's traditional play style and aims to usher in a new age of Ragnarok.

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There will be a lot of Ragnarok veterans returning to the scene and relive their blissful days in the land of Midgard once again. However, there will be new plot strands for them to uncover so they need to be ready to face the challenges. For new players, here are some pointers to get you started in Ragnarok X: Next Generation by teaching you the fundamental features you'll need to know and help you make your adventure throughout Midgard easier and more fun.

As you progress into the game, there will be more challenges along the way. In this beginner's guide, you will learn about the following features of the game: Leveling Up Quickly, Odin's Blessing and Stamina, Base and Job EXP, Teleport, Equipment Sockets, and Cards. Let's get started!

Leveling Up Quickly​

In every game, especially in MMORPGs like Ragnarok X Generation, leveling up is essential. It is the most essential component in character growth in the Ragnarok game, and it is basically the bread and butter by which your character's power is evaluated, topped off with how good your current gears are. This guide will help you maximize your leveling potential in-game.

Daily Quests​

Completing Daily Quests will grant you Base and Job EXP to help you level up quicker and is an important source of Odin's Blessing as well.

1. Open the Carnival Interface by tapping the Carnival button.


2. Claim Daily Quests by tapping the "Mission Board" button and using auto-path. These daily quests will appear at the left side of your screen once you receive them.



Chamber Of Commerce Quests​

These missions are difficult because you must provide certain resources to specific NPCs, which you may get by killing monsters or purchasing from the Merchant.

1. Open the Carnival Interface through the Carnival button, then tap COC Missions.


2. Choose which missions to complete according to your own equipment needs. In COC Missions, you can opt for either of the three: Headgear Gacha, Equipment, or Card.



3. A COC Mission will appear in the Daily Quests bar at the left side of your screen once you accept it. Carry out the task in order to accomplish the mission. Repeat this 10 times to accomplish the daily COC Quests and earn Base EXP, Job EXP, and Zeny.


Daily Instances​

1. Open the Carnival Interface through the Carnival button. After entering the academy, tap the instance entrance and choose 'Sewer Vault'.
2. Choose your preferred level of difficulty, then find a Party to join and accomplish the instance. If there is none available, you can enter directly and create a Party with you as the leader. You will be able to control the Party from the Party Interface.



3. Find other members by tapping the 'Shoutout' button which sends your Party information to the recruitment channel. A red dot at the lower left corner will appear when someone applies to join. Once your party is full, you can start the instance.



Odin's Blessing and Stamina​

When in Auto, Odin's blessing will be turned into stamina. Mining, collecting, fishing, and other life skills will use stamina in order to create necessary resources for equipment upgrades or manufacturing. To optimize stamina gain and avoid waste, it is advisable to use up any current stamina through mining, fishing, and collecting before going Auto with Odin's Blessing.


You will also be able to learn more about how to maximize Auto-Efficiency through the Academy Handbook.


Base and Job EXP​

You may acquire two types of experience in Ragnarok X: Next Generation. They're known as Base Experience and Job Experience, respectively.

Base EXP​

This refers to your character's level, which determines which gears are available to you. Each level will award you with stat points, which you may use to improve your character's stats. Your base exp bar may be seen in the bottom left corner of your screen under your character information.


Job EXP​

This refers to your current job level. For each job level, you will gain one skill point, which you may use to level up your selected talent. Before you can get a quest for the second job advancement, you must level your job class to level 50, and after you reach that point, there will be another 50 levels to grind for the third job advancement. With each job advancement, you'll get access to a new set of talents to employ in your travels. Your current job level may be seen on the bottom right of your screen, or you can also check it by clicking your character icon.



There are other ways to navigate throughout the cities of Midgard aside from running. As long as you have the required item, you can instantly move to any saved location on the map.

1. Tap the shortcut bar on the right side of the screen and equip the Butterfly Wings.


2. Once you equip it, tap the Butterfly Wings in the shortcut bar to teleport to a saved city or location on the map.


Equipment Sockets​

The efficacy of your equipment is one of the most essential aspects of making your character stand out in Ragnarok X:Next Generation. Newbie players will find it easier to utilize equipment that is appropriate for their character because equipment is automatically suggested for the types of classes. In order to get better gear, equipment sockets are introduced.

1. In order to socket an Equipment, you will need a Socketing Stone. To easily get a hold of this, tap the Socketing Stone, then tap 'Get' at the top-right corner to auto-path to Merchant who sells it.


2. Find a Socketing NPC at the list of NPCs available in the game's full map. Then, choose the Equipment you would like to socket.



Cards in Ragnarok X: Next Generation have a grade and a special effect, and they may be compounded into weapons, armor, and accessories. These can be obtained in any of the following ways: through defeating monsters, purchasing them at the Exchange Center, or using Card Albums. Card Albums are earned through missions and daily sign-ins, and every killed monster has the chance to drop a card.


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